Opinion – 3/23/2007

Published 12:00 am Friday, March 23, 2007

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 From the 03/23/07 issue of The Panolian        

New dollar coin hides ‘In God We Trust’

Have you seen the new George Washington Presidential Dollar? I had read in the paper that "In God We Trust" was to be engraved on the rim of the coin rather than on the face of the coin. I wondered if this would not soon wear off.

After purchasing one of these coins at our local bank, I was shocked by not even being able to read "In God We Trust 2007 E Pluribus Unum" on the outer rim of the coin without use of a magnifying glass. If one did not know this was on the outer rim, one would not notice it. Is this the first step in trying to get "In God We Trust" off our United States coins/money?

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Our Founding Fathers, who worked and fought so diligently for this country, determined that "In God We Trust" would be placed on all money of the United States of America, meaning that they wanted everyone to know that this nation was founded on a belief in GOD, and IN GOD WE TRUST!

It is my understanding that four Presidential dollar coins will be issued each year until each President of the United States has been so honored. These coins are issued by authority of our government. So, I want to know, what person or committee had the final say in determining that "In God We Trust" should be put on the rim of the coin rather that on the front as it would normally be? This is something I would really like to know!

If you feel as I do and want "In God We Trust" to be placed on the front of the new remaining Presidential coins, as well as on all United States money, I suggest you write your senator and representatives in Washington asking them to contact the proper authorities to make sure we can easily read "In God We Trust" on the face of all remaining Presidential dollars, as well as all future United States money.

Let’s get busy and get this corrected before "In God We Trust" is placed on the rim of all our coins and eventually not placed on any of our money!

Hazel Jones

(Editor’s Note: Hazel Jones is a native of the Blackjack community. She is active in the Panola County Genealogical Society.)


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