Dr. Andrew Brasher letter

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 25, 2007

Letter to the editor
‘Bulldog of Christian Right’ now in ‘heated discussion’ with Apostle Paul

Say what you will about Jerry Falwell, but he alone ignited many somber and apathetic Christians to look short of the pearly gates and to focus some of their energies on the moral problems of the present age.

Reverend Falwell was not a theological reformer like Luther and Calvin, but in some respects, I believe he can be considered, to lesser degree, as a conservative counterpart to John Wesley. Falwell’s message was moral, social and political.

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He understood that change came through rhetoric, controversy and action. Falwell was not a theological or intellectual heavyweight, but to his credit, he never claimed to be. Yet like Wesley, Falwell had a vision of social and political change supported by deep-seated biblical and moral convictions. In essence, this was his gospel. Was his message always right? Well, he truly believed it was. Falwell never backed away from a good brawl. Whether it was with the ACLU, Hustler, or gay activists, his message never wavered. At times, he would reluctantly recant or apologize for his comments, but like Archie Bunker, “in your heart, you knew he meant it for the best.”

Sadly, the bull dog of the Christian Right has passed away, but I can faintly hear a heated discussion between him and the Apostle Paul resonating inside those pearly gates.

/s/Dr. Andrew Brasher

Cornerstone Baptist Church, Batesville