Property Transfers

Published 9:48 am Friday, April 19, 2024

Compiled by Davis Coen
Property transfers between April 8-12, 2024, as recorded with the Panola County Chancery

Second Judicial District

Robert Shipp, IV, et al. to Robert Shipp, IV, A part of Section 4, Township 9 South, Range 9
Silicon Ranch Corporation to West Camp M.B. Church, Northeast Quarter of Section 13,
Township 9, Range 8 West.
Estate of Edward Hissong to Betty Hissong, 1.2 acres in Section 29, Township 10 South, Range
5 West.
Martha Dye to Ashley Brogan, A fractional part of the Southeast Quarter of Section 29,
Township 8 South, Range 5 West.
Roshunda and LaVon Towns to Shirley Smith, A parcel located in the Northeast Quarter of the
Southwest Quarter of Section 30, Township 9 South, Range 6 West.
Druetto Construction, LLC to Linh Pham and My Duyen Cao, Lot 94, Keating Grove Subdivision.
Cal Wilkins, et ux. to Lam Fish Land Company, LLC, North Half of Section 15, Township 9
South, Range 7 West.
Janie Tidwell to Teresa Harkness, et al., A fraction of Section 18 and of Section 7, all in
Township 10 South, Range 6 West.
Jimmy and Patty Anthony to Mike Keeton, Part of Section 34, Township 10 South, Range 6
Mahan Family, LP to Thomas Mahan, et al., Parts of Section 10, 14, and 15, all in Range 6
West, Range 6 West.
Thomas Mahan to Priscilla Smith and Jacqueline Rinck, Parts of Section 8, 10, and 15, all in
Township 8, Range 6 West.
Joseph Herron to James and Sheila Roach, Part of Section 14, Township 8 South, Range 6
Derrick Simmons to Derrick Simmons, A fractional part of Section 33 and of Section 28, all in
Township 10 South, Range 7 West.
Matthew Cote, et al. to Joseph Harper, Lot 6 of Block 13, Shuford Subdivision.
Edgar Schwinn to Edward and Christy Schwinn, Lot 153 of Dogwood Hills Subdivision.
Timothy Strong to Albert Perkins, Part of Section 7, Township 9 South, Range 8 West.
Leonard and Marjani Williams to Timothy and Diane Bledsoe, Lot 36, Mossy Oak Cove
Dana and Johnathon Gray to Keithdrick Harris and Laterrica Johnson, Northeast Quarter of
Section 17, Township 9 South, Range 7 West.

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First Judicial District

DePriest Properties, LLC to US Row Farmland, LLC, A part of Section 30, Township 7 South,
Range 9 West.
James and Sarah Vanderburg to James Vanderburg, 180 acres in Section 32, Township 6,
Range 9 West, as well as another 2-acre tract in Section 32, Township 6, Range 9 West.
The Estate of Hulida Jane Jackson Byrd to Canangela Boyd-Robertson, 11.48 acres located in

Section 20, Township 6 South, Range 5 West.
Helene Power to Aerial Sanford and Terry Blake, Southwest Quarter of Section 5, Township 8
South, Range 7 West.
Helene Powers to Timothy and Omega Snyder,Southwest Quarter of Section 5, Township 8
South, Range 7 West.
Indian Creek Outfitters, LLC to Hawthorne Place Investments, LLC and Delta Moon, LLC, 50
acres in Section 17, Township 7 South, Range 9 West.
Stephen Powell to Windy and Michael Stephens, Lot 40, Section C, Hide-Away Hills
Albert Coleman to Shannon Shegog, Part of Section 19, Township 7 South, Range 9 West; 1
acre. Longview Point Baptist Church to Southern Group, LLC, Part of Section 33, Township 6
South, Range 7 West.