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Published 12:00 am Friday, July 15, 2005

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – July 8, 2005

  From the 7/15/05 issue of The Panolian  

City Court Report
Judge dismisses assault charge
By Emily Darby

During a short session of Batesville Municipal Court Wednesday, Judge Bill McKenzie dismissed a simple assault charge after the affiant, Rebecca Blackburn, failed to appear to prosecute Napolean Harris of 104 Patton Lane, Batesville.

Mary Ann S. Robinson of 2248 McNeely Rd., Courtland, had a trial set for July 27 after entering a "not guilty" plea. She was charged with contempt of court-failure to comply by disregarding June 8 court orders not to call Abe Dean. She had been found guilty at that time of "telephone profanity."

Erwin Ford of 792 Wells St., Courtland, was fined $345 for trespassing on Sayle Oil Company’s property. He was advised to stay away from all the Sayle Oil Companies.
Lisa Burton of 2106 Center St., Clarksdale, entered a guilty plea to a shoplifting charge at Claire’s. She was fined $610 for shoplifting $49.22 worth of necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

A domestic violence (second) case was continued after the judge was informed that the defendant, Timothy Rodgers, 126 Johnson St., Batesville, was in the doctor’s office.

Katie Byford of 126 Johnson St., Batesville, entered a guilty plea for domestic violence. She was fined $355 for the domestic violence charge and $270 for old existing fines.

Larry Ford of Batesville was fined $294 for petit larceny.

Willie J. Chapman Pride of 6084 Curtis Rd., Batesville, was fined $131 for no child restraint.

James E. Houston of 273 Greg Taylor Rd., Courtland, had a handicapped parking violation and a no proof of insurance charge dismissed after presenting proper proof of insurance and a handicap parking decal.

John Wayne Lantrip of 21374 Hwy. 6 East, Batesville, was fined $487 for driving while his license was suspended. He also had a "no head light" charge. He told Judge McKenzie he fixed the headlight.

Anna Leigh Cresswell of 632 N. 14th St., Oxford, had a lower fined imposed for a no proof of insurance charge. Her lower fine was $171.

Mario A. Chapman of 334-A. Butler, Batesville, was fined $184 for switched tag.

Jonathan A. Shaw of 101 Warren St., Como, was fined $265 for open container.

Timothy Wayne Furr of 5061 Hwy. 310, Crenshaw, had a no proof of insurance charge dismissed after providing proof. He was also enrolled in driving school to keep a stop sign violation off of his record. Mississippi law allows this option for young drivers, who also have their fines waived upon completion of the course.

Editor’s note: Lisa Burton of 2106 Center St., Clarksdale, whose name also appeared in the jail log in the July 12 issue of The Panolian, is not Lisa C. Burton of Hwy. 45 West, Tutwiler.


Marriage Licenses
The Panola County Circuit Clerk’s office issued the following marriage licenses in June:

  William A. Hawkins, 80, and
     Bonnie Anderson, 61
  Lonnie David Fuqua, 25, and
     Amy Marie Lenard, 22
  Willie Johnson, 36, and
     Avis L. McKenzie, 32
  Marece Devon Milton, 34, and
     Tiffany Loreal Shaw, 22
  Jason Brian Weed, 28, and
     Macy Marie Mayce, 20
  Kevin B. Connor, 33, and
     Katrina Lynell Love, 39
  Jeffrey Hester, 44, and
     Debra Bramlett, 40
  Brian William Martin, 27, and
     Katherine Anne Williams, 26
  Porfirio S. Aguilar, 41, and
     Jennifer Lynn Tutor, 48
  Leander Williams, 37, and
     Christa E. Marsh, 34
  Brian Phillips Sergi Jr., 23, and
     Alexandria N. Ross, 20
  Roy Johnson, 32, and
      Delilah Milton, 27
  Terry L. Harris, 31, and
      Marilyn Broadnax, 36
  Steven Chain Owens, 31, and
     Melanie Lee Fulgham, 32
  Adam Clay Lenard, 21, and
     Monica Marie Mills, 18
  Derek S. Johnson, 34, and
     Mary E. Taylor, 34
  Albert L. Beard, 45, and
     Anne D. Ross, 45
  Allen Deynn Cummings Jr., 23, and
     Amanda Leigh Goodwin, 22
  Douglas J. Gipson, 43, and
     Janet Denise Davis, 51
  Anthony J. Smith, 43, and
     Sheila Irene Wilkerson, 40
  Andy Clyde Hollinger Jr., 22, and
     Bridgett Nicole Kennedy, 19
  Joe L. Horne Jr., 51, and
     Shera Steward, 50
  Richard D. Long Jr., 41, and
     Connie S. Cauthen, 40
  Karl Fredrick Limberg III, 45, and
     Debra Ann Limberg, 43
  Joel M. Covington II, 24, and
     Amber Jo Jackson, 25
  Derrick Andra Hibbler, 25, and
     Latoya Nicole Parker, 23


Sheriff’s Report    
No report this issue
Health Inspections
No report this issue
Divorces Granted
No report this issue


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