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Published 12:00 am Friday, January 26, 2007

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – January 23, 2007 From the 01/26/07 issue of The Panolian    

Court Report
Businessman charged with violating city’s junk ordinance
By Emily Williams

A Courtland woman told Judge Bill McKenzie during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday that she had "no place" to go after serving seven days in jail.

Elizabeth Pinkston, 215 Pine St., Courtland, was sentenced to the time she had already served in jail instead of having to pay a fine of $265 for public drunk.

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"I got out and did what I had to do to get put back in jail," Pinkston said.

Ellis Lloyd, 107 Armstrong, Batesville, was fined $265 for public drunk.

"If you are going to drink, stay off the streets," said McKenzie.

Junk Ordinance
Pat Bryant, 220 Broad St., Batesville, had a junk ordinance and zoning ordinance violation (running a construction business in town without a certificate) case re-scheduled to February 21.

"We have received several complaints from his neighbors," said John McCollum, code enforcement officer.

"You let the neighbor run a daycare," Bryant said to McCollum.

"Does the neighbor have a certificate?" the judge asked McCollum.

"I am not sure, we don’t handle daycares," McCollum responded.

"I would just like to sit down with the neighbors and talk to them," said Bryant.

"If you want time to talk to the neighbors and come into compliance we can re-schedule," McKenzie said.

Randy Lee, 205-A Bright St., Batesville, failed to appear for the second time to answer charges of contempt of court-old fines of $2,187 that have been due since June 2005.

A warrant was issued for his arrest.

Anthonie Henderson, 818 Bethlehem, Batesville, entered a guilty plea to charges of expired tag and disorderly conduct-failure to comply by running from the police officer.

"Why did you run?" the judge asked.

"I just got out of jail the day before," Henderson said.

"I feel like I was being harassed," he said.

"You have an expired tag in plain view; how is that harassment?" the judge asked.

"Get a tag and you don’t have to worry," said McKenzie.

Cases set for trial
Malcolm Arnold, 149 Richardson Rd., Louisville, had a domestic violence-simple assault trial re-scheduled.

Shona Turner, 949 Wells Ext., Courtland, was found guilty of domestic violence-simple assault.

Lt. Billy Sossaman testified that he responded to a call and upon arrival at Timberidge Apartments, the only people he saw were Turner and James Scott IV, 192 M. Flowers Rd., Batesville, who was also found guilty of domestic violence-simple assault.

Sossaman said he saw the defendants in a vehicle and Scott was on top of Turner.

Officer Gray Nickels also testified that the two defendants had apparent marks that made them believe an altercation had occurred.

Turner admitted that she did bite Scott, but he didn’t hit her.

"It was about something that happened at the club," said Turner.

They were both fined $355.

Tyrone Griffin, 6758 Curtis Rd., Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to careless driving. His trial was set for February 21.

He was also fined $356 for driving while license suspended.

Marriage Licenses
The following people filed for Marriage Licences during the month of December 2006 in the Panola County Circuit Clerk’s Office.
In Batesville
Robert E. Pittmon, 56, and
     Clara D. Kirkwood, 54
Charles W. Dein, 27, and
     Rebecca Leigh Morgan, 25
Brandon R. Champion, 29, and
     Tiffany T. Champion, 26
Stephen Todd Juco, 19, and
     Chastity C. Litton, 20
Elbert D. Ray, 25, and
     Crystal Allgood, 24
Freddie Foshee, 70, and
     Sallie Mooney, 51
Christopher Walls, 33, and
     Brooks C. Cladwell, 27
Lacious Griffin, 20, and
     Erica Harris, 21
Terry Franklin Jr., 19, and
     Brittany N. Boyette, 17
Elvage Fondren, 83, and
     Dorothy Shelton, 58
Dale E. Nolan, 58, and
     Leslie L. Love, 51
In Sardis
Phillip Lunceford, 22, and
     Paige Marie Prince, 14
Anthony P. Birge, 39, and
     Minnie Jean Buckley, 43
Divorces Granted
The following divorces were granted in the Panola County Chancery Clerk’s office during December 2006.
Dewayne Casper vs.
     Cathy S. Thomas Casper
James A. Hughes vs.
     Alta Goodrich Hughes
Chad Deaton Smith vs
     . Linda Gail Collins Smith
Thomas Richard Willard vs.
     Barbara Ann Cook Hardin Willard
William Troy Reid vs.
     Catherine Sims Reid
Cosandra Jean Ladd Sanford vs.
     John W. Sanford Jr.
Christina Lynn Caldwell Kyle Brown vs.
     Robert L. Brown
Lenita Joyce Scott Robinson vs.
     Joe Eddie Robinson
Victoria Jewel Prince vs.
     Richard Glen Stone
Angela Norris Joudon vs.
     Roy Allen Joudon
Tony Dwayne Dixon vs.
     Jacqueline Rayford Dixon
Kimberly Jo Foster Locke vs.
     Stephen A. Locke
Jamie Marie Johnson Pritchard vs.
     Dale Pritchard Sr.
Sheriff’s Report
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Restaurant Inspections
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