Sheriff’s Report: High speed chase ends on Shiloh Road

Published 10:07 am Friday, April 28, 2017

Sheriff’s Report: High speed chase ends on Shiloh Road

By Ashley Crutcher
On April 14 Deputy Bill Furniss responded to I-55 just north of Sardis city limits to assist in a pursuit in progress from Desoto County.
Desoto County Sheriff’s Department initiated the pursuit of a 2001 black Honda, which was reported stolen from Memphis. Desoto County Sheriff’s Deputies called off the chase at the Como exit.
Deputy Furniss spotted the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed traveling south on the interstate with no headlights on, according to the report. Deputy Furniss began to pursue the vehicle as the suspect refused to stop. Batesville Police Department and Yalobusha County were notified of the chase. According to the report, Batesville PD got on the Interstate south of the Highway 6 exit and deployed their stop sticks, which the fleeing vehicle hit and blew out the front right tire.
The pursuit continued south to Shiloh Road where the vehicle went into the median before going off of an embankment and onto Shiloh Road. According to the report, the suspect fled on foot before officers could get to the vehicle.
The Mississippi Highway Patrol searched the area and located a potential suspect at a rest stop, which Deputy Furniss confirmed was the suspect involved in the pursuit. The suspect was transported to the Panola County Sheriff’s Office along with the stolen vehicle and several pieces of jewelry.
Four individuals reported their rods and reels were stolen from Sardis Lower Lake Campgrounds on April 14. Deputy Steven McLarty responded to the lower lake where a St. Louis resident reported someone stole his six Basspro Reels around 6 a.m.
An hour later, Deputy McLarty spoke to a Florence resident who reported his Pflueger reel, Revco reel, BassPro reel and another reel had been stolen. By 8 a.m.,
Deputy McLarty received a third report of stolen rod and reels from Sardis Lower Lake Campground. The Potosi, Mo. resident reported he was missing two Lewis Mach rod and reels.
Later that evening, Deputy Britton Crawford was dispatched to the lake for another report of a stolen rod or reel. According to the report, the  stolen rod and reels from the four residents totals $1,810. The incidents are under further investigation.
April 11
• Deputy Crawford was assisting Department of Human Services caseworkers who advised they needed to conduct a home inspection for cleanliness. According to the report, the caseworkers were kicked out of the home during their first inspection attempt.
Deputy Crawford advised the homeowners of the situation and the homeowners gave permission for the caseworkers to enter the residence and speak with the mother of the child.
According to the report, a sister and brother followed the case worker and Deputy Crawford into the home but were asked to leave as the caseworker advised the contents of the case could not be discussed with others.
Later, as the caseworkers were leaving the family became upset and advised their rights had been violated and stated they were headed to the Sheriff’s Office to press charges on the DHS caseworkers.
• Wilson Road resident reported to Deputy McLarty he observed a PT Cruiser in his driveway. According to the report, when the resident entered his home an individual busted out the back door causing items to fall and break.
The resident stated his girlfriend came out of the bedroom and the suspect got into his vehicle and ran over a wood block and then left.
April 12
• Oakdale Drive resident reported to Deputy Steven Moore that her neighbor’s dog came onto her property and attacked her dog.
According to the report, the resident began hitting the dog in an attempt to separate them when the neighbor came out and told her to stop hitting her dog.
The resident informed the neighbor she was trespassing and advised she needed to leave the property. According to the report, the resident stated the neighbor threatened to shoot her and advised she wanted to press charges.
Deputy Moore spoke with the neighbor who stated the resident was the one to threaten her. Deputy Moore advised the resident not to return to the neighbor’s residence for any reason.
April 13
• Captain Willie Harris was dispatched to Floyds Island for an unresponsive subject. Upon arrival Captain Harris spoke with a resident who stated she and her husband were in separate rooms when he knocked on the wall and asked her to call MedStat. According to the report, the subject was unresponsive.
• Investigator Bryan Arnold spoke to an individual regarding a sexual assault. According to the report, Investigator Arnold learned the seven-year-old suspect told the victim’s mother that he was only doing what his uncle taught him to do, stating it was called the “Oh Baby” game.
