Reports – 11/4/2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, November 4, 2005

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – November 4, 2005

  From the 11/4/05 issue of The Panolian  

City Court Report

Pennsylvania man pleads guilty to stealing a case of beer
By Emily Williams

A Pennsylvania man was sentenced to five days in county jail by Judge Bill McKenzie during Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday.

Andrew Munster
of 395 Walnut St., Luzerne, Pa., entered a guilty plea to stealing a case of Budweiser beer from Wal-Mart worth $15.94.

"I was already drunk and had been hitchhiking trying to get to my sister’s house in Metairie, La." replied Munster.

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Grand Jury
Desiree Kerby of 1113 Sardis Lake, Batesville, was transferred to Circuit Court for embezzlement.

Germaine Williams of 88 Henry St., Courtland, was transferred to Circuit Court for felony fleeing in a vehicle, disturbing the peace and no driver’s license. He was also enrolled in the city’s work release program for 15 days for old fines of $562.

The city’s work release program is an option for defendants who cannot pay their fines.

Contempt of Court
Nancy McCain of 128 Bryd Houston, Charleston, had a warrant issued for her arrest after failing to appear for charges of false information, driving while license suspended, no tag, speeding and contempt of court-old fines of $2,683 that have been due since April of 2003. Her total fines are $3,938.

Kenny Bobo of 108-A Bradford St., Batesville, was ordered to pay his old fines of $478 that have been due since January of 2003.

Bobby D. Johnson of 522 Gleeton Rd., Pope, had contempt of court-old fines of $459 that have been due since May of 2005.

Katie Johnson of 315 Travis Rd., Courtland, enrolled in the city’s work release program for 12 days in lieu of paying $465 in old fines that have been due since March of 2005. Judge McKenzie also informed her that if she didn’t finish the work program, she would go to jail.

Demetric Williams of 455 N. Liberty Hill Rd., Como, failed to appear for his contempt of court-old fines of $459 that have been due since June of 2003. Alright Bonding Company was notified.

Danny Raymond of Perry St., Grenada, was sentenced to six months in jail after failing to pay $937.17 he was ordered to pay August 4. Along with his contempt fines, he also had restitution fines.

Ivory James of 121 Vance St., Batesville, was ordered to pay old fines of $425 that have been due since July of 2004.

Eddie L. Fondren of 311 Greenbriar Circle, Courtland, failed to appear for contempt of court-old fines of $435 that have been due since May of 2005.

Disorderly Conduct
Anthony Harris of 4060 Curtis Rd., Batesville, entered a guilty plea to disorderly conduct and failure to comply. He was fined $605.

Anthonie Henderson of 818 Henderson Rd., Batesville, had a fine of $960 reduced to $569 for disorderly conduct-failure to comply after he told the judge he did step out of the vehicle when the officer asked him to. He was also found guilty of possession of marijuana-less than an ounce.

Stephanie Frost of 2559-A Hentz Rd., Courtland, was found guilty of speeding after contesting the charge. She was fined $114.

Thomas Dunavent of 107 Roseleigh Cove, Batesville, had a domestic violence-simple assault case dismissed. Affiant Octavia Dunavant withdrew the charges prior to court.

Galon Shorter of 701 S. Pocahontas, Sardis, entered a not guilty plea to DUI-refusal and a trial date was set. He had a no proof of insurance fine reduced to $183 after providing proof of insurance after he got the ticket.

Curtis Garrett of 1332 Mary Jane, Memphis, was fined $1,542, for DUI, no driver’s license and no proof of insurance. He also had a no tag charge dismissed considering he had just purchased the car.
He told Judge McKenzie he couldn’t get a driver’s license and insurance on the car because he owed $1,200 in child support.

"That just doesn’t make since to me. You owe $1,200 in child support, so you go buy an $800 car," said Judge McKenzie.

"It sounds like you need to get your priorities straight," he added.

Yolanda Davis of 808 Third St., Marks, had a trial date set for false pretenses after affiant Sharon Primer told Judge McKenzie that Davis had used her driver’s license number to get a cell phone at Unicel.

Judge McKenzie told both Primer and Davis to come back to court December 14 with witnesses.

Ramona Wheeler of 5752-A Mt. Olivet, Batesville, was fined $569 for public drunk and possession of paraphernalia.

Simple Assault
Stephanie Frost of Westridge #38, Batesville, entered a not guilty plea to trying to hit affiant Ratasha Poole with a car. A trial date was set for December 7.

Petit Larceny
Brett Boyette of 1090-A Hadorn, Batesville, had a trial date set for petit larceny.

Affiant Bea Walthall said Boyette took $40 from her while working at Sav-A-Life.

Boyette entered a not guilty plea saying that his girlfriend Sarah Patton and Grace Whitley were his witnesses.

Lt. John Miller spoke up and told Judge McKenzie that the girlfriend had signed papers saying that Boyette had confessed to taking the money.

