Headlines – 10/1/2004

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 1, 2004

Panolian Headlines: October 1, 2004

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Sardis Native, Marine,
     Writes Home from Battle
To the Editor:

2nd Force, Suicide Charley or simply 1/2 is my call sign. Casey is what I’m called anywhere other than work. I am in Al Anbar providence Iraq. Last year, as you all know America and coalition forces over-threw the tyranny that repressed this country for over three decades. Now our mission is to stabilize Iraq in order to allow the Iraqi people to establish an inter security system that can sustain a democratic government. Suicide Charley maintained the peace in An Najaf last year by presenting a show of force which overwhelmed terrorist cells and denied any insertion of foreign fighters into the area. When we turned that area of operation over to the coalition forces in October, the buildup of anti-Iraqi forces began. This escalated into what you see on television today, which is not up to par with what the Marines left.
We arrived at our new area of operation where coalition forces were doing all they could do to defend themselves. Their methods of patrolling consisted of mechanized infantry in Bradleys and M1A1 Abrams thundering through the local towns and absorbing blasts from improvised explosive devices which lead to perfidious anti-coalition forces feeling comfortable on the streets because they could hear the tracked vehicles coming. They simply dropped their weapons, stood in place, smiled and waved at the passing patrols. That is not how we as Marines do business. Marines are equipped with the proper gear and psychological training that allows us to travel covertly through city streets under the cover of darkness and hunt down Iraqis that refuse to live in harmony with their fellow man.

Stealth, superiority of fire power, and Esprit de Corps are our security from the shadow of evil that is seemingly endless here. My men prove daily that they are the ultimate peace keepers of the world. My company Gunny, Gunnery Sgt. Lefeur once said to us, "America does not need a Marine Corps, she wants one." I repeat that quote as often as needed to keep their spirits soaring in order to allow them to face their fears day after day.

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The Marine Corps is made up of a mixture of ethnic groups with a variety of questionable backgrounds. Some of them have no family. They receive no mail rejoicing their sacrifices to their country and ultimately America’s freedom. What I am asking for, should you choose to accept, is that my men receive a thank you from my home, America. Should it be of the simplest form, they will be grateful. I lead my troops in a prayer before every mission. A couple from home would not hurt either.

I am scared for them this time. It is not the same as last year. I can write weekly expressing my Marine’s thanks and paint a picture of their success if desired.

Format of address for all of the following Marines:
         Rank Last, First Int.
         1/7 C Co 1st Plt.
         Unit 41530
         FPO AP 96426-1530

Sgt. Brown, WC – Squad Leader
Como MS
28, Married, Union Baptist Church
Cpl. Littledave, LJ – 1st Team Leader
Oklahoma (Cherokee)
26. Single, Son of a Baptist Pastor
Lcpl. Cruz, C – Sniper
Chicago (Guatemalan)
20, Married and Baby on the way, Catholic
Lcpl. Baker, R – Machine Gunner
Kansas City Missouri,
21, Single, Baptist
PFC. Sorrenson, J – Grenadier
Riverside CA
19, Single, Presbyterian
Lcpl. Walters, C – 2nd team Leader, Riverside CA, 22 Married, Catholic
PFC. Mendhen, J – Sniper
19, Single, Lutheran
Lcpl. Short, J – Machine Gunner
Virginia (Hillbilly)
23, Married, Baptist
Lcpl. Ramos, P – Grenadier
Bronx (Puerto Rican)
21, Married, Catholic

Sgt. Casey Brown
Semper Fi
The Marines

B & G Club Celebrates
     "Let’s Play" Campaign
The local Batesville/Panola County Boys and Girls Club joined in to celebrate Nickelodeon’s Let’s Just Play campaign Monday, Sept. 27.

Nickelodeon Partners with Boys and Girls Clubs of America in new wide- reaching pro-social initiatives to feature multi-media and local community grass roots campaigns, and a televised special event on Nickelodeon this fall.

Tiki Barber, Nick Cannon, Rick Fox, Tony Hawk, Jason Kidd, Romeo, Summer Sanders, Russell Simmons, Teresa Weatherspoon, Dr. Alvin Poussaint, Kaiser Family Foundation’s Vicky Rideout and health/education experts lend support to Let’s Just Play.

