Sheriff’s Report: Deputies pursue fleeing armed robbery suspect

Published 2:19 pm Friday, December 15, 2017

Sheriff’s Report: Deputies pursue fleeing armed robbery suspect

By Ashley Crutcher
A felony pursuit began in Grenada County where the suspect was charged with armed carjacking and stolen firearm when Panola County Deputies took over the pursuit through Panola County traveling north on I-55.
According to the report, the suspect was in a white Nissan Maxima with a .40 caliber Smith and Wesson and was threatening to commit suicide during the pursuit.
Tate and Desoto County Deputies were notified of the pursuit. Desoto County Deputies deployed their stop sticks at the I-55 and Commerce St. exit in Hernando where two of the suspect’s tires were struck.
Deputies Mark Allen and James Wheatley took the suspect into custody without further incident. The suspect was detained at the Panola County Jail until the Grenada Police Department took custody of the suspect.
Thefts are on the rise as holiday season arrives and the Panola County Sheriff’s Department reported 12 thefts from December 1 to December 8.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received 33 calls for service from Panola County residents requesting the assistance of Sheriff Deputies from December 1 to December 8.

December 1
• Tocowa Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Steven Moore he saw a green lazer light coming through the bathroom window of his trailer and advised he saw an unknown male run into the woods behind his trailer.
According to the report, the residence has been broken into on multiple occassions. Deputy Moore observed pry marks on the rear door of the trailer, but the resident could not verify if anything was missing due to numerous items being out of place in the home.
The resident advised he has been making repairs on the trailer and stated no one was living at the residence at the time. Deputy Moore searched the property but was unable to locate the suspect. The incident is under further investigation.

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December 2
• Deputy Steven McLarty spoke to a Dawn Cove, Courtland resident who reported her son was on drugs really bad. The resident advised she returned home and discovered her great-great-grandmother’s dishes missing.
According to the report, the dishes are approximately 150 years old and worth $2,000. The resident advised she would file charges in Justice Court.
• HWY 6 West resident reported to Lt. Chuck Tucker upon arriving home his wife noticed socks missing from her dresser drawer as well as some pants, shirts, underwear, and a jar of change. The investigation is ongoing.
• Deputy Moore was dispatched to Farris Fonville Rd. in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, the resident reported she returned home to find her gate open as well as her front door.
Deputy Moore noticed forcible entry was made into the residence and items were scattered in the living room area. Deputy Moore noticed a full handprint located on top of a jewelry box and placed the item into evidence for Investigator Edward Dickson to process.
According to the report, the resident was missing a 42” flat screen TV, two DVD players, DirecTV box, remington 12 gauge pump shotgun, .38 revolver, Black and Decker Weedeater, 20 Kennedy half-dollars, miscellaneous jewelry, jewelry box drawers, and $300 cash. The resident advised she would bring her receipts of the missing items on a later date.
• Yocona Gin Rd. resident reported to Lt. Chuck Tucker one of his employees ran into the front of a John Deer Tractor with a cotton forklift and a bail of cotton. According to the report, there was heavy damage to the front of the report, but no injuries were reported.
• McClyde Rd., Como resident reported to Deputy Darryl House the suspect pointed a gun at her and started shooting at her. The resident advised the suspect drove to her mailbox where the resident was and started cussing her stating she would “stomp her a**.”
Deputy House retrieved a .38 Caliber handgun from the resident who stated it was the gun the suspect shot at her with and that it belonged to the suspect.

December 3
• Pollard St. resident reported to Deputy McLarty he was at a hunting camp on Eureka Rd. near I-55 when he returned to his truck to find his door unlocked and items missing.
According to the report, the resident was missing a Thompson Center 308 with Nikon Scope, Marlin .22 Mag Bolt Action with Simmon Scope and five one-dollar-bills. The resident advised he would retreive the serial numbers for the guns.
• McClyde Rd. resident reported to Deputy Mark Allen her neighbor was threatening her and shooting. Deputy Allen noticed a female standing on her porch cussing and walking in and out of her house. The resident advised she called the Sheriff’s Office three times prior due to the neighbor’s threats.
The resident stated she was leaving her residence to go see her husband, who had been taken by ambulance to the hospital, when she heard the neighbor cussing and threatening to kill her and burn down what she had left.
According to the report, the resident advised the neighbor assumed the ambulance was for the resident and stated she hopes she dies and advised she would “dance a jig” if she did.
The neighbor denied ever threatening the resident. The resident provided a video recording of the neighbor cussing and threatening the resident. Deputies kept the peace as the resident left to see her husband.
• Camille St., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Moore he noticed things were out of place in his vehicle and asked some of his neighbors if they had seen anything suspicious. According to the report, one neighbor advised he saw the vehicle traveling toward Sardis on HWY 315 with some plywood loaded in the back.
The resident advised he believes a certain individual took the vehicle due to reports from a witness that the vehicle was seen at the suspect’s relative’s house. Deputy Moore contacted the suspect who advised he did not take the vehicle and continued to state he would never assume it would be okay to take someone’s vehicle.
• Eureka Rd., Courtland resident reported to Deputy Allen that her nephew busted out a window in the back of her house while she was at work. The resident showed Deputy Allen where her nephew had kicked open the front door and broke the latch. The resident advised she was not going to allow her nephew to continue to live with her if he was going to continue to tear up her residence.
• Deputy McLarty spoke with a Bethlehem Cv. resident who reported an individual has been messaging her son on Facebook telling him if he comes to his house he will give him $150. Investigator Arnold advised the resident to screenshot the messages and send them to the Sheriff’s Office.
• Deputy McLarty responded to HWY 35 South for a report of an individual wearing an Ole Miss Hoodie in possession of stolen jewelry. Deputy McLarty spoke with the individual asking if he had any jewelry on him.
According to the report, the individual pulled out a brown glove that contained the stolen jewelry and advised another individual gave him the jewelry. Deputy McLarty took possession of the jewelry and spoke with the complainant who advised the suspects broke into a home on Henderson Rd. where one distracted the resident while the other stole a computer, TV, and microwave.
• Pittman Rd. resident reported to Lt. Tucker her seven-year-old grandson was playing in the yard when a dog from another residence knocked him down. According to the report, the victim suffered scratches on his face, arm and stomach. the resident advised she knew the dog was only being playful and did not want to file charges.

