Second suspect charged with felony murder in Crowder case

Published 8:37 am Friday, May 7, 2021

After more than a year and a half of waiting for literally anything to happen in the case of their missing loved ones, the families of missing Quitman County couple Will Polk and April Jones are watching justice roll through like a freight train.
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A second arrest was made in the double murder case of Will Polk and April Jones of Quitman County on Thursday. Dale Gann, a validated member of the Simon City Royals street gang who goes by the nickname “Paco,” confessed to knowledge that the missing couple was shot and dismembered. Gann was brought to Quitman County from Clarksdale, where he was in the Coahoma County Jail on unrelated charges.
Jones and Polk went missing in October 2019, and the case was widely disregarded by law enforcement since the two were involved with the drug scene.. Family members of the couple said if it weren’t for the determination of Mississippi Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Cory Burrow and new Chief Deputy Peter Clinton, who is former MBI, the case might still be stagnant.
When Polk’s aunt Scarlett Campbell heard that police have a good idea where his remains are, she broke down in tears. It’s been a long journey for both families, and the stress of not knowing if it would be solved has weighed heavy on them.
“He was there when they were shot. He was right there with them, and disposed of their bodies,” Clinton said. “He said he was there and he named other people that were there with him.”
Standing in the courtroom, Gann kept his hands folded behind him, wearing a black mask and the orange jumpsuit of a Quitman County inmate.
Last week, Gann’s girlfriend Haley Pierce was arrested and charged with two counts of murder. Police said she provided information that helped the case as well.
Clinton said it was on the drive from Coahoma County that Gann opened up.
“As we were driving across and had him in the back of my truck, he started confessing to his part in this,” Clinton said. “With that information I am confident that he has named other people that were involved in this, and we’re on the right track to get that done.”
Like Pierce last week, Gann was charged with two counts of felony murder, and was refused bond. Authorities said they have an idea where Polk and Jones are now, and that they will bring them home. They’re also going to bring justice home to those who were involved in Will and April’s deaths, he said.
“I know we can’t bring your family members back, but I can promise you we’re going to do everything to hold those people accountable. Mr. Gann, and Ms. Pierce, are the first two, and there’s a couple more I can promise you that we’re going to get and bring here.
As Clinton spoke to Polk and Jones’ families, quiet sniffles could be heard throughout the courtroom.
On social media, posts about the case filled up with comments sporting the hashtag #TickTock, the families’ way of letting the suspects know their time is running out.
And Clinton and Burrow have now told them the same thing.

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