Sports / Outdoors – 2/14/2003

Published 12:00 am Friday, February 14, 2003

Panolian Sports Headlines: February 14, 2003

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Lady Cougars Advance to 2nd Round
NP Downs Charleston 70-65; Porter Scores Career High 30 Points, 8-3’s
The North Panola Lady Cougars gather around coach George Parks for a conference in the first round of the district tournament. The Lady Cougars won the first round and played in the semi-finals Thursday night. Upon a win, the Lady Cougars will advance to the championship round to be played Friday night at 6 p.m.

CLARKSDALE – The North Panola Lady Cougars advanced to another round of the District 3A tournament, by defeating the Charleston Lady Tigers 70-65, Tuesday night, Feb. 11. The event is being held at Coahoma County High School in Clarksdale.

Laquita Hardy, Otisha Porter, and Darcus Black, all returned to their starting positions.

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Hardy had been sidelined due to an injury to her elbow she received in their last home game against Charleston, Jan. 28. Black and Porter were both ejected from that same game after an altercation with an opposing player. Charleston head coach Kathy Estes explained after the game that her player initiated that brawl.

In this contest, the only brawling was on the scoreboard. Porter took any frustrations she may have had out on the court, by scoring a career high 30 points. She even bested her previous three-point prowess, by sinking eight from three-point territory, a team record.

North Panola Cougars Fall to Coahoma Co. in 1st Round Dist. Action


CLARKSDALE – Luck was not a lady to the North Panola boys team, as they lost to Coahoma County 69-50, Tuesday, Feb. 11, at Coahoma County in the District 3-3A tournament. They got off to a very slow start, and didn’t score a point until the 4:39 mark in the first quarter. They had trailed Coahoma 11-0, when Terry Walker scored. Another minute and a half would pass before they scored again.

Tension and frustration was visible on the faces of the Cougars, but they just couldn’t seem to shake it. Coahoma came out early with their full court press, almost crippling North Panola from the beginning. The score was 17-8 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, the Cougars started a brief comeback, when they came within six, at 23-17. That would be the only time, as Coahoma began to run away with the lead and never looked back. The halftime score was 37-25.

At the start of the second half, North Panola seemed sluggish. They made fundamental mistakes. The highlight of the third quarter, was when Derrick Faulkner, fresh off the bench, got a defensive rebound and went coast-to-coast for the lay-up and basket.

Dexter Thomas fouled out in the fourth quarter with 2:22 remaining with the score 67-42. Thomas ended his season with an 18-point game and four blocked shots.

The South Panola High School Cheerleaders competed in the National High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida.

Team members and coaches include in random order Anne Claire Poland, Ashlie Mason, Marsha Golden, Joanna McKenzie, Amber Garner, Samnecia Robison, Elizabeth Cain, Jesica Crutcher, Chanda Lantern, coach, Aleia Segars, Quanneqra Woodall, Chasity Jones, Camille Willis, Jessica Cain, Kelly Cosby, Kara Tapp, Britni O’Connor, Nicole Douglas, Jessica Kelsay, Tatum Dillon, Laura Beth Simmons, Jennifer Lauderdale, Constance Collins, Cassie Corley, Tammy Wilkinson, coach.

The squad received a superior rating and placed 10th in the nation. This was the first time the squad had won a bid to nationals. The squad members and their coaches would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the people of this community. This trip would not have been possible without your support. Not pictured is Susan Hardy, coach.

Musical Numbers Played With Gas Prices

Have you seen the prices of gasoline lately?
Have you been trying to figure out a way to get to work and still have enough money to feed your family lunch and dinner? You can skip breakfast if you want.

Might be a good time for that diet you made a resolution to go on New Year’s.

I have never seen such a fluctuation in gas prices. Who’s worried about a war overseas when you are wondering if you will have to thumb it up town to earn your paycheck?

Obviously, the possibly of a war is supposed to be the cause of the rise in gas prices.

Hmmmmm. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

I have been checking the gas prices along Highway 6 each morning and afternoon to see what the changes were. At the end of last week, I just glanced at the prices. Most of the convenience stores run gas at the same price. What happened was I saw the ladder at the Fast Lane gas price sign and did a double take to see it was so much.

The price there was just a penny under the Shell station. Usually it’s about 2? less. Then the Phillips 66 station was even less than Fast Lane. One time Wal-Mart was actually higher than the Phillips 66 station. The last I looked, Phillips 66 and Fast Lane were running neck and neck. Exxon was about a penny less than Shell.

