Be on the lookout for me and Delta Blue

Published 9:41 am Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Eureka Columnist

In march, for my birthday, my husband bought me a bicycle, and she is a beauty.

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Sky blue, with a basket, water bottle holder and iPhone holder, and I named her Delta Blue – being close to the Delta and the home of the blues it just fit.

Delta Blue is an old fashioned cruiser.  No gears or hand brakes, just good old fashion leg power and pedal brakes.

A lifetime friend of the family (best friends and classmate with my baby sister) had been posting pictures of her riding, and it made me want to ride.  She has a fancy bicycle and she rides 20 plus miles each time.  I did not know that at the same time I was getting my bicycle, Jana (the baby sister) had also gotten one.

Great minds think alike, even separated by state lines. She is enjoying riding, and does 20 plus miles, too.

The first day I rode, I was a little apprehensive – it’s been years since I had ridden a bicycle.  I only went for about a mile and then headed back home. Living in the country affords me some beautiful quiet scenery on the back roads.

The next day, I decided to ride for a while.  The roads I ride have many hills and curves with some of those hills being really steep. I rode three-and-a-half miles and enjoyed every moment!.

I have worked at riding up those hills, and have now conquered all but the two biggest.  The first time I made it up one of those hills (i had to stand up and pedal with all my might) I was sweating and out of breath, but felt so happy I yelled out “oh, yea, I did it!”

Coasting down the other side, with the wind in my face, made me feel like a kid again. I had forgotten the pleasure of riding. I set the goal of being able to ride up those hills and I accomplished that goal. It’s good to have goals and work towards them – it gives you such a sense of happiness.

I can now ride up those medium hills and still feel just as happy.  I’m still pushing Delta Blue up the biggest ones, but those are goals, too. I am adding miles each time I ride, and have worked up to seven plus now.

I have passed many fields with cows, and they were startled the first day I rode by.  They side-danced away from the fence and stared at me with big eyes. I think I may be the first person on a bicycle they have ever seen. They are slowly becoming accustomed to me.

Deer have run parallel along the edge of the road until they turn and run deeper in the woods.  Geese fly overhead and I listen to the beautiful songs and sounds of the many birds.  A fat redtail fox squirrel sat at the base of an oak and fussed at me for interrupting his foraging.

The gray squirrels just scamper back and forth across the road in front of me.  I skirted around the only turtle I have seen slowly crossing the road.  A beautiful hawk flew over one day and a few turkeys crossed the road ahead of me.  I see the blackberry vines blooming, the bright green of new leaves and the beautiful array of flowers blooming in the yards of my neighbors – sites I would otherwise miss had I not ridden my bicycle past these places.

I see something new each time I ride.

The only thing that I do not enjoy is all the litter.  Why? It is so easy to put a garbage bag in your auto – the earth is the only home we have!  Please stop.  Neither the animals, nor I, enjoy the trash and broken glass.  My grandchildren, Gabriel and Grayson, and I have taken nature walks since they were small.  We each carry a trash bag on the way down the road and pick up as we go.  The way back home is so much prettier and nicer when clean, and as my granddaughter asked when she was about four:  “Don’t people know God doesn’t want his clean dirt all dirty with trash?”

She has always been smart and a nature and animal lover. If my grandchildren knew at an early age that littering was wrong, then you adults should really be ashamed.

The sun on my face, the wind in my hair and the sounds of nature and the smell of fresh air are good for the soul.  I laugh out loud and sing all along the way – thankful for such a simple but oh so enjoyable activity.

The joy of riding makes you forget that you are exercising.  The scenery makes you appreciate all the things our lord has created.

If you are out and about, and see an autumn-aged woman, with sun kissed cheeks, a new sprinkling of freckles across her nose, a big smile on her face, wind blown hair, a little more pep in her step and well toned legs – it’s probably me – just give me shout or wave and thumbs up.

I pray you find something simple that brings you joy and happiness – and makes you feel like a kid again.  I did, and I’m so very thankful.

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