Sheriff’s Report: Infant’s death being investigated

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 15, 2016

Sheriff’s Report: Infant’s death being investigated

By Ashley Crutcher
A Sardis infant, 25 days old, died at LeBonheur Children’s hospital in Memphis after receiving two pints of blood at Merit Health in Batesville.
The infant was brought to Merit Health with a 103.6 fever and was air lifted to LeBonheur, according to the report by Investigator Bryan Arnold.
The cause of death is unknown at this time, but investigators are not ruling out foul play.
The Department of Human Services was notified and requested medical records from both hospitals.
DHS notified Investigator Arnold of the situation on July 6.
Panola County Coroner Gracie Grant Gulledge sent the infant to have an autopsy performed.
“The backlog in the State Medical Examiner’s office could delay autopsy results up to six months,” said Gulledge.
The Panola County Sheriff’s office received 42 other reports which required service from Sheriff Deputies from July 1 to July 8.
July 1
• DHS reported to Investigator Arnold that two juveniles reported being sexually assaulted by their uncle.
Forensic medical examinations and forensic interviews are being scheduled for the two victims, ages 11 and 15.
• Mount Olivet Road resident reported to Investigator Danny Beavers she was assaulted.
According to the report the victim stated she asked the two girls to clean their room and was slapped and pushed by the older of the two.
The victim had marks on her left arm and neck and stated she defended herself by hitting and bitting the suspect.
• Sardis Lake Drive resident reported to Investigator Arnold that she was receiving threats from her husband who she is divorcing.
According to the report, the suspect has been indicted by the Grand Jury of Panola County for assaulting and  burglarizing the home of his wife.
• Investigator Arnold spoke to a Back Jack Road resident who stated he found a loaded revolver in some scrap metal and thought it was unsafe.
According to the report, the revolver is rusted to the point that the make, model and serial number are unreadable.
The resident requested that the Panola County Sheriff’s office take possession of the revolver and destroy it.
• Deputy Market responded to Merit Health for a report of a dog bite.
The Shiloh Road resident reported her son was bitten on the face by a pit bull.
July 2
• Parks Place Road resident reported to Deputy House that someone stole items from his shed.
According to the report, the resident saw the stolen property at the home of the alleged suspect in Sledge.
• Deputy Mark Lott spoke to a Bibbs Road resident who stated her debit card was used over the phone to pay a cell phone bill in the amount of $94.24 at C Spire without her permission.
According to the report, the resident called C Spire to find out whose account was paid with her debit card but was told by C Spire that they could not give her the information without a police report.
The resident stated her card was not missing but somehow the suspect got her card information.
•Deputy House responded to Sees Chapel Road, Sarah for a report of stolen property.
The resident reported that his father and worker stole the property, according to the report.
•Connie Ross Road resident reported to Deputy House an unkown subject knocked down her mailbox along with the bricks around it.
• Highway 310 West, Como resident reported to Deputy Market that an individual came to her home threatening to do bodily harm to her.
The resident continued to state she climbed out of the window to get away from the suspect.
According to the report, Deputy Market arrested the suspect and transported him to the Panola County Jail.
July 3
• Deputy Josh Griffin responded to Eureka Road for a report of theft.
According to the report, the resident stated his niece pushed him down and stole $140 out of his wallet then left in a white Chevy pick-up truck.
• Henderson Road resident reported to Deputy Market he was assaulted by his brother.
• Deputy House spoke to a Black Jack Road resident who stated his 13-year-old son was receiving threats on his life and his father’s life.
• Sardis Lake Drive resident reported to Deputy Lee Martin that she heard a noise on her front porch.
As the resident approached her unlocked front door her ex-husband attempted to enter the home but was unable to make entry as the resident slammed the door, according to the report.
The resident stated she had a Chancery Court Restraining Order against the suspect.
Deputy Martin and Deputy Josh Griffin located the suspect next door at a burned out residence and placed him under arrest for violating a restraining order, home invasion and trespassing.
• Old Highway Road resident stated to Deputy Market an individual who was asked not to come onto her property pulled in her driveway and her father shot a round into the air, according to the report.
July 4
• Deputy George Renfroe spoke to a Lafferty Road resident who stated her tiger striped pit bull came home with what appeared to be a bullet hole in the top of his head.
According to the report, the dog died shortly after the incident.
July 5
• Deputy John Still responded to an accidental kitchen fire at a home on Orwood Road.
