Sports / Outdoors – 1/7/2003

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Panolian Sports Headlines : January 7, 2003

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Eddie Strong Expected to Enter NFL Draft
Talks heat up as college seniors and some juniors scramble to register for the NFL draft.

Expected to enter the draft is Eddie Strong of Batesville. Strong just finished up at Ole Miss as a linebacker.

Strong so far is one of the top 200 college prospects and expected to do well in the draft. Talk around the draft boards indicate Strong will likely be chosen in the second or third round.

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One analyst said the linebacker position is not a major position to fill this year but he said Strong is a versatile player, maybe one of the most versatile in the league.

Strong is out of town and not available for comment at this moment, but periodic updates on the upcoming draft will appear.

The draft will be held April 20 and 21 and will be televised on ESPN and ESPN2.

Deshea Townsend was the last player from Batesville drafted in the NFL in 1998. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Dwayne Rudd of Batesville was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1997. He signed with the Cleveland Browns in 2001.

In related news, Ole Miss junior quarterback Eli Manning has not said whether or not he will enter the draft early. There was some speculation right before the Independence Bowl he would forgo his last year of eligibility and enter the draft.

Right now Manning is listed as one of the top 10 draft prospects.

NFL Has "Wild" Weekend
Sideline Scoop

Even though it was cold and snowing where some NFL teams were playing this weekend, a couple of games left me sweating at the end.

The Cleveland Browns lost in the last minute after leading the whole game to the Pittsburgh Steelers 36-33 Sunday afternoon.

Dwayne Rudd, of Batesville, plays for the Browns. Deshea Townsend, also of Batesville, plays for the Steelers. Both players did their teams proud.

Townsend, a cornerback, got a lot of playing time and was in on some big plays. Since Cleveland used its air game primarily, Townsend and the other cornerbacks and safeties were tested time and time again.

This was the third meeting between these two teams and they all ended with the Steelers winning by three.

The other Sunday game between the 49ers and the Giants was another nailbiter. The 49ers came back and beat the Giants 39-38. The last time I looked at the score of this game, the Giants were leading 38-25 or something like that.

Those are the way playoff games are supposed to be with the top teams matched up against each other.

Saturday was a whole different story. The Jets just blasted the Colts out of the water with a 41-0 shutout.

The upset of the day, according to my colleague Michelle Sanders, was the 27-7 Falcon win over the Packers.

She is from Wisconsin and really loves the Packers. When I saw the score at halftime, I decided NOT to call her. I could hear her in Courtland all the way from Pope.

In case anyone was wondering if we were being bombed Saturday, no, that was just Michelle exploding.

So Townsend and the Steelers will have to meet the Tennessee Titans in Nashville at 3:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 11 on CBS. The Falcons will fly to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles Saturday night at 7 p.m. on FOX. Sunday, the 49ers head to Tampa Bay for a noon game on FOX and the Jets will face the Raiders at 3:30 p.m. on CBS.



  NOV 14 4:00 A Grenada
  NOV 21 4:45 H Lafayette
  NOV 23 6:00 A Cleveland
  NOV 25 4:45 H Tupelo
  NOV 26 6:00 A West Point
  DEC 3 4:45 A Oxford
  DEC 10 4:45 H Horn Lake
  DEC 13     OPEN
  DEC 20 4:45 H Olive Branch
  JAN 7 6:00 H Calhoun City
  JAN 9-11 6:00 A Water Valley Tournament
  JAN 14 6:00 H Holly Springs
  JAN 17 4:45 A Olive Branch
  JAN 18 6:00 H Senatobia
  JAN 21 4:45 H Southaven
  JAN 24 4:45 A Byhalia
  JAN 28 4:45 A Horn Lake
  JAN 31     OPEN
  FEB 4 4:45 A Southaven
  FEB 7 4:45 H Byhalia
  FEB 13-14 TBA   Divisional Tournament

1 – 7th/8th Girls;   2 – 7th/8th Boys;   3 – Jr High Girls
4 – Jr High Boys;    5 – Varsity Girls;    6 – Varsity Boys
  NOV 12 4:00 3-6 H Strider
  NOV 19 4:00 3-6 A Calhoun
  DEC 7 11:00 1-6 H Lee (MS)
  DEC 10 3:30 1-6 A Marvell
  DEC 12 4:30 3-6 A Kirk
  DEC 14 4:00 3-6 H Bayou
  DEC 20 4:00 3-6 H West Memphis Christian
  DEC 21   1-6 A Magnolia Heights
  JAN 3 3:00 3-6 A Lee (AR)
  JAN 7 3:00 1-6 A Marshall
  JAN 8-11     A Magnolia Heights Tournament
  JAN 14 4:30 3-6 A Bayou
  JAN 18 4:00 3-6 A Indianola
  JAN 21 4:30 3-6 A West Memphis Christian
  JAN 24 3:00 1-6 H Marshall
  JAN 25 2:00 5-6 A Strider
  JAN 27 3:00 1-6 H Marvell
  JAN 30 4:00 3-6 H Kirk
  JAN 31 4:00 3-6 H Indianola
  FEB 1,3     A Jr. High Tournament
  FEB 4   5-6 H Magnolia Heights
  FEB 6-8       North AA Tournament
  FEB 11-12, 14-15 TBA   H North State AA Tournament
  FEB 18-19, 21-22 TBA     State AA Tournament
  FEB 24-MAR 1 TBA     Overall Tournament – MS College

  NOV 14-16 6:00 A Coldwater Tournament
  NOV 19 6:00 A Hernando
  NOV 23 6:00 H Coldwater
  NOV 26 6:00 A Olive Branch
  DEC 7 6:00 A H.W. Byers
  DEC 10 6:00 A M.S. Palmer
  DEC 13 6:00 H Lafayette
  DEC 16 6:00 A Coldwater
  DEC 20 6:00 H Coahoma County
  DEC 27 6:00 H M.S. Palmer
  DEC 28 6:00 A Rosa Fort
  JAN 7 6:00 A Charleston
  JAN 10 6:00 H Senatobia
  JAN 14 6:00 H Independence
  JAN 16-18 6:00 H NPHS Cougar Classics
  JAN 21 5:00 A Coahoma County
  JAN 24 6:00 A Water Valley
  JAN 28 6:00 H Charleston
  JAN 31 6:00 H Rosa Fort
  FEB 4 6:00 A Independence
  FEB 7 TBA A Senatobia
  FEB 11-13 TBA   District Tournament
  FEB 17 & 18 TBA   3A North State
  FEB 21 & 22 TBA   3A North State
  FEB 25-27 TBA A State Tournament – Jackson, MS