Sales tax holiday this weekend

Published 8:52 am Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Mississippians have some sales tax relief this coming weekend, as the state holds it’s 12th sales-tax free holiday Friday, July 31 to Saturday, Aug. 1. The state sales tax in Mississippi is 7 percent.

Many retailers use this weekend to launch additional discounts and sales on eligible items which can increase the savings to consumers.

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Important to note, only in-store purchases are eligible for the sales-tax holiday. Online stores are still required to collect sales tax even for orders placed this weekend. That will be good for local retailers, who have had to deal with 2020 shopping restrictions during the pandemic.

In 2009 Mississippi law makers gave consumers a sales tax holiday to coincide with back to school shopping and amended the list of eligible items in 2019.

Sales tax will not be charged on clothes, shoes or school supplies if the sales price of a single item is less than $100. The complete guideline for eligible and ineligible items is available to download from our website from the Mississippi Department of Revenue, but for a quick list here’s what you need to know:

School Supplies: Basic, most commonly used school supplies are included in the list of items eligible to be bought without paying the state sales tax. The list includes clothing, shoes, pens, paper, calculators and drawing supplies.

Items over $100 are still subject to the 7 percent tax. Ineligible items for the tax-free holiday including computers, electronics, sport clothing, football pads, helmets, watches, hair clips and handkerchiefs.

Legislators amended the list last year in 2019 to not include computers.