With mouse gone, we are thankful

Published 4:14 pm Monday, November 26, 2018

Sherry Hopkins

Community Columnist

As you read this Thanksgiving is gone and we are now in the leftovers, and the Black Friday shopping nightmare that follows.

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One of many things I am thankful for is that I am not in the middle of that whirlwind frenzy of frazzled (already) shoppers who believe they cannot live without THE DEAL.

But first I want to tell you a story that has nothing to do with thankfulness or the spirit of the season.

For over a week Dear Don was challenged by a tiny mouse living in his shop. He put traps out in the very spot where the mouse was making himself known. Each morning Don would return to his shop and find that the mouse had circled the traps, sniffed the traps, left his calling card at the traps, but was smart enough to not get caught in one.

Dear Don was exasperated. He put a maze of traps in every configuration he could imagine trying to outsmart the little mouse. I offered up a couple of lame suggestions myself while secretly being amused that this determined man had met his match with an equally determined mouse. Dear Don called the mouse names and growled a couple of times, frustrated by his inability to trap the mouse. I expect little mouse called Dear Don a a few choice names as well although I now have no way to verify such.

Finally after a week of what seemed like The Game Of Thrones, the little mouse was caught. Perhaps he had worn himself out or just decided to take the plunge and leap onto the trap. Maybe he was hungry. We will never know. Dear Don on the other hand is riding high now that he finally mastered the mouse.

I was afraid he might take the 410 shotgun out and while on reconnaissance blast the poor mouse clean out of sight. I am just realizing as I write that I am thankful he did not take such extreme measures. You just never know from where blessings are going to come.

And now while reflecting on the year I find that I am thankful for many things. I am thankful that I do not have to get up early every morning and report to a job. I am glad I no longer have to drive at night and or in poor weather conditions. I am thankful there is no rigid schedule to follow in life anymore. I am thankful I only have one cataract and not two.

I am thankful for Dear Don’s patience with me when I can’t hear or see. I am so thankful for our continuing senses of humor.

I am thankful for movie theaters and TV remote controls.

I am thankful that Dear Don is holding steady.

I am very thankful for family and friends who still bless us daily with their thoughts and prayers,  love and help to meet a need.

I am really thankful I have only two bathrooms to clean.

I am glad that I don’t have to cook big suppers each evening after a long day at work.

I am thankful that we do not rise to an alarm clock.

I am now thankful for naps which I have mistakenly thought for years were overrated.

I am thankful for a long and happy marriage to a good man.

Lastly, I am thankful for health and my joy that comes from the mercy and grace  of God.

I am thankful for each of you who read and respond in emails, letters, phone calls or stopping me while I am in town. Your responses are so wonderful to hear.

Find your joy and remember to be ever thankful. Stay tuned.

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