Blast from the Past (January 29th, 2019)

Published 4:05 pm Thursday, January 31, 2019

In the 1990s —20 years ago

“At least two Panola County supervisors are rethinking the board’s negotiations with the City of Batesville and its proposed takeover of the civic center project, but neither supervisor is promising to press the board for immediate action,” the Feb. 2, 1999, reported.

“’My position has never changed,’” said supervisor Calvin Land who said that he was willing to give the city half of the project. “’All I’m looking at is what’s best for all the taxpayers,’” said supervisor Land.

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In the 1980s — 30 years ago

Daryl Neal was high scorer for North Delta with 30 points against Clarksdale Lee in a basketball game reported in the Feb. 1, 1989 edition. Eugene Thornton scored 21, Michael Savage 14, Paul Gilbert 10 followed by Keith Morris’ two points.

In South Panola’s 87 to 71 victory over Grenada, Marvin Houston was high scorer with 31 points, Raymond Robertson scored 13, Derrick Powell 10, Eric Lawson 8, John Burgess 6, Brian Young 4 and Steve Farris 1.

In the 1970s — 40 years ago

Former Mayor Dan Ferguson asked the city board how the city planned to finance services to an area proposed to be annexed to the city, the Feb. 8, 1979 edition reported. “Mr. Ferguson was under the impression that services to the area proposed to be annexed would have to be provided within two years. Mayor Bobby Baker noted that the ‘reasonable time’ allowed to extend the city services had been established as five years.”

In the 1960s — 50 years ago

“Serviceman Jimmy Wells has returned from his tour of duty in Vietnam,” Mrs. H. W. Bailey wrote in her Crowder community news published in the Feb. 6, 1969 edition.

“On his was home for a thirty-day leave, he was met in Memphis by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Wells.”

In the 1950s — 60 years ago

Northwest Mississippi Junior College opened its second semester of the 1958-’59 school year with 409 students, college officials reported in a story in the Feb. 5, 1959 edition of The Panolian. These included Panola area students Ray Benson of Enid, Joe B. Neal of Batesville, James Walker Curtis of Crenshaw, Arlis Frank Grice of Como, Sandra Lee Jackson of Como, George G. Layman of Batesville, Robert McCullar of Pope, Thomas Edward Richardson of Batesville and Charles David Young of Sardis.

110 years ago — 1909

Telephones on the Farm.

“Mr. Farmer: Would you like to have a telephone on your farm that will afford you protection at all times, day, night, and Sunday, for a few dollars a year? If so, call on our local manager, and have him explain the ‘Farmer’s Line’ rate. “

—Advertisement for the Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company, Inc. Feb. 4, 1909.

160 years ago — The Panola Star

“The rapid changes which have taken place in the ‘Great West’ have carried its geography past the wisdom of many, who have not studied it since their school days. The following definitions of boundary may be of use to those interested in the Western changes:

“’Dacotah’ is the western half of what was Minnesota Territory. When the State was formed, a line was drawn through the middle of the territory from north to south. The eastern part became the State of Minnesota; the western is unorganized and without a government.

“‘Arizona’ is a combination of the southern part of New Mexico, with that Mesilla Valley strip of land which we purchased from Mexico in 1854. The latter is without a local government.

“‘Nevada’ is the western half of Utah lying between Salt Lake and California.

“’Laramie’ means the western part of Nebraska, in which the fort of that name is located.

“‘Pike’s Peak’ is in the Rocky Mountain chain in the western part of Kansas, which part it is proposed to cut off for the new Territory.

“‘Superior’ or ‘Ontonagan’ is the peninsula between Lake Superior and Michigan, part of which now belongs to Michigan and part to Wisconsin.” — Jan. 26, 1859, The Panola Star.