Reports – 7/29/2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 29, 2005

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – July 19, 2005

  From the 7/29/05 issue of The Panolian  

City Court Report
Shoe theft nets guilty party $610 fine; phone caller jailed

By Emily Darby

During Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday a Batesville woman was sentenced to 30 days in jail for contempt-failure to comply by disregarding Judge Bill McKenzie’s June 8 court orders not to call Abe Dean.

Mary Ann Robinson of 2248 McNeely Rd., Batesville, denied calling Dean until court clerk Rene Hubbard testified she witnessed Dean receive two calls while he was in her office.

"She called 62 times between June 21 through July 7," testified Dean.

Judge McKenzie said, "You were ordered not to call him, and you did anyway."

Failure to appear
Bradley Taylor of 805 Redwine Ave., Kosciusko, failed to appear for charges of possession of paraphernalia. Al Williams bailing company will be notified.

Julianna Holifield of 805 Redwine Ave, Kosciusko, was charged with two counts of shoplifting. She failed to appear.

Michael Ballentine of 201 Clairmont, Sardis, pled guilty to stealing a pair of Reebok shoes worth $35.99. He was fined $610.

Jermaine Cox of 914-A Fogg Rd., Batesville, had malicious mischief and simple assault charges dismissed after the affiants Danea Worley and Charlotte Moffitt failed to appear to prosecute.

Domestic violence
Heather Toney of #11 Harmon Circle, Batesville, entered a "no contest" plea to domestic violence-simple assault. She was fined $345.

Jerry Paten of 11 CR, Oxford, had a charges of domestic violence-simple assault and no driver’s license remanded to the files.

Contempt of Court
Alma Reeves of 1053 Hawkins Rd., Batesville, is to satisfy total old fines of $262 by performing 17 days of public service in the city’s work release program. Participation in the work program is an option for defendants who cannot pay their fines.

Frank Williams of 2190 Sardis Lake Dr., Batesville, had a DUI and failure to use signal charge scheduled for a later court date.

Johnny Youngblood of 407 Alcorn, Como, had a felony charge of false pretenses referred to the grand jury.

Jonathan Dunnigan of 112 Eureka St., Batesville, was found guilty of resisting arrest and disorderly conduct-failure to comply. He was fined $850.

David L. Harris of 1318 S. Prescott, Memphis, Tenn. was fined $539 for switched tag and driving while license suspended.

Steve Fondren of Sardis, had a trial set for August 10 after entering a "not guilty" plea to expired tag.

Andrew T. Lott of 143 Faith Dr., Batesville, had a no proof of insurance charge dismissed after providing proof. He was also charged with violating the state’s windshield tint restriction.

After Lott told the judge he removed the tint, he was given a chance to talk to the officer to see if the charge could be dropped.

Henry Edna Harris of 108 Clinton St., Batesville, was fined $281 no driver’s license.

Sandra B. Wells of 75 Marshall Rd., Charleston, had a lower fine of $171 imposed after providing proof of insurance. She also had a fine of $131 for no child restraint.

Stanley McKinney of 14199 Ballentine Rd., Sardis, was fined $1,255 for expired tag and no proof of insurance.

Darren D. Moore of 414 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, had a no proof of insurance fine of $1,071 reduced to $171 after getting insurance after the ticket was issued.

Sheriff’s Report    
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Marriage Licenses
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Health Inspections
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Divorces Granted
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