Property Transfers 12/7-11

Published 6:18 pm Sunday, January 3, 2021

Property transfers between Dec. 7-11, 2020, recorded with Panola County Chancery Court:

Wayne D. Casteel to Betty S. Becker and James J. Becker Sr., Part of the Southwest ¼ of the Southwest ¼ of Section 9, Township 10 South, Range 8 West.

Mark A. Allen and Jackie L. Allen to Mechanics Bank to, A Part of the East one-half of Section 9, Township 8 South, Range 5 West.

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James Robert Bailey to Brian Lee Bailey to, A fractional Part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 24, Township 10 South, Range 7 West containing 1.17 Acres more or less.

Adam Clark Atkinson to The Alvin Clark Atkinson Sr. and Sandra Helms Atkinson Family Revocable Living Trust, Northwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 6, Township 27 North, Range 2 East.

Christopher R. Eckert to Judy K. Long, NE Quarter of Section 3, Township 10 South, Range 6 West.

Tony Capwell and Michelle Capwell to WT Properties LLC, Part of Section 16, Township 10

South, Range 7 West.

Glenda Henley to Tony Henley, Section Sign 29, Township 8 South, Range 5 West.

Austin Outdoor LLC to Hal D. Crenshaw, Southeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 8 South, Range 5 West.

Donnie G. Shaw to William Taylor Riddick and Susan S. Riddick, Lot 22, Section A, Dogwood Hills Subdivision.

John Zinn to Alexander C. Zinn, Lot 2, Riverview Cabins Subdivision.

William Perry Smith to Nicholas F. Hudson, A fractional part of the Southeast Quarter of Section 22, Township 10 South, Range 7 West.

Dorothy Mae Shaw to Rodney Shaw and Michael Shaw, Part of the Northwest Quarter of Section 20, Township 10 South, Range 5 West.

Dustin H. Smith and Ben W. Smith to Ronnie Luckett and Roxie Holmes, Lot 1 of Dustin Smith Subdivision.

Charles M. Crawford to Christopher M. Self, Lots 1129, 1230 – 1232, Section L, Enid Shores Subdivision.

Harold W. Sigler and Gina Sigler to Joanthan L. Crockett and Dawn Phythian Crockett, Lot 19, Section A, of Dogwood Hills Subdivision.

James Andrew Yelton to Laura Ann Bates Woods, Lot 59, Section B, Dogwood Hills Subdivision.

Estate of Faye Burns (Deceased), Carolyn Hamblin Towles Windham, Ricky Burns, Melinda Burns Stump Vires, and Cindy Burns McGehee to Pamela Ann Williams Stubblefield, Lot 30 of Westmoreland Subdivision.

Bettye Martin Horton and Lance Martin Ware to Polly George, Fraction of Lot 6 and Lot 7, Block E, Court Place Subdivision.

Industrial Development Authority – 2nd Judicial District to City of Batesville, 0.049 Acre Parcel of land located within a Parcel of land owned by Industrial Development Authority – 2nd J D.

J P Hudson Memorial Park Inc to City of Batesville, 0.518 Acre Parcel of land, 0.144 Acre Parcel of land, and 0.601 Acre Parcel of Land.

Larry Wayne Shearon Jr. to Charles Michael Cranford and Geneva Paige Cranford, Southeast Quarter and Fraction of Northeast Quarter of Section 14, Township 10 South, Range 6 West.

(Sardis Deeds)

Justin Adam Garrison and Debbie Marie Garrison to Jessie B. Wheatley, Part of Lot 24, Block 7, Juanita Reservation.

Eddie Reynolds to Robert W. Wiley and Norma E. Wiley Living Trust, a part of the northwest quarter of Section 1, Township 8 South, Range 7 West.

Corey S. Vinson Jr. and Sarah M. Vinson to Leah D. Quarles and Matthew T. Quarles, Situated in the NW ¼ of Section 34, Township 6 South, Range 6 West, First Judicial District.

John C. Phelps to Grover Lawson III, Part of the NW ¼ of the NE ¼ Section 15, Township 8 South, Range 9 South, containing 1 acre, more or less.

Emily Herring Rivers Weeks to Emily H. Weeks and John David Weeks, A part of Lot 1 of Block 1 as shown on the map of the Town of Como.

Frank McIntosh and Martha M. McIntosh to Hai Tuan Le, 31.88 Acres., +/-, NW ¼ Section 30, Township 6 S, Range 9 W, First Judicial District.

Olivette Barnette to Jackie B. Davis, Part of the North Half of Block Y of the Town of Crenshaw beginning at the point of intersection of the South line of Moon Avenue and the West line of Hillside Drive.

Michael White to Oscar M. Jackson, A part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 33, Township 6 South, Range 7 West.

Marcus W. Bailey and Elesia D. Townsend to Jerry Johnson and Alice Johnson, South Half of the Southeast Quarter of Section 6 , T7S, R8W, First District.

David Jenkins to Robert D. Short and Carol E. Short, A part of Section 15, Township 8 South, Range 9 South.

Ronald Nelson Jr. to Slade Martin and Rose Marie Martin, Part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 24, Township 7 South Range 6 West.

Linda Buchanan Brewer to Linda Buchana Brewer, All of the real property in Section 32, Township 7 South, Range 6 West of Hide-A-Way Hills Subdivision, in the First Judicial District.