December 4
• Smart Rd. resident reported to Deputy Jeff Still her boyfriend stole her blue 2005 Chevy Trail Blazer and went to his mother’s house in Memphis. The resident’s mother advised she spoke to the suspect and stated he promised to return the vehicle but never did.
• Deputy Maurice Market responded to Forrest Dr. North, Sardis, where the resident reported an individual came into her yard and stole her ladder. In a previous incident on Nov. 30, the suspect was seen coming from behind the residence and was arrested for trespassing.
• Deputy Willie Harris responded to Hammon Hill Rd. for a report of someone taking three 18-wheeler batteries.
• Deputy Seth Cook spoke to an Oakland resident who reported the suspect cussed her and snatched his grandchildren from the vehicle.
According to the report, the incident stems from previous interactions with the children’s mother. A court order states that both parties are to meet at the Sheriff’s Department to exchange the children.
The resident advised she called the children’s mother to let her know she had arrived when the mother began cursing her over the phone, according to the report. The resident advised this is what upset the children’s grandfather.
• McClyde Rd., Como resident reported to Deputy Cook an individual has been calling her work and harassing her by telling all of her co-workers and making things up in an attempt to get her fired.
According to the report, the resident advised the suspect has called the Sheriff’s Department three times making false accusations about her in an attempt to have her arrested. The residednt advised she believes the suspect is doing this because the resident works from the food stamp office and had to cancel the suspect’s food stamps.
• Deputy Cook responded to Sardis Lake Dr. in reference to a disturbance between a husband and wife.
According to the report, the wife was in the husband’s truck and would not let him leave to go to work. Upon arrival, the wife was inside the residence and the husband advised the two were having marrital problems and wanted to file a report.

December 5
• Black Jack Rd. resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe the suspect got into an argument with her husband and she advised him to leave but the suspect refused. According to the report, the suspect left the scene prior to Deputy Renfroe’s arrival.

December 6
• Deputy Jeremy Hailey spoke to a HWY 51 resident who reported the front driver’s side windshield was busted out of his 2004 Pontiac Grand AM and had the title taken out of the car.
• Atkinson Rd. resident reported to Deputy Hailey he received a phone call from an individual stating his 1997 Ford F-150 had been broken into.
According to the report, the resident noticed the dash had been ripped out and the radio was missing. The resident advised there were two other vehicle on his property that were broken into but stated he was not the owner.
• Deputy McLarty spoke with a Scott Rd. resident who stated she and her boyfriend got into an argument because he thinks she is cheating.
According to the report, the resident advised her boyfriend began punching her in the back of her head and bit her left arm. The resident advised she did not want to press charges and stated she was going to her dad’s house.
• Woodruff Rd. residnt reported to Deputy Darryl House an individual was throwing rocks at a white 2000 Chevy Tahoe the driver turned onto Cotton Plant Rd.
• Deputy Harris spoke to a Ballentine Rd. resident who stated her ex-boyfriend has been harassing her since 2016. The resident advised the suspect has come to her residence and knocked on her window at night.
According to the report, the resident stated the suspect also would show up at Northwest and suprise her in the restroom. The resident advised the suspect has threatened her and her boyfriend by stating if she gets pregnant he will kick her in the stomach.

December 7
• Investigator Tyler Mills spoke with a Gleaton Rd., Pope resident who reported the people next door to him had come across the property line and cut down three trees on his property. Investigator Mills took photos of the area, property line fence and the pink ribbons that had been placed to show property lines.
The resident advised he wants his property cleaned up and stated he wanted money for the trees. The owner of the timber company advised Investigator Mills he was aware of the problem and promised to speak with the resident about the trees.
• Deputies Allen and Hailey responded to Curtis Rd. where the resident advised her son kept hitting the alarm button and calling 911.
According to the report, deputies have responded to the residence multiple times for 911 emergency calls when there were no emergencies and the suspect was warned not to use 911 unless it was an emergency.
The suspect was placed under arrest for abusive calls to emergency telephone service.
• Mt. Olivet Rd. resident reported to Deputy House that her ex-boyfriend is sending her threatening text messages stating he tried to kick her teeth out when he kicked her in the mouth.
According to the report, the suspect stated the resident better leave town if she doesn’t let him file his baby on his taxes.
According to the Panola County Sheriff’s Office Motor Vehicle Report, there were three deer related accidents and one two car collision from December 2 to December 6. No injuries were reported.