Once again, the boss lady was right

Published 3:56 am Wednesday, July 20, 2022

By Ricky Swindle

Muffler Shop Musings

Howdy, friends!

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I’m still eating my words months after the fact that the boss lady at our little nest did away with my Direct TV after we got hooked on to TVI Fiber.

I never thought I’d get used to the new way of watching internet TV, but I did. It seems an old dog can be taught new tricks I suppose.

I will still fight in the future on the next change whether it’s good for me or not. I get used to stuff being a certain way and that’s the way I want it to remain. Me? Hard headed? Of course I am, it’s my nature.

But I do enjoy watching true documentaries and that Roku TV is slap full of them.

I’m not much into fantasy. Other than Duck Dynasty or Pawn Stars, I could just as well do without all the other shows.

My daughter told me about a movie on NetFlix called “Girl In The Picture” that was told by witnesses, police officers, an FBI man and a writer.

I’m not going to give away any details of the storyline in this column but I will say that you should most definitely take a look at this show all based on true events.

Twists and turns abound from every angle and you will end up most likely as I was, wide eyed, scratching your head and thinking, Sweet Jesus, it sure is some messed up folks in this world.

It’s positively not a family show but neither is the evening news with all the reporting going on these days, so view it at your own discretion.

For better or worse, there are some interesting programs on those hundreds of channels and with it being so hot lately, if the GrandHeathens aren’t visiting the pool, then I’m pretty much not going out in the yard. I’d rather enjoy my TV in the comfort of my friends A and C.

As much as I battled with internet TV, internet radio came easy for me. Every new truck I’ve purchased since 2004 came with Sirius Radio and so I got attached to it back then.

I have all kinds of music albums I’ve purchased on my phone over the years that play through a bluetooth speaker I keep in my Dewdrop Inn. 

The past new trucks I’ve owned even have a bluetooth capability attachment that automatically just starts playing my phone songs unless I click a button.

I still like regular old radio too though. I like hearing The Judge call the South Panola games on 100.5 and I also enjoy hearing David Kellum call the Ole Miss games on Supertalk. 

I’d rather hear a game called on radio than to watch it and sometimes I watch it with the TV sound muted and the radio on.

Speaking of internet radio, this Saturday in The Padded Room Studio of The Local Yokels Show 9-11 a.m., we will have singer, songwriter, musician, performer and freelance writer Davis Coen in studio with us live doing a little pickin and grinnin for ya’ll. 

I’ve been trying to get him there for a few years now and Saturday is the day.

You can hear the show on www.undefinedradio.com or use the free Undefined Radio app on your smartphone.

You can also watch the show on FaceBook Live on The Local Yokels Show FaceBook page. Seeing me on camera will give you a better understanding of why I prefer radio.

Take care of yourself folks, tune in and visit with us on the satellite radio this Saturday. We’d love to have you.