Reports – 5/27/2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 27, 2005

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – May 27, 2005

  From the 5/27/05 issue of The Panolian  

City Court Report
Aggravated assault charge against Turner sent to grand jury

By Emily Darby

Kristopher Jones, 106 Maple, Batesville, who was found guilty of domestic violence and simple assault (second offense) in the Wednesday session of Batesville Municipal Court.

Jones was charged with hitting his brother Stephen Davis in the head causing bodily injury with a hard object.

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"We got into an argument and I was defending myself." said Jones.

Judge Bill McKenzie reduced the fine to $150.

Petit larceny
Kaneisha Cauthen, 231 Van Voris, Batesville, was charged with stealing gas at Jiffy #3. The affiant Tabitha Thornton told Judge McKenzie she saw Cauthen take the gas.

Thornton also said she could provide proof with witnesses and video tape.

Cauthen said she was not guilty. Judge McKenzie set a date for a trial.

"I don’t want to hear half of the evidence. I want to hear it all." said Judge McKenzie.

Domestic violence
James Scott II, 2537 Chapeltown Rd., Courtland, was charged with hitting his girlfriend in the head, causing bodily injury.

He pleaded guilty and was fined $345. Judge McKenzie explained to Scott that second offenders go to jail.

A trial date was set for Jessica Jones who was charged with stalking Micki Jones and Jason Jones.

The defendant Jessica Jones pleaded not guilty and said she could provide witnesses for the trial.

Barbara Cook, 605-E Chestnut, Charleston, was charged with old fines and no tag.

Cook explained she had been drawing disability. Judge McKenzie told her she had $718 worth of fines that needed to be taken care of. She was ordered to pay $150 a month.

Anthony Davis, 10 Courtney Village Dr., Courtland, was charged with contempt of court-old fines. He will start the city work program to work off his existing fines of $425.

John Barnes, 1985 Tony Keating Rd., Batesville, was also charged with contempt of court-old fines.

Judge McKenzie ordered Barnes to pay the existing fines of $615 by June 10 or serve 90 days.

Kellsey Turner, 106 Jackson St., Batesville, charged with aggravated assault, had his case referred to the grand jury.

Nakeria Scott, 1120 Hammond Hill Rd., Como, was charged with speeding and no proof of insurance. The case was dismissed because the arresting officer was not in court to testify.

During a tedious trial with testimony from defendant Veronica Wren, 412 Tubbs Rd., and affiant Janella Cox, 101 Everett St., Batesville, Judge Bill McKenzie decided to dismiss charges of malicious mischief and simple assault against Wren.

Cox had accused Wren of hitting her car with her fist after making threats.

Wren provided several witnesses who said she was at home when this allegedly happened and her sister had borrowed her car that day.

"The case has to be proven, not assumed," explained Judge McKenzie.

Karnisha Ellis, 109 Armstrong, Batesville, had charges of disorderly conduct and failure to comply remanded to the court files upon recommendation of the arresting officer.

Michael L. Porter, Meadowview C-1, Batesville, was found guilty of no insurance and no driver’s license. He will work on the city work program for 32 days in lieu of paying fines of $1,320.

Amber A. Shegog, 5993 Hwy. 51 South, Pope, was found guilty of speeding. Since she is under 21 she can attend driving school to keep the charge off her record and avoid paying a fine.

Minnie Baker, 609 Catching St., Marks, was charged with two red light violations. She pled not guilty and a trial was set for June 29.

Stephanie Frost, 2559 A Hentz, Courtland, was found guilty of no proof of insurance. She was fined $1,055 unless she brings proof of insurance.

Clarification: In a case from the May 18 session of city court, affiant Susan Busby of Preferred Tans has said she intends to pursue a shoplifting charge filed against Marissa L. Milam, 6079 Eureka Rd., Batesville.

Milam had told Judge McKenzie she was meeting with Busby to ask that the charges be dismissed.

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