No time for summer blues

Published 1:00 pm Wednesday, June 26, 2024

No time for
summer blues
By Jan Penton Miller
I pulled the hose from one patch of parched lawn to the other thinking that it would be
wonderful to have an afternoon shower. The other thought that entered my mind was
one of delight that I could tool around outside with more ease than in years past. The
blessing of excellent medical care is one I don’t take for granted, at least since I have my
new bionic hip and know what a difference it has made.
This morning was the first day I attended water aerobics, and the water was delicious.
The leader of our class is elderly, but full of life. She takes her role seriously, and even
plans get togethers for the class during the off months.
As I looked around the pool this morning I noticed that many had really cool looking hats
that matched their suits. The baseball cap that I borrowed from my hubby, Mike, did the
job, but I can’t say it was glamorous. I can’t say that it matched my suit, and actually I
can’t even say that it was cute.
So what’s a girl to do? I suppose I must force myself to go shopping, I say with a wink
since I love shopping. I love shopping, but I absolutely hate shopping for new bathing
suits. In order to find a coordinating hat and maybe a cute cover up I will probably have
to try on a few.
Perhaps the mirrors at the department stores are purchased from a traveling circus that
exaggerates a person’s size. That must be the problem because when I squeeze into a
new suit and look in the mirror I am totally shocked at the rather large person looking
back at me!
All jokes aside, finding a flattering bathing suit takes time, and a healthy dose of self-
confidence. Confident not so much that I look great in a swimsuit, but confidence that I’m
doing my best to stay healthy and accept my body while always trying to stay in shape.
I know people who chose not to get in a pool because they don’t look 25 or even 40
anymore. I know others who don’t wear shorts because they think they don’t look
attractive enough.
Everyone has to do what makes him or her comfortable, I know. But I’m going to put on
my swimsuit with my matching hat that I have yet to find and enjoy the sweet, sweet

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