Letter to Editor Bankruptcy of Sen. Jackson’s QCDO a concern

Published 2:55 pm Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to voice my concern over the recent bankruptcy of the Quitman County Development Organization (QCDO) under the leadership of State Senator Robert Jackson. Over the last  44 years Robert Jackson has served as the CEO of the QCDO. In March of this year Mr. Jackson placed this “community organization” into Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

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After reviewing the bankruptcy petition, list of creditors, and various garnishments it appears that Mr. Jackson has abused the public’s trust by mismanaging the funds of this nonprofit organization. Mr. Jackson has saddled the agency with debt that he knew full well QDO could not repay. The bankruptcy documents show that he has borrowed money irresponsibly over the last 11 years to stay afloat without sufficient income to repay the debt.

If Robert Jackson is re-elected he will only continue to hold district 11 back. Over his 16 year tenure he has passed no general legislation specifically to improve district 11. The committee that he chair passed no legislation during the 2019 legislation session.

In my opinion Senator Robert Jackson is on track to bankrupting District 11 through his inability to author and pass legislation to improve the lives of the citizens who placed their trust in him.

QDO should serve as a stark warning to all the citizens of District 11. If we continue to re-elect Robert Jackson, District 11 will suffer the same fate as QDO. Let’s not bankrupt our future! Jackson does not need to be in Jackson. He needs to stay home and clean up the mess he has created at QDO.

Willie Williams

Concerned Citizen