So, I have been watching the convenience stores play musical numbers with the gasoline prices.

I’m pretty sure the employees there do not much like changes prices on the gas every day, especially twice a day.

It’s a pain to get up and change those numbers. On top of that the weather has been fluctuating from rain to cold to snow to sleet to almost hot for winter weather.

As for the war, I like the idea that if we have to go to war, do what has to be done fast and get out of there. This lingering around and playing games with people who war all year long is not my cup of tea. The United States is way past the age of dictatorship government and we shouldn’t bow to those other systems of government.

Saddam Hussein never lies?

Huh! That’ll be the day…


  NOV 14 4:00 A Grenada
  NOV 21 4:45 H Lafayette
  NOV 23 6:00 A Cleveland
  NOV 25 4:45 H Tupelo
  NOV 26 6:00 A West Point
  DEC 3 4:45 A Oxford
  DEC 10 4:45 H Horn Lake
  DEC 13     OPEN
  DEC 20 4:45 H Olive Branch
  JAN 7 6:00 H Calhoun City
  JAN 9-11 6:00 A Water Valley Tournament
  JAN 14 6:00 H Holly Springs
  JAN 17 4:45 A Olive Branch
  JAN 18 6:00 H Senatobia
  JAN 21 4:45 H Southaven
  JAN 24 4:45 A Byhalia
  JAN 28 4:45 A Horn Lake
  JAN 31     OPEN
  FEB 4 4:45 A Southaven
  FEB 7 4:45 H Byhalia
  FEB 13-14 TBA   Divisional Tournament


1 – 7th/8th Girls;   2 – 7th/8th Boys;   3 – Jr High Girls
4 – Jr High Boys;    5 – Varsity Girls;    6 – Varsity Boys
  NOV 12 4:00 3-6 H Strider
  NOV 19 4:00 3-6 A Calhoun
  DEC 7 11:00 1-6 H Lee (MS)
  DEC 10 3:30 1-6 A Marvell
  DEC 12 4:30 3-6 A Kirk
  DEC 14 4:00 3-6 H Bayou
  DEC 20 4:00 3-6 H West Memphis Christian
  DEC 21   1-6 A Magnolia Heights
  JAN 3 3:00 3-6 A Lee (AR)
  JAN 7 3:00 1-6 A Marshall
  JAN 8-11     A Magnolia Heights Tournament
  JAN 14 4:30 3-6 A Bayou
  JAN 18 4:00 3-6 A Indianola
  JAN 21 4:30 3-6 A West Memphis Christian
  JAN 24 3:00 1-6 H Marshall
  JAN 25 2:00 5-6 A Strider
  JAN 27 3:00 1-6 H Marvell
  JAN 30 4:00 3-6 H Kirk
  JAN 31 4:00 3-6 H Indianola
  FEB 1,3     A Jr. High Tournament
  FEB 4   5-6 H Magnolia Heights
  FEB 6-8       North AA Tournament
  FEB 11-12, 14-15 TBA   H North State AA Tournament
  FEB 18-19, 21-22 TBA     State AA Tournament
  FEB 24-MAR 1 TBA     Overall Tournament – MS College


  NOV 14-16 6:00 A Coldwater Tournament
  NOV 19 6:00 A Hernando
  NOV 23 6:00 H Coldwater
  NOV 26 6:00 A Olive Branch
  DEC 7 6:00 A H.W. Byers
  DEC 10 6:00 A M.S. Palmer
  DEC 13 6:00 H Lafayette
  DEC 16 6:00 A Coldwater
  DEC 20 6:00 H Coahoma County
  DEC 27 6:00 H M.S. Palmer
  DEC 28 6:00 A Rosa Fort
  JAN 7 6:00 A Charleston
  JAN 10 6:00 H Senatobia
  JAN 14 6:00 H Independence
  JAN 16-18 6:00 H NPHS Cougar Classics
  JAN 21 5:00 A Coahoma County
  JAN 24 6:00 A Water Valley
  JAN 28 6:00 H Charleston
  JAN 31 6:00 H Rosa Fort
  FEB 4 6:00 A Independence
  FEB 7 TBA A Senatobia
  FEB 11-13 TBA   District Tournament
  FEB 17 & 18 TBA   3A North State
  FEB 21 & 22 TBA   3A North State
  FEB 25-27 TBA A State Tournament – Jackson, MS