Inequalities of justice abound in rape case

Published 4:43 pm Monday, December 17, 2018

By Myra Bean

Staff Column

It seems to never stop. The inequalities of “justice” are ridiculous.

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The recent case of the Baylor fraternity president’s four sexual assault case basically getting thrown out. He gets no jail time, just a reduced charge of unlawful restraint. If he did that, he did the rest.

He gets a slap on the wrist from a judge who has given other people similar light sentences for similar cries, according to the CBS news headline.

Makes one wonder what does that family have on the judge? Why would the defense attorney even suggest a plea bargain for that person? Let the jury decide. Judges are supposed to be as unbiased as possible on the bench. He needs to be removed. Otherwise in 20 or 30 years our children and grandchildren will be witnessing Jacob Anderson for Supreme Court Judge.

Why do the women not get the benefit of the doubt from judges in these cases? Anderson pretty much ruined this girl’s mental life and state but he gets to keep his plush, rich, fraternity, club house life. I guess he and his friends will sit around and laugh about it. There is no excuse for this action to be continued these days.

No drugs or drunk excuses should be allowed to harm people. They are using these excuses and there is a lot to this case people don’t know about. He has a $400 fine and does not have to report as a sex offender. So why not go to the people and be found innocent?

The Bible teaches us to forgive him and those like him. The girl calling herself Donna Doe and other victims will have to find that place that they can forgive him. It does not seem fair that people can hurt and kill people and still be forgiven.

It is possible Anderson will have children one day and he may have to face that his daughter/son will be presented with a situation like this one. I sincerely hope not. Doe’s parents did not want to face this with her but reality intruded.

One thing is I have witnessed is the vengeance of God. It is swifter and mightier than anything man can dish out. Someone did a wrong to me and I chose not to go to the law. I chose not to stress over the situation. I prayed and then I walked away. I did not pray harm on that person. I prayed for peace in my mind.

God took care of that situation less than a week later. This person’s spouse left and took the house and everything else. The law would never work that fast. I just smiled and kept on walking.

In this time of the season where we wish only good things happened, let us pray for the criminal and the victim. I am not sure what to call that judge. In this situation and all situations like this, let us pray that forgiveness abounds.

Let us pray that Anderson asks for forgiveness but even if he cannot, we need to do what we are supposed to do and let God take care of the rest. God saw what happened. He is watching.