Senator Mettetal column

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mettetal: Industrial activity brings higher paying jobs

By Nolan Mettetal

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As you know I have always supported and worked very hard to create and maintain a positive business environment for economic development.  This business friendly climate along with the strong work ethic of  Mississippians has greatly attributed to an explosion of many economic development projects across Mississippi. This phenomenal flurry of industrial activity bringing unusually higher paying jobs continues to prove how bright Mississippi’s future really is.

We continue to experience a whole new frontier in job development and these companies are coming here because they love our friendly, ethical people and our beautiful state.

You sent us legislators here to do a job and do it right.  Yes, you expect us to act responsibly and sensibly with wisdom and now we are getting national recognition for our work.  We are also enjoying the financial benefits as a state that accompany an influx of higher salary employment.

Governor Haley Barbour issued a call in late April for the Mississippi Legislature to reconvene for the purpose of addressing major economic impact legislation.  Although the legislation is not due back to the Mississippi Senate from Governor Barbour until May 18, we are very proud of the one day special session.

We did the work necessary to secure the new $300 million power train manufacturing and assembly plant on the 394 acre Lowndes County site. The initial direct jobs is expected to be from 500 to 800 and the investment could reach $500 million. The annual salary for these new jobs range from $36,000 to $40,000 and the maximum issuance of bonds is $48.4 million from the state.

However, there is a local incentive package of $11.25 million in grants for land purchase and infrastructure improvements.  This will be a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility by a Fortune 200 company.  I am proud of Mississippi and proud of our people.

We thank this paper for their support and their informing you.  Your concerns are very important to me.  Now that we are out of session, you can reach me at home at 662-487-1512.