Sports / Outdoors – 1/24/2003

Published 12:00 am Friday, January 24, 2003

Panolian Sports Headlines : January 24, 2003

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JV Lady Tigers End Season
Undefeated 6-0

South Panola Lady Tiger Candace Conner was always in the face of the Southaven player who inbounded the ball.  She even had a couple of steals.


BATESVILLE – The South Panola ninth grade Lady Tigers ended their season with a 6-0 record after downing Southaven 26-9.

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The Lady Tigers almost shutout Southaven in the first half, but Southaven hit two free throws, not back-to-back, to avoid a shutout. The Lady Tigers led 12-2 at halftime.

As always the Lady Tigers maintained their aggressiveness and scored 14 points in the second half, while allowing the Lady Chargers only seven to take the game and end on a perfect note.

Scoring for the Lady Tigers were Courtney D. Jones, 9 points; Nina Patterson, 6 points; Jessica House, 4 points; Tiffany Pittman, 3 points; Kendra Mitchell and Candace Conner, 2 points each.

Lady Tigers Drop District decision to Southaven 61-54

BATESVILLE – Erinn Gates scored a season high 32 points to lead all scorers in the the South Panola Lady Tigers district loss to Southaven 61-54, Tuesday, Jan. 21.

At one point, the Southaven Lady Chargers (3-12) led the Lady Tigers (5-11 overall, 1-2 district) by 16 points, but the Lady Tigers dug in deep and battled back to only fall by seven points.

Southaven jumped out to a 7-0 lead. The Lady Tigers’ first score of the game came at 3:18 left on the first quarter clock on an Erinn Gates field goal.

The Lady Tigers proceeded to score six additional unanswered points to take the lead for a little bit with 2:08 left in the game, 8-7. Southaven immediately retaliated with a field goal to retake the lead.

The Lady Tigers had gotten a taste of the lead and wanted so more so a steal and another field goal by Gates put the Lady Tigers up 10-9 with 35.9 seconds left in the first quarter.

Southaven retook the lead with 13.5 seconds left in the first quarter on a field goal. A buzzer shot by Gates fell short and Southaven led 11-10 at the end of the quarter.

Tigers Fall Short to District Opponent Southaven Chargers, 48-35
BATESVILLE – The South Panola Tigers hosted Southaven Chargers in a district game which was slower paced than the Tigers usually allow.

Southaven gained control of the tempo of the game Tuesday, Jan. 21, and used it to its advantage to take a 48-35 district win.

Southaven piled up an 8-0 lead because the Tiger starters had a hard time finding the basket. Coming off the bench, Rickey Wright, Justin Bobo and Chris Jones, each scored a basket to rattle off six unanswered points to cut the lead 8-6 with 42.0 seconds left in the first quarter. Southaven led 10-6 at halftime.

Both teams upped their play in the second quarter. Almost three and a half minutes expired before Southaven scored one free throw for the first score of the quarter.

After which both teams evenly traded baskets back and forth. With 40.3 seconds left in the first half, Jones found himself the victim of a triple team as he tried to take the ball down the court. His 6’4" height helped him to see teammate Wright down the floor all alone. Wright scored and cut the lead 18-12.


Superbowl Pulls on Heartstrings


Well, it’s Superbowl weekend and I’m sure everyone has his/her favorite team.

My favorite teams to play ended when Cleveland and Pittsburgh fell in the playoffs.

Then I cheered for the Titans. Now, I am just going with who I think is the better team.

It’s been a while since I have actually cared who won the SuperBowl.

This year I kind-of did not give my colleagues a choice of publicly picking a winner.

You know what they did?

They fussed about those "old" photos I used of them Tuesday.

Can you believe that? They actually think they’ll get better looking with age.

Now, back to important things like the game.

I did not pay enough attention to the NFL until after the college season was over with.

With the high school and college teams doing so well this year, I’m afraid my little brain just could not take on a third worry until the other seasons finished.

Believe me, I was totally surprised when I surfaced from the quagmire of local football to see Tampa Bay in the playoffs, well knowing the Superbowl.

All I could say was, "Humphh."

Then, here goes Tampa Bay pulling on the Mississippi heartstrings with two people from Mississippi on the team. (Psst… I am borrowing some info from The Clarion-Ledger).

Defensive lineman Ellis Wymns of Indianola Gentry is a former MSU Bulldog.