In June, Nickelodeon kicked off the campaign to encourage kids to get out and play. Nickelodeon, the number one kids’ entertainment brand and basic cable’s top-rated network with kids and adults, launched Let’s Just Play, a national multi-media campaign and grassroots effort to get kids more physically active and encourage more positive, healthy and playful lifestyles.

Nickelodeon’s Let’s Just Play, in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of America, employs public service announcements, celebrity endorsements, community events, partnerships and grassroots efforts to reinforce the pure value of play and to challenge community infrastructures to support re-investment in recreational resources for kids.

"Play is the center of everything kids love, and yet, today the combinations of the latch key phenomenon, increased academic pressures, limited community resources and the elimination of after school programs have lead to kids being less active with their leisure time. At Nick, we believe we can affect change in a positive way for kids," said Cyma Zarghami, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Nickelodeon.

Cougar Queen
Marteena Taylor was all smiles as she was crowned the 2004 North Panola Homecoming queen by 2003 queen Brittany Lowe Wednesday night.

North Panola held its annual coronation to crown the queen and announce the king. Chosen King was Travis Davis, not pictured.

The queen and her court will be presented tonight at the homecoming game between North Panola and Tunica Rosa Fort. Kickoff is 7 p.m.

Tri-Lakes Vote on Nov. 2 Ballot
By Jason C. Mattox
News Editor


Voters in the second judicial district of Panola County will have more to decide than just who they want for President of the United States when the November 2 General Election rolls around.

The second judicial district will have the opportunity to decide the fate of Tri-Lakes Medical Center.

While the decision was made months ago following the submission of a petition containing more than the required 1,500 names, the election places are just now being released.

The outcome of the election has somewhat hindered the city and county’s desires to get out of the hospital business, but they have not forced them to a grinding halt.

Consultant J.C. Burns, along with city and county representatives have met with four of the five bidders for Tri-Lakes.

"We have met with almost all of the parties involved and the remaining bidder has been extended the opportunity to meet," Assistant City Attorney Colmon Mitchell told the Batesville Board of Aldermen during a meeting in late September.

If the ultimate decision is to sell Tri-Lakes Medical Center, the negotiations and meetings between the interested parties can become more involved.

A Notice of Special Election, released by Chancery Clerk Jim Pitcock’s office, states that qualified electors of the South Panola Hospital District will take part in a scheduled special election to held on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

The special election ballot will have two choices. Those choices being:

In favor of the sale of Tri-Lakes Medical Center.
Against the sale of Tri-Lakes Medical Center.

The following voting places will have the ballot for the special election:

Supervisor District 1
Butler Trucking Building in Cold Springs
Supervisor District 2
Curtis Fire Station in the Curtis Community
Macedonia-Concord Community Center in the Macedonia-Concord community
Supervisor District 3
Grain elevator in east Crowder
Independence Community Building in Tocowa
Pope City Hall in Pope
Courtland City Hall in Courtland
Cliff Finch Building located in Batesville
Supervisor District 4
Fire Station located at Coles Point
Blackjack Community Center in the North Springport community
Mt. Olivet Fire Station in the Mt. Olivet community
Community Building in the Eureka community
Extension Department Building in the City of Batesville
Bethlehem Church in the Bethlehem community
Supervisor District 5
Panola County Courthouse in Batesville
City Hall in Batesville
Patton Lane Band Hall in Batesville
Enon-Lock Station Water District Building in the Enon community
FSB Names Westfaul
     Power Drive President
Frank West, President and CEO of First Security Bank, announces the promotion of Lane Baker Westfaul to Branch President of its Power Drive Branch. Westfaul has been with the bank for seven years, working as loan officer, mortgage loan originator, credit card merchant manager, and customer service representative. She will continue in the capacity as a loan officer, making commercial, mortgage, and customer loans.

A cum laude graduate of the University of Mississippi, Westfaul was elected vice president of the Associated Student Body. She has also recently completed graduate work in counseling. She is a native of Holly Springs and an honor graduate of Marshall Academy. Westfaul is an active member of the committee on nominations. She is a life member of the Junior Auxiliary of Batesville where she also served as president.

Westfaul has two daughters, Elane, 8, and Jayme Cathryn, 4.