George Letter to Editor

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 1, 2007

Letter to the editor

Respect due yard signs as ‘Freedom of Speech’

I do wish that Freedom of Speech and Press meant just that to everyone in this county. This is an election year and there are signs everywhere that belong to just about every candidate.

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I think it is really a sad state of affairs when we as a county of voters can not freely place a political sign of choice in our yards and know for sure that it will be there the next morning in the shape and form it was the night before. These signs are quite an expense for each candidate and it is a shame that adults who have not yet grown up think it is fun and okay to destroy another person’s property.

When signs are removed and/or destroyed, it really shows a certain lack of maturity and responsibility.

Children will be children, but I would hope that adults who have not yet chosen to “grow up” could at least think about your own candidate’s signs, and the expense and time that has gone into them and leave everyone else’s signs alone.

If one candidate knows there are people out in the county that are being destructive and vindictive to an opponent’s signs, I think it should be their responsibility to stop their “supporters” from doing the things that are being done around our county now.

/s/Brenda George