Reports – 5/6/2005

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 6, 2005

The Panolian: COUNTY REPORTS – May 6, 2005

  From the 5/6/05 issue of The Panolian  

City Court Report
Several domestic violence cases heard by McKenzie
By Emily Darby

Christy Powell, 200-A Lester St., Batesville, was fined $345 for domestic violence-simple assault. Judge McKenzie said the fine is to encourage people to change their behavior.

Melissa Ann Turner, 200-A Lester St., Batesville, was also fined $345 for domestic violence-simple assault. Judge McKenzie said this should be a lesson to "settle problems without using violence."

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Two other cases for domestic violence were dismissed because the affiants failed to appear in court to prosecute.

Raymond Alexander, 1701 Bibbs Rd., Batesville, was charged with domestic violence-simple assault. The affiant Felicia Walters failed to appear so the case was dismissed.

Stephen Beavers, 117 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Batesville, had a similar charge of domestic violence-simple assault. His case was also dismissed as the affiant Stacy Pruett failed to appear to prosecute the case.

Cases continued
Karnisha Ellis, 109 Armstrong St., Batesville, was charged with disorderly conduct-failure to comply with Officer Ragon. Ellis contested the charge and trial was set for May 25.

Veronica Wren, 412 Tubbs Rd., Batesville, was charged with simple assault and malicious mischief. She was accused of attempting to scare the affiant Jenellia Cox by hitting her car and threatening to beat her. Wren said she didn’t do it and could provide witnesses for a trial set for May 25.

Disorderly conduct
Victoria Connor, 168 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Batesville, was charged with disorderly conduct for hitting her cousin Antonio Robinson, 202 Lester St., Apt. B, Batesville, with a stick that had a nail in it. Witnesses were available to tell all sides of the story. Robinson allegedly hit Connor in the head with a pipe.

Judge McKenzie told both defendants and witnesses, "Everybody should be old enough to know better and to turn around and go the other way."

Both defendants, Connor and Robinson, were found guilty and fined $255.

Failed to Appear
Hulet Lee Peagues, CR 217 231 Campground, Oxford, was charged with contempt of court-old fines. He failed to appear. Rebel Bail was to be notified.

Jessie Mae Watson, 309-D Shiloh Rd., Courtland, was charged with possession of paraphernalia and contempt of court. Watson failed to appear.

Careless driving
Willie McMillan, 217 Noble St., Batesville, had his case continued when Judge McKenzie gave him the benefit of the doubt. McMillan was charged with careless driving.

McMillan said he could not see because of the bushes located at a local gas station. Judge McKenzie said he checked it out himself after last week’s court session. He dismissed the case and advised the gas station to cut the bushes.

Landon Shane Long, 214 Hays St., Batesville, was charged with possession of controlled substance and contempt of court-old fines. He was fined $806 which is due in 30 days or he will serve 90 days in the county jail.

Jonathan A. Serrano, 205 Noble St., Batesville, had his fine reduced to $155 after providing proof of insurance after the ticket was issued.

Dustin Randall Callihan, 6155 Eureka Rd., Courtland, also had a no proof of insurance fine reduced to $155 after he provided proof.

Deloris Austin, 4713 Nash Rd., Batesville, was charged with no proof of insurance and was fined $155 after providing proof in court.

Dereck Roberson Jr., 766-A Carlisle Rd., Courtland, will go to driving school to keep a speeding charge off his record. Since he’s under 21, his fine will be waived if he completes the course.

Kyra Tyson, P.O. Box 161, Courtland, was fined $150 for a handicapped parking violation at Tri-Lakes Medical Center. Tyson said, "I had just gotten injured, but didn’t have a decal; it was just the shortest distance to walk at the time."

Judge McKenzie said he understood, but did inform the defendant that the legislature states a handicapped card or decal is required to avoid being fined.

Bradford L. Taylor, 794-A Shiloh Rd., Courtland, had his fine reduced to $155 for no proof of insurance and $140 for running a stop sign.

Jimmy Dale Kennedy, 1580 John Branch, Batesville, returned to court for previous charges of no proof of insurance and running a red light. The no proof of insurance charge was dismissed after he provided proof. He was fined $140 for the traffic violation.

Health Inspections
No report this issue
Sheriff’s Report    
No report this issue
Marriage Licenses
The Panola County Circuit Clerk’s office issued the following marriage licenses in April:

  Jenos C. Little and
      Janette LaShea Wilson
   Michael Brett Morrison and
     Pamella N. Ivy.
  Benjamin James Caine and
     Norma Jean Daniels
  Wayne Gregg and
     Betty Sue B. Callihan
  Robert Allen Young and
     Alexis R. Harris
  Timothy L. Watters and
     Joyce T. Porter
  Matthew Taylor Setchfield and
     Charlotte Gray Dent
  Kevin Daniel McCoy and
     Amanda Lynn Harmon
  Marty V. Gentry and
     Angie Denise Gentry
  Gregory McKay and
     Sandra Milam
  Harvey Winford Lang and
     Tamala Nell Thomas
  Charles R. Terry and
     Lisa Jo Pierce
  Gary W. Daugherty and
     Kathe Betty Swindoll
  Gregory Gene Miller and
     Melissa Ann Miller
  Tommy Anthony Brownlee and
     Tameka Taneil Johnson
Divorces Granted
The following divorces were granted during April according to records in the Panola County Chancery Clerk’s office:

  Tracy Odessa Hines Woodford vs.
     Joel Anthony Woodford;
  Aaron Williams vs.
     Margie Clark White Williams; .
  J.C. Henderson vs.
     Dorothy Marie Lester Starks Henderson.
  Stephanie Young Wren vs.
     Arthur D. Wren III;
  Mary Paula Gordon Webb vs.
     Ralph Eugene Webb
   Patricia Ann Oliver Danner vs.
     Keith Roderick Danner
  Ethel Franklin Bright Sr. vs.
     Sara Ann Ramage Bright;
  Wanda Weaver Prince vs.
     Ronnie Wade Prince;
  Denise Wright Johnson vs.
     Billy Wayne Johnson;
  Tila Shanae Watters Smallie vs.
     Marcus Dewayne Smallie and
  Stephanie Hannah Estey vs.
     Charles Thomas Estey.


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