Don’t blame kids for your crimes

Published 4:34 pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019

By Myra Bean

Staff Writer

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We all have them. We all place blame somewhere except where it belongs. Most excuses do not belong on the backs of our children though.

Heard a couple of things in the various courts I cover now. At first I was sympathetic. Then when a little time had passed, anger set in.

School Supplies

This is a subject that can get people to venting. Knock-Knock-Knock. Nothing in this life is free. Public school is not free. Our taxes pay for schools, salaries, etc. So because you do not work and pay taxes, does not mean you escape paying for something for your children to get educated.

Some people blamed their shoplifting on getting school supplies for their children. That’s just wrong. Shoplifting is bad enough but blaming it on kids should be a crime, too.

The people in this county are so generous. I don’t know how these people missed all the announcements and flyers about school supply giveaways this summer. I think we ran about 10.

Churches, Greek organizations and Civic organizations all collected supplies and gave them away. People with their own children bought and gave to help other families. Then the people who sell school supplies made a killing too.

There is no reason any child in this county was not outfitted for school unless people are so prideful they will not accept help. So, shoplifting for school supplies is weak. Be ashamed of yourselves. Since they did not seem to see the notices posted around the county about all the school supply giveaways, they obviously won’t see this.

No Job

Why do people with no job and living off the government keeping breaking the law and cannot pay their fines? Then cannot go on the work program because they have kids. Obviously, there is not enough money coming in from the government to cover their fines. So the children are again blamed because the fines can’t be worked off.

The city and town boards are complaining no money is coming in from the courts because cases are being dismissed and people are not paying their fines. Police are writing tickets but the money is not being collected.

Como held its budget public hearing the other day. Proposed fines to be collected for next year are $45,000. Each month the docket lists fines and they are around $18,500 before dismissals, reduced fines, etc. For 12 months that is around $222,000. Hmmm.

Not much more I can say after that except those crimes are on the individual who committed them. Not their children. Can you imagine when these kids are older and they call up old articles and their parents names are in there and they read they are the cause their parents committed crimes? That would be great for their self-esteem, wouldn’t it?