Child Protective Services have been notified and forensic and medical interviews have been scheduled.
April 14
• Lieutenant Emily Griffin responded to Eureka Rd. in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the resident reported her sister pulled a gun on her after cutting donuts with her vehicle in the front yard and also tried to run her over.
According to the report, the resident stated her sister is pregnant and had been drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana and spice and also cut her own wrist. Lieutenant Griffin spoke with the sister who stated the resident’s boyfriend cut her and ran away with a gun.
“I observed a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage on both subjects,” stated Lieutenant Griffin. The resident stated she did not want to press charges on her sister but wanted her to seek help. The sister was transported to Merit Health by MedStat.
• Fig Road resident reported to Captain Harris he took batteries off of a boat and went to WalMart to have the batteries charged. According to the report, the resident stated he put them in the back of his truck and when he came out of WalMart the batteries were missing.
• Floyd’s Island resident reported to Deputy George Renfroe an individual is harassing her and her husband by calling and texting her phone repeatedly. According to the report, the resident stated the suspect told her child, which is also the resident’s husband’s child, to tell the resident she hopes the baby the resident is carrying now dies.
April 15
• Deputy Crawford was patrolling the area of Hwy. 35 South when he observed a blue Chevy pickup and ran the tag, which came back to a green Chevy truck.
Deputy Crawford initiated the stop and observed an opened case of beer on the back seat. Deputy Crawford asked for both subjects’ identification and proof of insurance. The driver advised he had insurance but did not have the card.
The driver’s license came back with a warrant from Clarksdale for the driver but dispatch advised they did not want to extradite. The driver was asked to step to the back of the vehicle and stated there was nothing illegal in the car and gave Deputy Crawford consent to search the vehicle.
The passenger was also asked to step out of the vehicle. According to the report, as Deputy Crawford opened the car door two bottles of beer fell to the ground. Deputy Crawford asked the passenger if there was anything illegal in the car to which he replied no.
During the search, Deputy Crawford opened a pack of Marlboros and observed a plastic baggie containing an ice like substance, which the passenger stated was his, according to the report. The passenger was taken into custody and the driver was transported to the Panola County Jail.
• Highway 51 South resident reported to Deputy Crawford deputies responded to a disturbance at her house the night before when she reported her husband knocked out her passenger side window. The resident stated she had been drinking and could not drive the car away.
According to the report, upon her return the resident discovered the drivers side windows, front windshield and dash had been broken. Deputy Crawford attempted to make contact with the suspect but no one appeared to be home.
• Deputy Hunter Lawrence spoke to a Lovejoy Road resident who reported someone damaged her mailbox. The resident stated she was unsure of what time it took place and did not have any idea who would have done it.
• Bill Wallace Road resident reported to Deputy McLarty his girlfriend’s grandson entered his bedroom and took some grinders and an LG Galaxy phone. Deputy McLarty made contact with the suspect who promised to return the stolen items.
• Lieutenant Griffin responded to Nash Road in reference to a stolen iPhone 5. The resident reported his child’s mother took the phone while he was sleeping and stated she threw it in a ditch but she was texting and calling people from his phone.
April 16
• McClyde Road resident reported to Lieutenant Griffin the suspect pulled an assault rifle on her after coming to the residence to retrieve her possessions from a gun safe. According to the report, the suspect began questioning her mother about some guns and loans.
The resident stated she asked the suspect to leave and the suspect began screaming at her and then grabbed the gun. According to the report, the suspect pointed a gun at the resident and two other people jumped in between the individuals and attempted to grab the gun from the suspect.
Witnesses stated they attempted to grab the gun but the suspect ran to her vehicle and left the residence. The suspect was located at another residence with the gun in her possession by Deputy Jeff Still.
According to the report, the suspect stated she grabbed the gun after two women charged her then stated she never pointed the gun at anyone.
• Deputy Crawford responded to Deer Creek Road for a disturbance. Upon arrival, the resident stated a male subject was threatening to use a hammer and a knife.
