Bingo game takes a turn when player threatens to get gun

Published 11:57 am Friday, November 3, 2017

Bingo game takes a turn when player threatens to get gun

By Ashley Crutcher
The following information was gathered from incident reports supplied by the Panola County Sheriff’s Department at the request of The Panolian.
Panola County Deputy Bill Furniss was called to the Sardis Lake Fire Department on their Bingo Night October 21 when a player became upset over the result of one of the games and threatened the workers by cursing them and indicating she was going to retrieve a gun from her vehicle, according to Furniss’ report.
Apparently the suspect was asked to leave but refused.
Lt. Furniss escorted the suspect out of the building and was walking her to her vehicle when she began questioning why the deputy was following her.
Lt. Furniss advised he was ensuring her exit from the premises. According to the report, the suspect became aggravated and told Lt. Furniss to stop following her.
The suspect was asked to continue on and leave the premises but she refused to do so and was arrested for disorderly conduct failure to comply. Deputy Steven Moore transported the suspect to the Panola County Jail.
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department responded to 23 incidents ranging from petit larceny to assault from October 17-27.
Deputy Steven McLarty responded October 22 to Crossroads Chevron where it was reported that a man purchased some items from the store with a twenty dollar bill and later returned with a knife threatening the cashier, stating that he paid with a hundred dollar bill and he wanted his money back.
“I reviewed the video and observed the male pay with a twenty dollar bill,” McLarty wrote in his report.
The suspect had left prior to the deputy’s arrival stating he will be back with a gun.

October 17
• Rockhill Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy Darryl House she believes an individual may have been responsible for taking an air conditioner from the residence because the suspect was renting the house at the time the AC was stolen.
The resident advised the suspect was moving out when the AC was stolen and stated two men were helping her move on the day the AC went missing. The unit is valued at approximately $857.

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October 19
On October 19, a 13-year-old North Panola Junior High student landed in hot water for disorderly conduct.

October 20
• Lt. Chuck Tucker responded to Brasher Rd. for a report of a vehicle being broken into. Upon arrival, the owner advised someone broke the door lock on the truck, raised the hood and stole the carburetor, battery, black tool box, booster cables, and a black bag with electrical connectors.
The property is estimated to be worth $710. The investigation is ongoing.
• Deputy Harold Lewis responded to the Sardis Courthouse where an Old Panola Rd., Como resident reported she mailed her daughter’s tag from Como to Georgia and advised her daughter has not received the tag. The resident advised she is filing for a replacement.

October 21
• Eureka Rd. resident reported to Deputy Steven Moore she was inside a Todd Road residence with her boyfriend when someone started knocking on the door at 4 a.m. The suspect was told to leave but knocked on the window.
When the couple came out of the home the suspect picked up a brick and threw it at the woman’s car, hitting her rear left tail light causing damage. The complainant was advised to take a copy of the report to Justice Court in Sardis to file charges.

October 23
• Gleaton Rd. Pope resident reported to Deputy Hunter Lawrence he ordered a debit card from Regions Bank in Batesville and stated he never received the debit card. The resident contacted Regions and was advised the card had been activated and was being used. The incident is under further investigation.
• Deputy Lawrence was dispatched to West Rd. and spoke to an individual who advised the suspect was caught on camera stealing gasoline from a company vehicle.
• Hwy. 6 W. resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe the suspect came to his residence for him to sign some divorce paperwork. The suspect began beating on his house, put lip gloss on his windshield and scratched an expletive into the rear door.

October 24
• Henderson Rd. resident reported to Deputy Lawrence she was sexually assaulted by the suspect. The resident stated the suspect threatened to “bust her mouth” if she goes outside of her residence.
• Deputy Renfroe responded to a fire on Frontage Rd. in Sardis where it was reported that a front-end loader caught fire. Investigator Terry Smith responded to the scene to continue the investigation.
• Deputy Lawrence responded to Hwy. 310 East for a car fire where an individual reported her son set a car on fire. The car belongs to her daughter-in-law.
According to the report, the suspect’s brother noticed his brother walk outside with a paper towel and a lighter, backed the vehicle to the end of the driveway, got out, walked back to the residence and stated to him “this is not all I am going to do” as the car was on fire.
• Deputy Bryan Arnold spoke to an individual who reported her 1999 Dodge Durango was taken to Martin Brothers Scrap Metal in Sardis and sold for scrap.
According to the report, the vehicle was left at the suspect’s residence on Lawrence Brother’s Rd. to have a wheel bearing replaced.
The individual stated she has been unable to retrieve the truck and was recently advised the suspect took her truck to Martin Brothers.
• Blackjack Rd. resident reported to Deputy Lawrence she witnessed an individual stick a bag of candy in her bag and advised she was able to get the tag number off the vehicle.
• Deputy Lawrence spoke with a HWY 51 South, Courtland resident who reported an individual came to his store causing an altercation and advised the suspect was mad because he filed a report on the suspect a week earlier.
According to the report, the resident stated the suspect came into his store using profanity, stating he wanted to fight and would kill the resident.
• HWY 51, Como resident reported to Deputy John Still a woman came to her house and they got into an altercation. The resident advised she wanted to press charges for trespassing. According to the report, the suspect said she was having a baby with another resident of the home and stated he had let her inside the residence.

October 25
• JQ West, Como resident reported to Deputy House when he opened up his business he noticed the front side window was broken out and someone had entered his office. According to the report, $50 was missing from the business.
• Deputy John Still spoke to a Eureka Rd., Courtland resident who advised a Smith and Wesson gun was stolen and sold to a pawn shop in Batesville. According to the report, the theft occurred in November of 2016.

October 26
• HWY 6 West resident reported to Deputy Moore she received a phone call from someone claiming to be with the IRS and told her she had committed tax fraud in the amount of $3,786 and if she did not pay $300 today she would be arrested.
The resident advised she went to Walmart and purchased a Greendot card to pay them and stated the individual would be calling again tomorrow to get the remaining amount of $1,000. Deputy Moore advised the resident that the IRS does not contact anyone by phone and advised the resident not to answer any calls from the number.
• Officer Louise Linzy spoke to a HWY 35 South resident who reported he has been using Meth for five months and stated he had taken three Xanax and wanted to kill family members who reside in the same residence. Deputy Linzy spoke with the resident’s mother who reported her son had been acting strange all day.
The resident’s brother advised Deputy Linzy he and his brother got into an argument over a lady and stated it went from arguing to his brother pointing a kitchen knife toward him and the family members stating he was going to kill them. Emergency Management Services were called to provide the resident with medical treatment.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• October 19, car hit a deer on Compress Rd.
• October 27, car accident occured on Belmont Rd.