Put down the phone and look at the trees

Published 2:04 pm Wednesday, March 6, 2024

By Donna Traywick
Mt. Olivet News
The flowers appear on the earth; the time for singing has come, and the singing of the doves is heard in our land.
Song of Solomon 2:12
Oh what a wonderful, beautiful spring we are having. I thought of this scripture as I was walking in my yard Sunday.
Nearly sixty year old daffodil bulbs have bloomed more profusely than ever this year. I’m not sure who put those
bulbs out. It could have been Mr. and Mrs. Sam Franks who lived at this house place many years ago. Their only
child, Sammy Franks, now lives at Pope.
Hyacinths that haven’t bloomed in years have also bloomed more profusely. Maybe it was this strange weather we
have had. I know everyone has noticed the Bradford pears that are scattered all through the country. I have eight in
my yard and Mt. Olivet Community is saturated with them.
If you have time, you would enjoy driving down Highway 315 to the old Dees store and you can see how our
community is blessed. In about a week the blooms will fade and pretty little very slick green leaves will appear.
What I love about the wild Bradford pear is the tiny-tiny little clusters of pears that appear in the fall. They also have a
a two thorn. Birds love them and their droppings help spread these trees. The seeds are considered mildly poisonous
to humans. It is hard for a human to ingest large enough quantities to cause a reaction. When poisoning does occur,
it may manifest as a mild fever. The hybrid Bradford pear tree that you can purchase in garden centers do not have
thorns and do not produce tiny fruit.
I did something that I said I would never, never do, I got on Facebook! Good grief! What a shock! How do some of
you find the time to post everything? What you are for breakfast. A picture of it. Spit and spat comments back and
forth. Demetrick Hurt at Fast and Affordable Cell Phone Service told me that it is addictive. I believe it now.
Statistics show that the daily time spent on Facebook has significantly changed in the past six years. In 2017, the
average user spent 29 minutes. By 2023, the average increased to 33 min. It may sound insignificant, but it adds up
to 19.6 hours monthly, that is as much as if you had worked two eight hour shifts, with three and one half hours left
Stop and think about that. It is really worth giving up two whole days and nearly one half. What else constructive
could you do with some of that time. Would you work for your church? Read your Bible as much time as you spend
on Facebook. Leave your phone at home and go visit the elderly with that much time. What would aerobics and
exercise do for your heart?
From what I have been observing, I almost want to differ with statistics. Every teenager that I know has their nose
buried in the cell phone. Some of you people surely have spent more time than that.
Around 2012 when smartphones and social media started to dominate teenagers' lives, there was a sharp decline in
test scores. Are phones making kids dumber? New data suggest the answer is yes, according to research of
international student assessment. Let's go back to the good old days when we had to think.
Ponder this: Don’t worry about what people say behind you. They are behind your back for a reason.
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