State officials receiving too much pay increase

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Mt. Olivet News

Congratulations to Aubree Grace Colyer, who is now Little Miss Panola County. She will go to the Little Miss Magnolia Pageant on Sept. 24 and 25 in Vicksburg. She is the daughter of Billy Lynne Colyer and Danny Bright of Courtland, the granddaughter of Billy and Cindy Prince, and the great granddaughter of Lillian Prince of Mt. Olivet.

Another young lady with Mt. Olivet connection is Abigail Close. Abby is the first member ever of a girls soccer team at South Panola High School to sign an athletic scholarship. She will attend Northwest Community College.

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Mt. Olivet is proud of our three graduating seniors this year. They are: Abby Close, Tate Anderson, and Jayme Gordon. They will be honored at a graduation party at the church May 16. Everyone is invited to attend and congratulate these young people.

I am a lot like Allen Jackson when he wrote “Where were You” about the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001. He wrote, “I don’t know the difference in Iraq and Iran.” I am not a very political woman, but lately I have begun to keep up with what goes on in our Legislature. How would you like a 67 percent raise in your salary, as the Insurance Commissioner will receive?

The State Auditor will also receive that amount. The Attorney General will receive a 38 percent raise. The Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House will get a 42 percent increase. The poor Governor will only get 31 percent more.

These raises are said to be based on salaries in other states in the region. Mississippi cannot compete with other states yet. We are the poorest state in the nation. Teachers’ pay was not brought up to be competitive with other states. They will receive a raise of $5,140. The assistants, who often carry more responsibilities than the teachers, will only receive $2,000.

In reading the statistics I thought that it was probably a dedicated teacher that helped them get where they are now.

On April 11 our class of 1955 had our semi-annual luncheon at Cracker Barrel. Attendance is picking up after we had a slow down during the pandemic. Conversation will sometimes bring up favorite teachers. Some of the dedicated teachers we will always remember are Mrs. Betty Flint, Mrs. Sadie Anderson, Mr. Joe Hartley, and many others that loved to teach.

Those in attendance were Marvin Ridgeway, Lloyd Campbell, Marilyn Crowell Taylor, Ruby Downs Nardozzi, Mary Louise Brewer Darby, Danielle Nardozzi, Maury Harris, Sonya Jay, Elton Jay, Mary Quay Tidwell Russell, Cardi Ann Nix Crafton, Billie Anthony Chrestman, and myself.

Do you have memories of a favorite teacher? Call or send me a text and we will get it into the paper sometime. My number is 901-828-8824.