Opinion – 3/14/2006

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Panolian: OPINIONS

 From the 3/14/06 issue of The Panolian :                 
County supervisors lack the gumption to enforce ordinance

The news Monday that Panola County apparently enjoys a "junk car" ordinance may be news to many Panolians, especially those who have endured the sight of a rusty car or two, or more…. in their neighbor’s yard.
Bill McKenzie, attorney for the county board of supervisors, gently reminded supervisors of the county ordinance when Rev. Clifton Ward brought just such a problem before them.

The ordinance has been in place since 2001 as part of the county’s land-use standards, McKenzie explained.

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Now that Rev. Ward knows a law is in place that addresses the junky yard of his neighbors, presumably he will watch closely to see what supervisors do to address the problem.

Although clamping down on junky private property could be a politically sensitive subject, it really isn’t. City governments remove rusty cars every day, and aldermen are still re-elected.

Rev. Ward and and others shouldn’t grow old and rusty waiting to see supervisors take action, especially since a law is already in place to remedy the problem of junk cars.




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