Angels in masks were a special blessing

Published 1:30 pm Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Wow! We Mississippians are not used to this. It’s beautiful but scary. I’m warm at home, but I feel for my family and friends who have to get out in it.

I have a nephew who works for TVEPA. I’m sure they work day and night to restore downed power lines.

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Garner Barbee and crew, who works for M.D.R. out of Oxford, was sent to Arkansas last week. His crew came home Friday and are planning to go back. They are holding them to see what needs to be done in Mississippi.

Two incidents with ice and snow storms stand out in my mind. On my birthday, March 20, 1968, I received the kind of birthday present that I had never gotten before or since. I woke to a beautiful snow.

The Ice Storm of ‘94 will always be remembered by everyone, my family included. My grandson Alex Murphree was 10 days old. Being a new grandmother, I had stayed in Hernando to help out. When we heard that bad weather was approaching, I hurried back to Batesville.

That is when we were without electricity for 21 days. A generator was secured and they were able to take care of the newborn. Hernando was also without power for about two weeks.

The new baby fared just fine.

I heard from Billy Downs this week. He went to Shuford School until high school. He was wondering if anyone had photos from that era. He remembers that Mt. Olivet School’s basketball team was their fiercest opponent.

Did anyone catch the Grand Ole Opry recently. Thre was none other than Batesville’s own Jamison Rodgers right there on that stage. He mentioned Batesville several times.

Jane Browning Carr is back at Mt. Olivet from Clarksville, Tenn. She comes back to visit her mom quite often. She brought several of us elderly ladies a beautiful red rose for Valentine’s Day. Thanks goes out to Jane for her friendship and thoughtfulness.

My neighbor Ruth Crosswhite gave me a helpful hint that her granddaughter Brittany gave her. She said, “If you are worried about your frozen food when electricity goes off, put it outside!” That will work.

Here’s hoping the storm is not as severe and everyone stays well and safe.

Ponder this: Why do we say hamburger when it is beef?

Call or text me with any questions or ideas, 901-828-8824.

P.S. Just as I was finishing up I received a knock on the door. It was Jo Barbee. She and Sherry Anderson had planned to go to Sunday School and instead pooled all their resources and made the most delicious stew. They got out in the 20 degree weather to deliver to many of us in the community.

I saw angels in face masks all bundled up. Thanks so much!