Poll Managers for Tuesday primaries

Published 11:08 am Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Poll managers for the Tuesday, June 7, party primary election have been announced by the Panola County Election Commission. 

There are 20 polling places in the county and each has at least two managers. One is designated as the Receiving and Returning manager, who is charged with opening the ballot boxes to begin the election, sealing them at the closing of the polls, and delivering them to the Batesville Courthouse for review and tabulation.

Appointed to serve on the Resolution Committee were Coasie Parker for the Democratic Primary, and Pam George, Mattie Fenner, and Margaret Hinton for the Republican Party.

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The following citizens will serve as Poll Managers for their assigned precincts next week:


Democrat: *Brenda Gates, Betty Moffett, and Lillie Thompson.

Republican: *Rebecca Floyd, Ernestine Bridgeforth, and Louise Brown.

Sardis Courthouse

Democrat: *Cornelia Gardner, Brionna Daniel, and Charles Blakely.

Republican: *Stacy Street, Precious Birge, and Hal Johnson.

Union Fire

Democrat: *Franklin Bowden and Gary Towns.

Republican: *Arleane Simpson, Estellar Amos, and Lynn Simmerman.

Sardis Lake

Democrat: *Mattie Spears, Susan Randolph, and Annie B. Perry.

Republican: *Annie Perry Smith and Darlene K. Cole.

Sardis Library

Democrat: *Lynnette Keys, Mary Fenner, and Cleveland Hughes.

Republican: *Dolly Morgan, Lenoir Gipson, and Kay Wolfe.

Pleasant Grove

Democrat: *Dorothy Polk, Lillian Henderson, and Gloriastine Hunt.

Republican: * Chiquita Oliver and Troy Smith.


Democrat: *Brenda Rucker, Dorithy Ruffin, and Frances Parks.

Republican: *Suzan Land and Deitrick Johnson.


Democrat: *Beverly Turman, Rita Merrill, and Vanessa Thompson.

Republican: *Charles Green and Jewel Green.


Democrat: *Jacqueline Glover, Tammie Thornton, and Eddie Henderson.

Republican: *Theresa Thornton and Shirley Kuykendall.

Cliff Finch

Democrat: *Glora Menzie and Viola Boston.

Republican: *Calvin Land and, Sandra Barnett, and Annie Cole.


Democrat: *Gloria Tucker, Patricia Todd, and George Fondren

Republican: *Sandra Darby, Ophelia Ford, and Edward Beale.


Democrat: *Birdia Pope Cooper and Doris McCollins.

Republican: *Debbie Shearer, Janis Crawley, and Jeff Shearer.


Democrat: *Rosemary McKinney and Denise McKinney.

Republican: *Sharon Hughes, Betty Hudson, and Dale Shankle.


Democrat: *Keyshanda King, Nancy Coleman, and Teressa Coleman.

Republican: *Dovie Watts and Arnold Twilley.

Panola Extension

Democrat: *Sandra Carr, Nancy Carr, and Donna Richmond.

Republican: *Steve Boyd, Linda Cole, and Yvonne Taylor.


Democrat: *Barbara Bledsoe and Patrice Hoskins.

Republican: *Billy Smith and Amy Burnett.

Black Jack

Democrat: *Gilbert Pegues and Patricia Towns.

Republican: *Larry Browning, William Wagner, and Lonnie Ales.

Mt. Olivet

Democrat: *Stephanie Brown and Mary Murphy.

Republican: *Debbie Tidwell, Pamela Crowder, and Ronnie Smith.

Batesville Courthouse

Democrat: *Barbara Bruce, Linda Johnson, and Silvester Rice.

Republican: *Johnnie L. Smith, Nell Baker, and Angela Carter.

Patton Lane

Democrat: *Nina Kimble, Madistine Cooper, and Percy Bruce.

Republican: *Mary Hudson, Brenda Norris, and Tommy Toney.


Democrat: *Patricia Ferrell, Patricia Harrison, and Bobbie Austin.

Republican: *Diane Nadolni and Lisa Webster.