The resident reported “talking out of his head” and began making threats with a hammer and a knife. Upon arrival to the suspect’s location, deputies asked the suspect to step outside to which he replied stating he was not going to jail and that he had been poisoned.
Deputy Renfroe assisted the subject out of the home. The suspect was asked multiple times to put his hands behind his back. Deputies warned the suspect that if he did not comply he would be tased, but the suspect continued to pull away and was tased.
The suspect was then placed into custody and two pipes, a needle and marijuana residue was found in plain view of the home. Both subjects were taken into custody.
• Pine Street resident reported to Deputy Renfroe an individual was at her residence threatening to kill her. Upon arrival, contact was made with the residents who reported one resident’s husband was threatening to kill her.
Deputy Renfroe spoke with the suspect who reported the his wife has dementia and he was going to have her doctor check her out.
• Vasser Road resident reported to Deputy McLarty that an individual has been staying with her to help her.
According to the report, the resident reported the individual came home messed up with a male subject. The resident stated she asked the individuals to leave when the female became aggressive and poured beer on the resident and began punching her.
According to the report, the male individual pulled the suspect off of the resident and both left the residence. Deputy McLarty observed scratches on the right and left side of the resident’s neck as well as a black eye.
• Deputy Jeff Still spoke to a Highway 51 N, Sardis resident who advised her friend’s boyfriend keeps texting and asking her out.
Deputy Still left a voluntary statement for the resident to fill out and upon his return the resident stated she did not want to press charges and stated the subject had stopped texting and harassing her at this time.
April 17
• Deputy Moore responded to Pope Crowder Road and attempted to speak to the resident but he was too intoxicated to give a statement, according to the report.
The resident stated he found out his girlfriend was dating another individual and stated he went to the individual’s residence on Bell Road to talk to his girlfriend and the resident told him to leave and threw a beer bottle at his window causing damage to the windshield.
At a later time, Deputy Moore was dispatched to Bell Road in reference to two individuals getting run over by the Pope Crowder Road resident.
• Chickasaw Road resident reported to Lieutenant Chuck Tucker her son who is Bi-Polar gets mad and begins throwing stuff and tearing things up. The resident stated she wanted to send him off for help.
• Fogg Road resident reported to Deputy Darryl House her boyfriend hit her in the face and mouth with his fist because she gave him back his ring and told him she did not want him anymore.
• Investigator Arnold was contacted by a bank who discovered suspicious activity on the accounts of three sisters. According to the report, the bank noticed the sister’s nephew cashing a lot of checks on their accounts and reported over $10,000 worth of checks have been cashed since July of 2016.
Bank employees reported hearing the suspect speaking with the sisters, stating he is very aggressive towards them. The observations have lead them to believe the suspect is intimidating the sisters into writing him checks and giving him money.
• Investigator Danny Beavers spoke to a Highway 315 resident who reported when his daughter was under the age of 18 she was having sexual relations with a 32 year-old.
According to the report, the resident has cell phone records proving the suspect had contact with the resident’s daughter. The resident advised he wanted to file charges against the suspect for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
• Whipperwill Road, Pope resident reported to Lieutenant Tucker he heard a loud noise and went to the door where he saw a tall skinny man running up his driveway with a hammer in his hand.
According to the report, the suspect got into a red Chevy truck and left. The resident found a hole in his siding where the individual hit it.
• Highway 6 West resident reported to Deputy House someone came into her yard and stole her John Deere push lawn mower.
• Lucious Taylor Road, Como resident reported an individual came to his residence and stole eight car batteries from vehicles on his property.
• Jones Road Extension resident reported his neighbor’s dog comes into his yard and turns his garbage can over and uses the bathroom in his yard.
According to the report, the resident has confronted the neighbor and stated she will not do anything about her dogs. The resident stated when he attempts to make the dogs leave his yard they become aggressive.
April 18
• Ramsey Circle, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Jeremy Hailey her daughter and friend came to her scared and told her three men stopped and asked them their names, address and what school they went to. According to the report, the car was a silver Monte Carlo with tinted windows.
