Stand tall fathers and age with grace

Published 1:25 pm Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Stand tall fathers and age with grace
By Mary Murphy
New Enon Community
Today we climb the ladder to seek the present of those who are misunderstood. Father,
we trust in you as our story tower, as you continue to bless our souls, in spirit and in
To the fathers from birth to glory, you brought joy in time of evil. But our delight spreads
far and wide, as you stand tall in the mist of your storm.
Fathers, you are special in the eyes of your children, who continue to age with grace,
like that of a slow falling tree.
Our hearts feel empty at the loss of your present. We hear the moaning and groaning of
no tomorrow, where shadows are slowly descending into negativity of outer space.
Through the wave of many sorrows, we see the beauty as we look into the eyes of a
child. Stand tall fathers, as the blessing continues to fall on you. I was blessed to have
one of my sons (Elvage and wife Janel) visit and work from daybreak to sundown to
help me catch up on much needed work on the outside after my equipment broke down.
This was a father’s day present to me.

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