June is bustin’ out all over the place

Published 5:22 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Mt. Olivet News

June is bustin’ out all over, all over the meadow and the hills. Buds are bustin’ outta bushes, and the rompin’ river pushes.

March went out like a lion, a whippin’ up the water in the bay. Then April cried and stepped aside, and along came pretty little May!

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May was full of promises, but she didn’t keep ‘em quickly enough for some, and a crowd of Doubtin’ Thomases was predictin’ that the summer would never come.

But, it’s here, by gum, you can feel it in your heart, you can see it in the ground, you can see it in the trees, you can smell it in the breeze, June is bustin’ out all over.

Those are the words to a beautiful song by Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II for the 1945 musical “Carousel.” It could be a song about Panola County today. You see plowin’ and plantin’ everywhere, and especially on Delta land.

The Batesville farmers market will soon be cranked up with produce, all kinds of crafts, and baked goods. I hope the gentleman with the fried pies is back this year!

Little birds are hatching out, others are building nests everywhere, even on the eves of my porch. I have been told of an old Southern tradition that states “If you paint your porch ceiling light blue, the birds will not build there.” I am going to try it.

School is now out and many plans are being made for events that did not happen last year. Churches are beginning to think about Vacation Bible School.

Black Jack Presbyterian will start Bible School on June 9 and every consecutive Wednesday through the end of the month from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

Shady Grove, Mt. Olivet, and Pilgrims Rest always have very active Bible Schools. Be watching for VBS announcements from all the area churches.

Last, but not least, is America’s favorite pastime – baseball. Our children in the Black Jack community will have a busy summer. Wilson Russell, son of David and Alisa Russell, and grandson of Shelley and Jonny Russell, is playing traveling ball. His twin sister Taylor is a cheerleader at South Panola and she will be busy at cheer camps and practice.

Elie Russel, son of Brian and Jodi Russell, and grandson of Shelley and Jonny, is also playing ball this summer. Bailey Russell has just graduated from South Panola this year and will be playing travel ball and continuing her career at Northwest Community College this fall.

How can the Russell Family keep with all those ball schedules and still work a dab, too?

The industrious Bro. Claude and Mary Sue Peters of Crenshaw are adding yet another YouTube channel about gardening called “Gardening in the Delta.”  Mary Sue says they are not experts, but enjoy sharing what they have learned over the years through trial and error.

For their other YouTube channels, go to YouTube and search for their sites. “Bro. Claude Reflects” is the  name of his show and “Cooking With Mary Sue” and “Suzy Knick-Knacks” are her shows.

Father’s Day is coming up. Even though my father passed away when I was nine years old, the things I remember about Mr. Jeff Berlin Palmertree was his loving blue eyes and his friendly personality.

I was kind of a sickly child, and sometimes when I was very sick my daddy brought a baby pig inside for me to play with. That explains Mr. Jeff.

I know all of you have a special story about your father. Why don’t you share it with me and The Panolian readers during the month of June.

Text or call me at 901-828-8824.