Buttons in bottles won’t help toothache

Published 4:05 pm Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mt. Olivet News

By Donna Traywick

Dear Readers,

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Never take your medicine in the dark, and don’t ever put buttons in a pill bottle. I did!

This is how it happened. You know how you are always needing a button for a blouse or a shirt, and can never find one? Well, I cut the buttons from a blouse I was going to discard. I wanted to put them somewhere so I would be sure to find them when I needed them.

Here sits a nice, empty little pill bottle, just the size to hold five buttons the size of a Tylenol tablet. Do you see where this is going? Then I dropped the bottle with the buttons back in the makeup bag that I use to carry all my medicine.

The buttons were long forgotten until one night I had a toothache from a wisdom tooth that Dr. Barry Stewart had put a crown on back in the 1970s. The reason I was in pain was because I had bought some Dum-Dums, those ooey, gooey chocolate covered caramel balls that are sooo good, and sooo sticky.

A little voice said to me, “No, you’ve got too many fillings in your mouth.” I said to myself, “I’ll chew on my front teeth!”

So I popped three in my mouth. All of a sudden I am wallowing four things around in my mouth, and almost swallowed something before I could get it out. It was my “gold” wisdom tooth. I felt like Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego in the fiery furnace.

It was not long before pain began to follow my self-extracted tooth. But, wait! I’ve got some Tylenol! In a dimly lit room I stumbled to the kitchen. The pills felt strange indeed and turning on the light I found I had five Tylenol buttons.

I wonder what Tylenol buttons would do for pain? I still have my gold tooth. Wouldn’t it be nice if he could have just glued it back with Super Glue? But no – he pulled it and I promise you I very much need my Tylenol buttons then.

I challenge all of you, no matter where you are, to drive by the flower garden at the intersection of Joiner and May Roads. Elvage Fondren is hard at it again. Folks, he lives a mile or more away, and you won’t find any garbage on the roadside either. One man! Just one man has done this.

Before the week is gone, I want to hear from some who will take this challenge – get help, form groups. If one man can do this much, what could several of use do? Did I say he hauls big barrels of water in the summer time to water the plants?

I want one team on Joiner Road and one on May Road. I will check with Chad Meek with the Land Development Commission to see what kind of other beautification projects are acceptable.

Don’t let us have just one man in the whole county that takes pride in Panola. Maybe because he was a military man and has traveled the world over and has seen many things of beauty, and also much destruction, that he wants to brighten the corner where we are.

There is never, never, never enough thanks to our military men and this local man deserves much thanks for hsi service. Do you accept the challenge?

Call me and we will figure out how to brighten another little corner. Home number is 563-1742 and cell number is 901-828-8824. Call or text anytime.