Monroe Short letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 10, 2007

Letter to the editor

‘Wrong man fired,’ in incident that grew into lawsuit against county

A good friend, David Arnold, was wrongfully fired by road manager Lygunnah Bean for talking about culverts being placed on private property in a subdivision east of Batesville.

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My friend alleges corruption going on in Panola County including improving driveways on private property, giving culverts to friends, employee theft and political hirings and firings.

He reported to a supervisor culverts valued at $6,000 were placed by county employees which led to his termination. He appealed to the board with three of five upholding the termination.

When documents were produced to support his allegations it resulted in county employee Norman Hughes also being terminated. I wish supervisors Bubba Waldrup and James Birge would have investigated the matter further.

In an earlier incident, Arnold was contacted by the State Auditing Department about culverts being placed on private property on Eureka Road. He confirmed they were on private property and was reprimanded by the road manager because the supervisor was upset about a county employee talking to the State Auditor.

This leads me to wonder what county administration has to hide.

The audit department has been in Panola County investigating several incidents and county administration always seems to know when they are coming.

 I have often wondered how they know – but I think I know.

As for Arnold, all he ever cared about was doing the job right and has worked long hours and weekends so his crew could go to work on Monday mornings.

Seems to me the wrong man was fired. I think David Arnold should be road manager. A computer can’t  pave a road, place a culvert, build a bridge or run equipment. I know David Arnold can do all the above.

Our tax money will be wasted paying higher insurance premiums that resulted from a settlement for wrongful firings.

Our county can give away $6,000 worth of culverts, but I can’t get them to fix my drive so the mailman can get to my box.

We the citizens of Panola County deserve better.

/s/Monroe Short