Headlines – 7/23/2004

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 23, 2004

Panolian Headlines: July 23, 2004

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A wreck on Interstate 55 had traffic in the north-bound lane delayed Wednesday afternoon so responders could examine victims and clean up the scene. The accident left debris like wood and metal poles throughout the median. Those involved did not appear to have any major injuries. Calls to the Mississippi Highway Patrol for further details were not returned.
CPD Officers Stand Accused of Misconduct
By Jason C. Mattox
News Editor

The conduct of two Crenshaw police officers is being questioned and punishment is being called for by one city resident.

According to William Pierce, his daughter and an acquaintance were riding around one night last weekend when when they found themselves behind a police car that was allegedly holding up traffic.

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?The officer driving the cruiser would drive a few feet and stop, then drive a few more feet and stop again, essentially trying to aggravate my daughter and her friend," Pierce said. "When my daughter gave a short blow on her horn to let him know he was blocking traffic, [Jon Tyler and Adam Willard] turned on the blue lights and turned the car sideways to block the street."

Pierce said Willard allegedly sprayed pepper spray in the car while his daughter and her friend were detained outside and then told them to get back into the car.

"When they got back into the car, it was almost impossible for them to drive," he said.


 Library Asks City Leaders for $170,000
By Jason C. Mattox
News Editor

Representatives of the First Regional Library system presented their budget request to the Batesville Mayor and Board of Aldermen on Tuesday.

First Regional requested $170,000 be allocated for the Batesville Public Library. That is an increase of $12,000 over the $158,000 the city budgeted for the present fiscal year.

Catherine Nathan told the board that the expansion of the library has increased its usage tremendously.

"To tell the absolute truth, your library is going like gangbusters," she said.

According to statistics presented during the meeting, the library services more than 2,600 people during a week’s time.

"Almost every person who uses the library in a week will check out a book, magazine or other materials," she said.

Nathan said one of the biggest surprises at the library has been the response to this year’s summer reading program.

"Our children’s specialist set a goal of enrolling 600 children for the program over the entire summer," she said. "To date, she has already signed up more than 850 kids and most of them have completed the requirements.

"Many come for library programs," she said. "Both children and adults."

Statistics indicate that last year the library averaged two programs per week that were attended by more than 3,800 people each.

Alderwoman Bobbie Jean Pounders said she suspected that the increase in size would mean more traffic for the library.

Alderman Says Problem in Ward
     Has Been Ditched
By Jason C. Mattox
News Editor

One Batesville alderman seemed puzzled at why city crews couldn’t take care of a ditching problem in his ward.

During the meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, a request was again made to have a ditch on Hoskins road cleaned out.

"I don’t understand why something as simple as this can’t get done," Alderman Rufus Manley said. "The only problem is the tree limbs stopping up the culvert."

Manley said he has presented the matter to Mayor Bobby Baker, City Clerk Judy Savage and Teddy Austin and it has yet to be resolved.

"I know for a fact I have given this to the mayor twice, Judy twice and Teddy three times over the phone and once in person," he said. "If it is something this simple, why can’t we get it taken care of?"

Baker explained that he had Austin and the city crews working at the Civic Center while the weather was holding up.

"The city only has one crew," Baker said. "I have them working at the Civic Center while we have a chance to get some things taken care of there."

Manley said he understood the importance of completing the work at the Civic Center, but he also feels like there are other matters the city needs to take care of as well.

"This matter has been discussed several times with several different people, and it is time that something gets done about it," he said.

No action was taken on the matter.