Days of excitement at the Point

Published 9:27 am Friday, November 8, 2019

I have a thousand and one things swirling around in my head today as I try to sit here at the keyboard and collect my random thoughts into a semi-cohesive story.

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Most of the time when Tuesday rolls around my story is hankering to get out out of my head to my fingers and on to the editor. Today I struggle.

I don’t remember a time outside of raising young children that my life has been so busy and so overwhelming.

My “to do” list seems to grow on it’s own overnight. I get two things done and three or four or more jump on.

So I’ll just start with today. I was able to get an application completed with the Healthcare Marketplace this morning. Dear Don will finally have health insurance come Jan.1, 2020.

It has been a long scary year that he has been without. Thank goodness all of the calamities that befell us this past year did not include a health emergency. That is a big deal.

He qualified for govt insurance last year but because he had no income he did not qualify for a tax credit. This year he gets a small pension check monthly and the govt saw fit to deem him eligible for a tax credit.

The online application process is pretty straight forward and normal questions are asked. Sometimes the same question is asked in a different way. You have to pay close attention.

The income reporting is the tricky part. You have to try and figure out what you will report as income in 2020. I guesstimated. Every dollar amount that you over or under report can change the allowable credit you are eligible for.

We did not have to use the whole tax credit and got a plan that will take care of hospitalization. That is our priority. None of the plans cover the doctors that he has used for decades. So we will need to continue to pay out of our own pocket for those as well as all of the prescriptions he takes.

But we are OK with all of that. A person that has a chronic progressive illness needs major medical healthcare. Bottom line is he will now be covered soon.

If we have under or over estimated income we will have to pay up at tax time. Also if he were to get approved for disability in the next months or year we will have to stop the insurance immediately.

Any income including disability back-pay will count against you and you could be liable for thousands of dollars to the tax man. I don’t particularly care for the tax man and do not intend to upset him. So I will play by the rules.

So that is today. Exciting huh?

Our GA program went well Sunday night and the girls did an outstanding job. I could not be more proud.

A touch of color has finally made its way to the Point. Hickory trees and Sweet gums are especially beautiful. And we have a lot of Sumac down this way. It is a striking plant in the fall. It is more of a nuisance plant but pretty nonetheless.

We have been able to have a couple of fires in the pits outside. Such a wonderful thing for all our senses this time of year.

As of today we have 55 days until Christmas. Weren’t we just complaining about the lack of rain and high humidity and temps just a minute ago?

Stay tuned folks, time is marching on at an incredible pace.

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