Enid Lake

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 15, 2007

Low water conditions continue at Enid and other area lakes

By Chris Hannaford
Enid Lake Park Ranger

Low Water Conditions

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Low water conditions still exist at Enid Lake due to the lack of spring rains. As of Tuesday, June 11, rainfall for North Central Mississippi was nearly sixteen (16) inches below average.  On Tuesday, June 12, Enid’s lake level was 237.34.

Currently one gate is open three tenths of a foot due to minimum requirements for stream flow in the Yazoo River Basin. Enid Rangers are available for low water information and can be reached by calling 662-563-4571.

Enid Rangers also encourage everyone to be extremely careful and to practice water safety while participating in water related activities.

Thunder on Water

Enid Lake Rangers spent last week assisting co-workers at Grenada Lake during Grenada Lake’s 15th annual “Thunder on Water Festival.”

Thunder on Water is a week long water safety event that educates visitors on safe boating and water safety. This year over 123,000 visitors attended the water safety event.

On Monday, June 4, Park Ranger Chris Hannaford participated in a children’s safety fair, which was held to promote public awareness on safety.

Hannaford discussed ATV safety during the safety fair, which included: ATV safety equipment, correct ATV sizes for riders, and recommended training courses that would provide riders the skills and knowledge to safely operate their ATV.

On Saturday, June 9, Park Rangers Benjamin Pitcock, Hugh Gurner, Rob Hoff and Kathy Sullivan performed a Water Safety Puppet Show, and promoted water safety at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Safety Booth.

During the water safety puppet show Edith from Enid, Frankie the frog, Katie the catfish, Travis the turtle and Beverly the beaver discussed various water safety tips including: always wearing a life jacket when participating in water activities, always swimming in designated swimming areas; and never swimming alone.

Rangers Pitcock, Gurner, Hoff and Sullivan also assisted Grenada Rangers at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Safety Booth.

Rangers handed out water safety information, and educated visitors on techniques for using the reach pole and throw bag, which are safety equipment found at rescue stations at all U.S. Army Corps of Engineers designated swimming areas.

The Water Safety Team made approximately 1,300 water safety contacts during the Water Safety Puppet Show and at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Water Safety Booth.

Enid Lake Fishing

Enid Lake provides anglers with numerous opportunities for catching crappie, catfish, and bass. Anglers have retreated from the shallow water and jigging tactics and begun fishing deep water with trolling and drifting rigs.

Trolling and drift fishing provide anglers unique ways to catch catfish and crappie, which are located in deep water of the lake this time of year. These fishing styles allow anglers to fish more water increasing their chances of catching more fish.

Enid provides excellent opportunities to fish for bass. With many creeks feeding Enid Lake, anglers have great success fishing these creek channels, the river channel, and off the face of the dam. Right now the best times to fish for bass are early in the morning and late in the evenings.

Enid Lake also offers great opportunities for fishermen who do not have boats, and like to fish from the bank. Fishing along the outlet channel is a popular place to bank fish, and there is also a handicap pier located on the outlet channel for those who do not like to fish from the rocks.

For more information on water safety, low water conditions and fishing, contact the Enid Lake Field Office at 662-563-4571.