Bucs Scout Ruston Webster is an Ole Miss alumni.

Don’t worry Raider fans, they are pulling your heartstrings with those Mississippi connections, too.

There’s Jerry Rice, a Mississippi Valley State graduate. Then there is ex-Hinds star Zack Crockett (Crockett finished his college career at Florida State). There are a couple of more but I don’t know who yet. I’ll find out.

So, it seems we all have a stake in the Superbowl, whether relative, friend, fellow Mississippian or just another football game.

It’s funny I am even contemplating going to a Superbowl party. I usually park in front of the tv with a book and look at the action every once in a while.

Decisions… Decisions… Enjoy the game. See you on the sidelines.


  NOV 14 4:00 A Grenada
  NOV 21 4:45 H Lafayette
  NOV 23 6:00 A Cleveland
  NOV 25 4:45 H Tupelo
  NOV 26 6:00 A West Point
  DEC 3 4:45 A Oxford
  DEC 10 4:45 H Horn Lake
  DEC 13     OPEN
  DEC 20 4:45 H Olive Branch
  JAN 7 6:00 H Calhoun City
  JAN 9-11 6:00 A Water Valley Tournament
  JAN 14 6:00 H Holly Springs
  JAN 17 4:45 A Olive Branch
  JAN 18 6:00 H Senatobia
  JAN 21 4:45 H Southaven
  JAN 24 4:45 A Byhalia
  JAN 28 4:45 A Horn Lake
  JAN 31     OPEN
  FEB 4 4:45 A Southaven
  FEB 7 4:45 H Byhalia
  FEB 13-14 TBA   Divisional Tournament

1 – 7th/8th Girls;   2 – 7th/8th Boys;   3 – Jr High Girls
4 – Jr High Boys;    5 – Varsity Girls;    6 – Varsity Boys
  NOV 12 4:00 3-6 H Strider
  NOV 19 4:00 3-6 A Calhoun
  DEC 7 11:00 1-6 H Lee (MS)
  DEC 10 3:30 1-6 A Marvell
  DEC 12 4:30 3-6 A Kirk
  DEC 14 4:00 3-6 H Bayou
  DEC 20 4:00 3-6 H West Memphis Christian
  DEC 21   1-6 A Magnolia Heights
  JAN 3 3:00 3-6 A Lee (AR)
  JAN 7 3:00 1-6 A Marshall
  JAN 8-11     A Magnolia Heights Tournament
  JAN 14 4:30 3-6 A Bayou
  JAN 18 4:00 3-6 A Indianola
  JAN 21 4:30 3-6 A West Memphis Christian
  JAN 24 3:00 1-6 H Marshall
  JAN 25 2:00 5-6 A Strider
  JAN 27 3:00 1-6 H Marvell
  JAN 30 4:00 3-6 H Kirk
  JAN 31 4:00 3-6 H Indianola
  FEB 1,3     A Jr. High Tournament
  FEB 4   5-6 H Magnolia Heights
  FEB 6-8       North AA Tournament
  FEB 11-12, 14-15 TBA   H North State AA Tournament
  FEB 18-19, 21-22 TBA     State AA Tournament
  FEB 24-MAR 1 TBA     Overall Tournament – MS College

  NOV 14-16 6:00 A Coldwater Tournament
  NOV 19 6:00 A Hernando
  NOV 23 6:00 H Coldwater
  NOV 26 6:00 A Olive Branch
  DEC 7 6:00 A H.W. Byers
  DEC 10 6:00 A M.S. Palmer
  DEC 13 6:00 H Lafayette
  DEC 16 6:00 A Coldwater
  DEC 20 6:00 H Coahoma County
  DEC 27 6:00 H M.S. Palmer
  DEC 28 6:00 A Rosa Fort
  JAN 7 6:00 A Charleston
  JAN 10 6:00 H Senatobia
  JAN 14 6:00 H Independence
  JAN 16-18 6:00 H NPHS Cougar Classics
  JAN 21 5:00 A Coahoma County
  JAN 24 6:00 A Water Valley
  JAN 28 6:00 H Charleston
  JAN 31 6:00 H Rosa Fort
  FEB 4 6:00 A Independence
  FEB 7 TBA A Senatobia
  FEB 11-13 TBA   District Tournament
  FEB 17 & 18 TBA   3A North State
  FEB 21 & 22 TBA   3A North State
  FEB 25-27 TBA A State Tournament – Jackson, MS