• Deputy Furniss spoke to a Sullivant Road resident who stated his wife called him at lunch and advised him there was a knife stuck in the ground beside his driveway. Pictures were taken of the knife and the knife was placed into evidence.
• Pine Lake Drive resident reported to Investigator Beavers and individual is putting false information on Facebook including statements claiming the resident beat up his girlfriend. According to the report, this is the result of the suspect’s sister breaking up with the resident.

April 19
• Deputy Lawrence responded to Sees Chapel Road where the resident reported noticing the front door had been tampered with and opened upon returning home. According to the report, the resident reported missing two flat screen TVs and an Apple iPad worth approximately $2,200.
• Crouch Road resident reported to Deputy Lawrence he was giving the suspect a ride home when she became angry and insisted the resident was going to drop her off and go see another girl. According to the report, the resident reported the suspect began punching him in the face while driving down Crouch Road and also stole two EBT cards out of the resident’s vehicle.
• Ballentine Road resident reported to Deputy Renfroe she had received a text from ADT letting her know the back glass door to her residence was broken. According to the report, ADT also notified the Panola County Sheriff’s Department.
• Deputy Crawford was approached by a Roberson Lane resident who stated she has been having trouble with another woman. According to the report, both women clean houses and the resident stated the woman is jealous of her and has started harassing her mother, father, son and other family members. According to the report, the resident stated the suspect will drive from Oxford just to block their driveway and the road to their home.
April 20
• Deputy McLarty responded to Baptist Hospital Oxford for an assault. Upon arrival, the victim reported her boyfriend’s brother asked her to go to the store and buy some beer. According to the report, upon returning from the store the resident was met by her boyfriend who accused her of sleeping with his brother. The resident stated the suspect then pulled her out of the vehicle and threw her into her black Tahoe and began punching her in the head and body, according to the report. The resident stated they drove to a residence on Lee Jennings Road and as soon as the suspect was out of sight the resident ran into the residence and hid. The resident stated the suspect found her and grabbed her by the hair and put her back into the Tahoe. According to the report, the suspect began punching the victim again and retrieved a bat and proceeded to strike her with it. The victim stated they slept in the truck and the suspect threatened to kill her if she tried to leave. The victim managed to escape and call someone to get her to the hospital. According to the report, the victim suffered a broken nose, are and several swollen areas.
• Deputy Lawrence responded to an assault on Nash Road where an individual stated he was at his grandmother’s residence tilling her garden when three men pulled into her yard and two subjects began asking about hogs. According to the report, one subject hit the individual in the jaw and began kicking him in the face.
• Shiloh Road, Courtland resident reported to Investigator Beavers he believes a group of people is conspiring to take his life.
• Deputy Crawford responded to Dogwood St. in reference to a burglary at a church. According to the report, a church official stated the subjects came into the church through his office window and kicked his wife’s office door. The only thing missing at the time was the air conditioner.
• Deputy Crawford responded to another church burglary on Old Highway 51 and spoke with a church official who stated she arrived for Bible study when she noticed the door had been kicked in. According to the report, a silver laptop and a golden microphone were taken from the church. The property is valued at approximately $1,050.
• Atkins Road resident reported to Deputy Tripp Williams he noticed two DVD players and an Xbox One missing from his home.
• Central Academy Rd., Sardis resident reported to Deputy McLarty his neighbor’s bull tore up his fence and entered his pasture. Deputy McLarty notified the neighbor and advised him to remove the bull from the resident’s property.
• Henry Heafner Rd. resident reported to Lieutenant Griffin she was being harassed stating an individual was stalking her and constantly texting her. According to the report, the resident received a text from the suspect offering her $50 off of her rent and stating his door was open for her. The resident believed the suspect wanted a sexual favor.
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• April 11, one vehicle struck another on Longtown Rd. An injury was reported.
• April 13, individual fell asleep and hit a light pole on Camille St.
• April 14, vehicle backed into another at Pope Cafe.
• April 14, truck ran off of Bill Locke Rd.
• April 15, two cars collided on Central Academy Rd.
• April 17, vehicle backed into another on Litha Wiley Rd.
• April 18, vehicle backed into another on Bell Rd.

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