Who will be this year’s Sweet Potato king or queen?

Published 12:46 pm Thursday, November 5, 2020

By Ricky Swindle

Muffler Shop Musings

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Howdy, friends!

Did the Election go to suit you? Did your candidate win? Are they still voting up there in Yankeeville?

I have no clue at this point who won or lost the election because I am tapping out this musing on Monday. The paper has a print deadline which means that everything goes to print early on Tuesdays, and I do not have access to a crystal ball to see into the future.

I sincerely hope that everyone who was able to vote did in fact do so. There are some out there that will hope for a small turnout in elections so they have a better chance of winning. I am not one of those people. I truly believe in the democratic process and I personally would be thrilled to see a 100 percent turn ut of all of our duly qualified voters, although I am not naïve enough to imagine that will ever happen.

Friends, the Civitan Club is loading up for our biggest day of the year with our Annual Radio Day coming up this Saturday. Our local merchants have come through like always for us buying ads and donating great auction items. All we need now is the Good Lord to bless our club and for you to participate.

We will begin at 8 a.m. Saturday and go all the way til 2 p.m. The Civitans will be at our club downtown if you would like to visit us in person.

We will be live on air on 105.5 FM, www.undefinedradio.com and on video on FaceBook Live on The Local Yokels Show FaceBook page. Pick your poison of either of the three ways you can tune in.

The number to call that day is The Local Yokels number 662-647-SONG(7664). Also, there will be Civitans that you know personally and you can call their number to bid also.

Photos of some auction items are Here

We will have our Civitan Sweet Potatoes on the auction block this year again. Who will be the 2020 Sweet Potato King or Queen?

Last year we had our first ever Sweet Potato Princess Miss Harlee Renfro. Will she retain her crown or is there other Princes and Princesses waiting in the wings? We will find the answer this Saturday.

Around high noon we will do our drawing for the autographed Ruger 10-22 Donald Trump Edition rifle. We have done very well selling tickets on the gun. I still have tickets for sale on it at my store Batesville Tire & Muffler and you may purchase them also from any Civitan member you know. A $10 ticket will put you in the drawing. You can’t win it, if you ain’t in it !

Someone will win that gun this Saturday. Mike Moore at M&M Auto Glass and Batesville Cabinet Company have partnered up to make a custom one-of-a kind display case that is jaw dropping beautiful that will be given away with the gun.

This thing is an heirloom quality showpiece that will be worth tens of thousands of dollars one day. It is the only gun that has ever been signed by the President of the United States past or present, unprecedented.

Buy a ticket, buy an ad, donate an auction item or call in to bid for the Civitans as we roll up to our big date this Saturday. You may also drop us a donation for any amount and that too will be greatly appreciated.

Friends take care of yourself and your neighbors. Say a prayer for the Civitan Club that we may have a blessed Radio Day so we can continue serving our community and helping folks not as fortunate as you and I. Tune in, the Civitan Club needs you.