When Judge McKenzie asked the girlfriend (Patton), she told Judge McKenzie, "Well, he didn’t say he took the money, but he might have."

Olivia Oliver of 119 Cox St., Senatobia, entered a guilty plea to taking $20.33 worth of underwear from Vanity Fair.

"If you do it again, come with your bags packed because you are going to jail," said Judge McKenzie.

Oliver was fined $610.

C.W. Wilbourn of 102 Mackey Ave., Batesville, was fined $184 for expired tag.

Anesha M. Benson of 3376 Eureka Rd., Batesville, was fined $543 for two counts of no child restraint and no driver’s license. She enrolled in the city’s work release program for 14 days.

Josef R. Jackson of 6151 Hwy. 6 West, Batesville, was fined $131 for the loud music ordinance.

Tonya R. Murry, P.O. Box 166, Webb, had a fine of $183 reduced for no proof of insurance. Her fine was reduced because she got insurance after she received the ticket.

Rodney D. Fondren of 2812 Seven Rd., Batesville, was fined $587 for driving while license suspended. He also had old fines of $900 and was escorted to city hall to pay them off in full.

Jeremy R. Bright of 185 Hanover Place, Athens, Ga., had a no proof of insurance charge dismissed after providing valid proof, but contested an improper turn charge. His trial date was set for Nov. 16.

Tarvell Gleaton of 744-C Green Rd., Pope, was fined $601 for driving while his license was suspended. The fine was higher because his license was suspended because of a previous D.U.I.

Judge McKenzie told Gleaton, "Driving is costing you lots of money."

Patrick Duke of 321 Oak St., Lambert, was fined $281 for no driver’s license.

When the judge asked him why he didn’t have a driver’s license he said, "I work, I don’t have time to get a license."

Judge McKenzie replied, "I work too and I have a license. I hope you have time to make $281."

Dexter L. Suggs of 206 Martin Luther King Blvd., Charleston, was fined $356 for driving while license suspended.

Michelle D. Horton of 200 St., Batesville, was fined $281 for no driver’s license.

Jerry A. Harris of 1110-A Ballentine, Sardis, was fined fined $356 for driving while license suspended.

Sheriff’s Report    
No report this issue
Batesville Fire Department Report
No report this issue
Marriage Licenses
No report this issue
Divorces Granted
No report this issue
Health Inspections
The following restaurant inspections are for the month of October. Results are taken from the Mississippi Department of Health web site. Results will not be withheld upon request.
October 3


Coles Point Grocery
1384 Sardis Lake Dr., Batesville.
Howard’s Grocery
44324 Highway 315, Water Valley
Stan’s Country Store
24441 Highway 6 East, Batesville.
October 4
Stop and Shop
21682 Highway 310 East, Como.
Timbo’s Bait and Grocery
28212 Highway 310 East, Como.
October 6
51 First Stop
8967 Highway 51 South, Courtland.
Back Porch Restaurant
6392 Highway 51 South, Pope
J.D.’s Quick Stop
6367 Highway 51, Pope.
Kim’s Cakes and Candy
119 Public Square, Batesville.
Mr. Jiffy #3
229 Pearson St., Batesville.
Winters Travel Stop
860 Hentz Rd., Pope. Passed.
October 7
Western Sizzlin Steakhouse
655 Highway 6 East, Batesville.
October 11
Captain D’s #452
304 Highway Highway 6 East, Batesville.
Super Valu #2192
401 East Lee St., Sardis. Passed.
October 12
Quitman County Hospital/Summit Services
340 Getwell St., Marks
October 13
Mimi’s Quick Stop
210 Highway 51 South, Sardis
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up on Oct. 24.
October 14
Beverly Healthcare
154 Woodland Rd., Batesville.
Domino’s Pizza
460 Highway 6 East, Batesville.
Kroger Deli
110 Keating Dr., Batesville.
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up on Oct. 18.
Kroger Seafood, 110 Keating Dr., Batesville.
New China Buffet, 180 Keating Dr., Batesville.
October 18
5700 Eureka Rd., Courtland
October 20
Burn’s Bar-BQ
103-14 Woodland Rd. at Tylertown Plaza, Batesville.
China Garden #2
450 Highway 6 East, Batesville.
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up inspection on Oct. 25.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
225 Lakewood Dr., Batesville.
Mi Pueblo
105 J. R. Lovelace Dr., Batesville.
Failed initial inspection, but passed a follow-up on Oct. 25.
Sonic Drive-In
700 Highway 6 East, Batesville.
October 24
David M. Bryan Justice Complex
300 Airport Rd., Batesville.
Jesus Loves Me Children’s Center
110 Thomas St., Batesville.
October 27
In A Hurry
29598 Highway 51 North, Como
McDonald’s #6558
320 Highway 6 East, Batesville.
We Care Community, Inc.
612 Broad St., Crenshaw



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