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Published 12:00 am Friday, December 17, 2004

Panolian Sports Headlines: December 17, 2004

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New Rebel Coach
Introduced as the newest addition to the Ole Miss family was 43 year old, Ed Orgeron, as the new head football coach and his family, wife, Kelly; sons, Tyler, 11, and twins Parker and Cody, 5.

Orgeron was originally from Galliano, La. but recently of California. Orgeron and the USC Trojans will be playing in the Orange Bowl for the national championship this year.

Belated congrats to local state champs

You might remember from last week when I said I couldn’t congratulate the Warriors and Tigers YET. Well, now I can. The Senatobia Warriors 3A State Champions and the South Panola Tigers 5A State Champions – just what I was hoping for. I did have a good feeling both would prevail and watched both games on Mississippi Public Broadcasting. I had not seen Senatobia this year but I did work South Panola a few times this season and I knew they would take any comers to school down there. Nothing beats winning it all at the "ship" and taking the heavy hardware to the house.

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Back in the Stone Ages, I was a Warrior and I am really proud for them. And no, we didn’t wear leather helmets back then either. But we sure didn’t have any sort of playoffs like they do now. I remember when we won the last game and the conference title outright my senior year, we were offered a bowl game somewhere. It was put to the team as a vote and it didn’t pass. I didn’t want it to end. But we played our regular season games and that was that. I guess that’s why I’m like I am now – I hate for the season to end.

Here we go again with the BCS. For a few years it seemed like it was going to work out just fine. Then the last two seasons there has been doubt and difference over just who is #1 in college football. Last year LSU took OU to school in the BCS Championship Game but all one heard after January 4th was how USC and LSU are co-champions. Then LSU and USC should have played. It’s very simple: Let #4 Texas play #1 USC in a bowl game and #3 Auburn play #2 OU in another bowl game. Then have the two winners play in the Championship Game. Just like we do brackets in youth baseball tournaments. I know all about the NCAA rule limiting the latest date that college football teams may play in post-season games. So change the NCAA rule so a final end-all championship game could be played. They make changes to our playing rules every year so what’s the difference? If not that then get real and initiate a true playoff system. I’m still convinced it could be done and I, for one, would much rather have it decided on the field head-to-head like every other football championship is done. I really think someone out there just likes to have something to argue about. Reminds me of some kin. My thoughts are a "final game" will be added someday. Maybe even in my lifetime. Especially if another situation like this comes up next year.

You know, thinking back to high school days and the comment about leather helmets, I got to thinking about the helmets we did wear. They were plastic of some form but the similarity ended there. Inside was the canvas-type web suspension that was used back in the leather helmet days. Now I go look at the one I bought for Phillip for this season. A Riddell Revolution helmet just like Peyton Manning’s. Same size too: adult large shell. But not a single web strap is found inside. Just a multitude of inflated pads. Every bit of the interior can be sized to fit just right with a small hand pump. Just stick the needle in the pad and fit it exactly. Add to that a titanium facemask to reduce weight and he’s good to go. When I look at my old helmet I just wonder how in the world we didn’t get permanent brain damage from some of the hits I remember taking. But then I do find myself staring off into space at times at times at times…. sorry.

Like the old days when no one wore seat belts or when I was real little and riding on the back shelf lying under the rear glass. It’s a wonder we didn’t get killed I guess. It all goes to back to the bottom line. Improve something and convince people it’s needed and guess what? More money. Sometimes improving a product can go too far. Look at the mess in Major League Baseball. There’s one old one that will never be improved: There is no shortcut to excellence. All it takes is hard work. See you next week.


Team members enjoy postseason honors
Each year the Mississippi Association of Coaches choose to recognize outstanding players and coaches for the season. Chosen are overall Coach-of-the-Year and division Coaches-of-the-Year.

Players are selected from each division for First and Second Team All-State and a player-of-the-year is selected for the offense and defense.

Honored this year from South Panola are (See page 3 for more):

Head Coach Ricky Woods for overall coach-of-the-year 5A Offensive Player-of-the-Year – Derek Pegues
first Team Offense:
center Josh Boren and quarterback Derek Pegues.
On Second Team Offense
tackle: Scott Honnoll
Region 5A Defensive Player-of-the-Year is John Jerry. On Second Team Defense is defensive tackle
Santarious Armstead.
On First Team Defense are
linebacker Marcus Johnson and safety Travis Sanford.