A ‘little talk’ helps with the settling in

Published 1:14 pm Thursday, December 3, 2020

By Jan Penton


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Finally, my trusty red car is legal! I have driven around sheepishly with an out of state tag for a while now. Each time I cranked her up and headed to town I felt ill at ease just knowing I should have a new tag and license.

It was not something that we had thought out very well when we were in the throes of packing. As we packed and loaded box after box into our vehicles to put things in storage until we found a new place, our goal was to get everything out of our house in time for the closing.

We did indeed accomplish that somewhat daunting task, but toward the end, especially, our zeal caused us to place some things in storage that we should not have. It was too late to rectify the situation when I innocently attempted to change my tag and get a new driver’s license. I discovered that I needed documents that were in storage.

I honestly have a hard time understanding how criminal’s minds work, because the feeling I had driving around without proper credentials was uncomfortable to say the least.

Now my beautiful tag is placed on my car right where it belongs, and this afternoon if all goes well I’ll have my new license. I was proud that I had an opportunity to have the words In God We Trust in the center of my tag.

The sweet ladies at the courthouse were extremely helpful and kind. I asked for referrals for several services that I needed, and they cheerfully obliged even though it was a very busy time. One more thing that I love about my new hometown is the fact that people are so willing to lend a hand.

With Thanksgiving behind us my thoughts move ahead to my favorite time of the year. Even though I hadn’t planned to do it this year, I just couldn’t resist starting my decorating the week before Thanksgiving. My tree is up and waiting for gifts to appear under her boughs.

Fortunately, I twisted Mike’s arm when he wanted to leave our Christmas decorations in storage until the next trip south, and we squeezed in a few of my favorites. We have been so busy here that we have yet to get our last load of things from Mississippi, but when I unpacked the decorations I did bring they fit perfectly!

With a trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up a few extra goodies the Miller house is looking festive!

With a chill in the air and my shopping list for family and friends in hand, I sit contentedly in my recliner warming my feet by the fire.

Although I’ve suffered a bout of terrible homesickness lately, I finally did what I’ve learned to do over the years; I had a little talk with Jesus. It amazes me that I sometimes still forget that what the old hymn says is true; “Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right”.