Time to wrap up 2018

Published 1:14 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2019

By Sherry Hopkins

Community Columnist

It is all but over as I write this last story for 2018. Even though some if not most days seem to linger far longer than their allotted 24 hours. The beauty of time is that there is always a new day on the horizon, for those of us blessed to live a long life.

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All our days are numbered and I don’t have a clue what my number is and I truly do not wish to know. I would likely be pleased to stay in a forever frame of mind.

As the year draws to another close we are still waiting on disability to approve Dear Don’s claim. He is holding steady and will soon enter into quarantine as the flu season revs up. He still has irregular heartbeats that at times seem a bit frightening but they always subside.

Murphy is still in our midst although he seems to have lost some of his early momentum. Week before last he locked himself in my car with the engine running and both sets of keys in his pocket. He was corralled for a good two hours before help arrived. I think his feelings might have been a bit hurt as we all stood outside the vehicle tugging on locked doors and scratching our heads.

A couple of days later when he had puffed back up to his normal trouble causing self, I got the flu. I am now on my eleventh day and although my fever and bad cough have disappeared I still have a head full of congestion. I am snuffling and sniffling my way through each day. Dear Don is keeping his distance!

On the second day I was sick one of my closest friends brought me a quart Mason jar filled with warm homemade chicken vegetable soup. As soon as she left I got a spoon and ate straight from the jar. It was delicious and very soothing in that comfort food sort of way.

Three days later the same friend brought me a quart jar of chicken noodle soup she had made.

I have been and still am so lucky in my life to have such good supportive friends. Most go back three decades to when we first moved here.

These friends have cared for me and prayed for me and cried with me and laughed with me. They have listened to my darkest and deepest thoughts and held them close to their chests as only friends would do. They do not judge me or scold me or forsake me. They draw close with love and always encourage me to hang in there. These friends have kept me afloat these past two years.

This has been without a doubt the most trying time of our lives. We have felt hopeless and helpless at times. We have cried out to God when no words could be uttered. There were only the sounds of our anguish. We all pass through these seasons of life. We all have our own experiences and we all handle these experiences in our own unique ways. I often wonder how one goes through the valleys of life without God’s  love and support and the support of loving friends.

So here is to a new year, a better year and to old friends and to new friends. May we all join together in harmony and love and peace supporting one another through the valleys and the mountains.

I pray that you have people in your life that you can draw from too. A judgment free zone where you are OK to be you and they are OK to be them. A big thank you to all my friends I love you all so very much.

Happy New Year from our home to yours!

Contact Sherry Hopkins at swhcsc@wildblue.net.