Reports – 11/17/2006

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 17, 2006

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – November 14, 2006

 From the 11/17/06 issue of The Panolian       

Court Report
Judge dismisses simple assault charge:
‘a mess, but not a criminal mess’

By Emily Williams

A missing affiant and conflicting testimonies resulted in the dismissal of two cases set for trial Wednesday before Judge Bill McKenzie in Batesville Municipal Court.

Shannon Riley, 225 Audrey Rd., Courtland, had a misdemeanor embezzlement case dismissed after affiant Mark Sydnor of Burger King failed to appear to prosecute.

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Frances Conner, 686 Herron Rd., Courtland, had a simple assault by threat case dismissed after the judge heard testimonies from both Conner and the affiant Kawanza Hayes.

Hayes testified that Conner, who works at Shell, threatened her with a pair of scissors.

Hayes said the confrontation started over store keys that were missing and rumors that were being spread that Hayes had the keys.

Conner testified that the two started arguing and Hayes threw change at her and she pulled the scissors out in self-defense.

After hearing conflicting testimonies from both parties, the judge ruled "that nothing has been proven."

"This is a mess, but not a criminal mess," the judge said.

Frances Houston, 942 Shady Grove, Sardis, entered a not guilty plea to DUI-refusal and entered a guilty plea to careless driving.

"I plead guilty of not being drunk," said Houston.
Her trial will be December 13.

Rayford King, 3007 W. Beach, Chicago, Ill., entered a guilty plea to DUI and speeding. He was fined $837.

Dempsey Cox, 2178 Shiloh Rd., Courtland, was transferred to the grand jury for DUI-refusal (third), no driver’s license and careless driving.

Contempt of court
Prior to court John Patrick Smith, 3588 Pope Crowder Rd., Pope, paid in full old fines of $526 that have been due since June 2006.

Michael Taylor, 357 Greg Taylor Rd., Batesville, was sentenced to six months in jail to satisfy old fines of $1,193 that have been due since July 2000. He is being held on other charges also and has a bond of $1,000.

Stephanie Lang, 681 Floyds Island, Sardis, told the judge her family could help her pay old fines of $780 that have been due since June 2006. She was also transferred to the grand jury on a separate grand larceny charge.

Joshua Hollis, 514 Pope-Water Valley Rd., Pope, was told to have his old fines of $525 paid in full within 30 days or serve six months in jail. The fines have been due since April 2006

Kevin Potts, 487 Anna Cove, Pope, was given an extension of 90 days to pay his old fines of $657 that have been due since June 2006.

Potts showed the judge documentation that he has medical problems and he is trying to get some kind of income.

"You are making an effort, so I will give you some more time," the judge said.

Simple assault
Jacqueline Ladd and Quentin Hogan, 107 Martin Luther King Apt. 3-E, Batesville, both had simple assault charges dismissed after the affiant Patricia Smith, failed to appear to prosecute.

Virgia Sanford, 1050-A Wells Ext., Courtland, entered a "not guilty" plea to two counts of simple assault against Rebecca Gill and Erica Berryhill. A trial will be heard December 6.

Marvin Brownlee, 207 Vance St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to public drunk and was given time served (five days) instead of paying a fine of $265.

Seon Buckley, 106 Field St., Batesville, was fined $305 for disorderly conduct-failure to comply.

Whitney Ann Pegues, 73 Pegues Circle, Batesville, had a lower insurance fine of $183 imposed after proving she received insurance after the ticket was issued.

Steven Brackett, 202 Liles St. Apt. 31, Bruce, was fined $864 for no driver’s license and no proof of insurance.

JaKessa L. Cole, 1105 Trantham Rd., Batesville, was fined $540 for driving while license suspended and no tag.

