Why I don’t wear a mask explained by doctors

Published 1:46 pm Thursday, June 18, 2020

By Paul Hadinger

Guest Columnist

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I’ve seen and heard much about promoting mask-wearing in the current “planned-demic” (my terminology) and, after being threatened, lectured, shunned and talked about as if I am unethical, immoral or uncaring if I don’t wear a mask, I decided to present another point of view.

One is not ethical or unethical, moral or immoral, or caring or uncaring for wearing a mask or not wearing one – whatever the case might be. I say that while recognizing that some people are ordered to wear masks as a condition of employment, regardless of any personal health problems.

My reasons for not wearing a mask are based partly on my own background, which includes chemistry; mathematics; working in an international chemical research laboratory evaluating the properties of chemical compounds with different tests; working in a defense contractor research laboratory; training and practical experience in psychological warfare and counterintelligence in a war zone; and research over a period of years regarding false flags and/or medical psy-ops implemented to increase government control.

Despite that background, I felt a need to review the current coronavirus/Covid-19 from the perspective of scientists who were more qualified than I am to make assessments about wearing masks as such pertain to my health and the health of others.

Dr. Judy Mikovitz, one of the top molecular biologists in the world and Dr. Russell Blaylock noted the following:

Mikovitz: Wearing a mask suppresses the body’s immune system; causes more secretions; gives more cells a home; amplifies any viruses; increases any infection in one’s self; doesn’t prevent the spread of any virus; serves to increase the multiplication/replication of not just the SARS-C0V-2, but many other viruses as well, including any retro-viruses; causes a loss of one’s adaptive immune response; makes inflammation worse, creating tissue damage; disrupts virus dormancy, which increases inflammation; and does more damage after flu shots, when flu virus strains shed into the mask, lowering immune function and promoting more illness.

Virus strains subsequently shed into the mask may end up in sinuses, increase personal illness and potentially cause brain damage.

Blaylock added: mask-wearers’ exhaled viruses with each breath won’t be able to escape; will be rebreathed constantly; and will raise the concentration of viruses in the lungs and in the nasal passages. Studies showed that one-third will develop headaches, with most requiring medication for relief; suffer oxygen deficiency (hypoxia), with N95 or comparable masks causing as high as a 20 percent oxygen reduction over a few hours and/or excessive C02 (hypercapnia) build-up. Hypoxia impairs immunity; inhibits ability to fight viral infections; and increases chances of contracting any infection and with a worse outcome.         

There is no present scientific study proving that mask-wearing protects one from any sickness associated with Covid-19, flu, a cold, pneumonia, etc., or keeps one from passing such to others. If there were such a study, the CDC and the media would be repeating it daily. (Likewise, there is no comparable study that proves that spacing prevents the spread or receipt of diseases.)

A large virus particle is around 200 nanometers. It takes 25,400,000 nanometers to equal one inch. There is no breathable mask out there that will stop a particle that small from going through or out of a mask or entering or exiting around the edges of a mask. I believe that government officials and other unqualified personnel who prescribe masks are practicing medicine without a license.

I also don’t wear a mask because a stroke years ago left me with a permanent left-side headache that can result in seizures if I don’t constantly maintain a high oxygen level and minimize carbon dioxide intake. Sinus problems are an additional complication that makes masks dangerous for my health.

Finally, wearing masks, spacing and lockdowns are psychological conditioning and control tactics that also tend to work against developing immunity to Covid-19.

Paul E. Hadinger lives in Batesville. He can be reached at hadinger@panola.com