Sheriff’s Report
No report this issue 
Marriage Licenses
The Panola County Circuit Clerk’s office issued the following marriage licenses in October:
In Batesville

Samuel Ward Turner, 17, and
     Amy Nicole Dees, 18
Jessie Simmerman, 17, and
     Britney Lynn French, 17
John William Red, 21, and
     Crystal Renae Bratcher, 20
Richard R. Tedford, 43, and
     Janice H. Hollenbeck, 51
Claudell Sesley Jr., 26, and
     Victricia M. Craft, 21
Michael Wayne Williams, 26, and
     Dana Leanne Dover, 21
Robert J. Karsten, 33, and
     Margaret Johnson Smith, 24
Donald W. Gregg, 33, and
     Laura P. Massey, 36.
In Sardis
Christopher L. McCool, 26, and
     Samantha Rhea Howington, 22
Divorces Granted
The following divorces were granted during October according to records in the Panola County Chancery Clerk’s office:
In Batesville

Faith Machael (Woods) Sorrells vs.
     Jason Rodric Sorrells
John David Weed and
     Tara Leigh (Adams) Weed
Rachel (Gordon) Narvaez vs.
     Gilberto Narvaez
Michael Daniel Westerfield vs.
     Jessica (Houston) Westerfield.
Restaurant Inspections
The following restaurant inspections are for the month of October. Results are taken from the Mississippi Department of Health web site.
October 2
  White’s Deli and Gas
223 South Main St., Sardis
October 4
  God’s Gift Children Center
386 Highway 51 South, Batesville
  Batesville Elementary School
110 College St., Batesville
  Batesville Intermediate School
200 College St., Batesville
  Sonic Drive-In
525 East Lee St., Sardis.
Failed the initial inspection,
but passed a follow-up on October 17
  Crowson’s Grocery
211 Van Voris St., Batesville
October 10
  Tater Bugs, 28675 Highway 35 North, Sardis
October 12
  Batesville Job Corps
821 Highway 51 South, Batesville
301 Highway 51 North, Batesville
  Batesville Job Corps-Culinary Arts
821 Highway 51 South, Batesville
  Batesville Junior High School
507 Tiger Dr., Batesville
October 13
  Jesus Loves Me Children Center
110 Thomas St., Batesville
  Mr. Jiffy #2
101 James St., Batesville
  Dominos Pizza
460 Highway 6 East, Batesville. Failed.
  Kentucky Fried Chicken
690 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  China Garden #2
450 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  Huddle House #522
147 Lakewood Dr., Batesville
  K-May Donuts and Bakery
146 Highway 6 West, Batesville
October 18
  Captain D’s #452
304 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  Wally’s Hong Kong
307 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  Baskin Robbins
301 Highway 51 North, Batesville
  Kim’s Cakes and Candy
119 Public Square, Batesville
  Stan’s Country Store
24441 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  MC’s Wings and Things
401 James St., Batesville
October 19
  Crenshaw Elementary School
210 W.C. Franklin St., Crenshaw
  Alvin’s Cafe Express
3319 Compress Rd., Como
  Hole n’ Wall
325 Broad St., Crenshaw
  We Care Community, Inc.
612 Broad St., Crenshaw
  Happy Days Restaurant
598 East Lee St., Sardis
620 East Lee St., Sardis
  Curley’s BP
16585 Highway 310 East, Como
  Tucks BBQ and Deli
413 East Lee St., Sardis
October 23
  New China Buffet
180 Keating Rd., Batesville. Failed.
  Whitworth’s Food Court
325 Lakewood Dr. #16-17, Batesville
October 24
  Creative Concessions
11848 Highway 310 West, Como
October 25
  Pope School
1 School House Hill, Pope
  Back Porch Restaurant
6392 Highway 51 South, Pope
  J.D.’s Quick Stop
6367 Highway 51, Pope
  Winter’s Travel Stop
860 Hentz Rd., Pope
  51 First Stop
967 Highway 51 South, Courtland
October 26
  Como Steakhouse
203 Main Street Como. Failed.
  Como Steakhouse Bar
203 Main Street
  Maggie T’s
715 Highway 35 North, Batesville
  David M. Bryan Justice Complex
300 Airport Rd., Batesville
  Windy City Grille
217 Main St., Como
  Best Friends
10860 Highway 315 West, Sardis
  Hope and Art Gallery and Cafe
215 Main St., Como
October 27
  Pizza Pro, 240 Main St., Marks. Passed.
October 30
  Quitman County Hospital/ Summit Services, 340 Getwell St., Marks, Passed.
October 31
  Howard’s Grocery, 44324 Highway 315, Water Valley
  Bull Market, 585 Highway 51 South, Batesville
  Mallard Point Golf Course, 3037 State Park Rd., Sardis
  Timbo’s Bait and Grocery, 28212 Highway 310 East, Como
  McDonald’s #6558, 320 Highway 6 East, Batesville
  Tri-Lakes Medical Center, 303 Medical Center Dr., Batesville



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