Residents stated they were cooking when a grease fire started on the stove.
According to the report, the residents were able to extinguish the fire without the aid of the fire department.
The stove was destroyed and heavy smoke damage can be found throughout the house.
• City of Sardis filed a report of property damage in reference to a meter being tampered with at a residence on Willow Road in Sardis.
The city reported this is the second time the meter has been tampered with and broken.
Deputy Britton Crawford advised the resident that if she is found guilty of tampering with the meter she will be held criminally and financially responsible.
• Deputy Renfroe spoke to a Hawkins Road resident who reported her grandson was threatening to shoot up the residence.
According to the report, the grandson stated his grandmother added him onto her food stamps and he did not want her to because she trades the food stamps for crack.
• Thornton Drive, Pope resident reported to Investigator Beavers an individual who is in the middle of a divorce came to her residence upset and wanted to know his wife’s work schedule.
The resident is concerned that the suspect may hurt her or his wife and believes the suspect is mentally unstable.
July 6
•Deputy Market responded to Orwood Road in reference to a home invasion.
According to the report, Deputy Market found the resident lying on the kitchen floor after he was assaulted.
•Investigator Beavers took a report from a Coldwater resident who reported she was threatened at a store in Como.
According to the report, the victim was at a Como store when two suspects pulled her out of her car stating, “I told you what would happen if you came back to Como.”
A friend of the victim made the two suspects leave the store and told the victim to get back in her car.
•Deputy Market was dispatched to New Green Hill Road in reference to an assault and spoke to the victim who stated her boyfriend started hitting her in her face.
According to the report, the suspect also choked the victim while her child was in her hands.
The victim stated that the suspect is the father of her unborn child.
•Westdale Drive, Pope resident reported to Deputy Martin she was receiving threatening phone and text messages from her ex-husband.
According to the report, the suspect also called the resident’s daughter and daughter’s friend stating he was going to kill the whole family.
Deputy Martin advised the resident to take a copy of the report to Justice Court in Sardis to sign an affidavit on the suspect.
• Deputy Martin spoke to a Pope /Water Valley Road resident who stated an older model Ford pick up truck struck her two garbage cans sitting by the road twice.
July 7
• Lieutenant Willie Harris spoke to a Highway 315 South resident who stated an unknown individual stole his Echo blower off his porch.
According to the report, someone called and told the resident they saw a small white vehicle in his yard several days ago.
• Curtis Road resident reported to Jeremy Hailey that she and an individual got into an altercation at a residence on Chapel Hill Road.
The victim stated she went to get her belongings to leave and the suspect tackled her as she walked  to her truck.
According to the report, the victim stated the  suspect smashed her phone and she got into her truck and left.
• Deputy Jeremy Hailey took a report of assault from an Oxford resident who reported that an individual pushed her out of his tent.
According to the report, the victim had medical papers from Merit Health stating she had a strained lumbar.
• Investigator Terry Smith spoke to a Northwood Drive resident who stated an individual swerved at his vehicle and flipped her off.
According to the report, another individual reported that the suspect did the same thing to them.
• Shiloh Road resident reported to Investigator Smith that she’d been receiving threats from her husband.
According to the report, the husband thought his wife was seeing another man and threatened to kill his wife and her new boyfriend.
Investigator Smith spoke to the husband and asked him not to send anymore messages to the resident to which he agreed.
The suspect then called the resident and cussed at her about calling the police.
Investigator Smith advised the resident to check into getting a restraining order until their situation is resolved.
• Deputy House spoke to a Faith Drive resident who stated that her daughter’s father sent his mother to pick up his minor daughter without permission from the mother.
According to the report, the time was not allowed by the visitation order in an Order of Bond with Conditions.
July 8
• The owner of a silver Chevy Cobalt spoke to Deputy Dean Jones to report her vehicle being burned.
According to the report, the owner’s daughter left the vehicle on Indian Creek Road after it broke down.
Deputy Stevie Webb responded to the fire and observed that the vehicle had been burned.
The owner stated that she does not know if anything is missing from the vehicle and she does not have insurance on the vehicle.

Vehicle Accident Report
June 2
• Two car accident on private property on Connie Driver.
• Two car accident on Highway 315 South.
• Two car accident on Highway 315.
• Hit and run on Buford Road.
• Two car accident on Curtis and Macedonia Road.
June 3
• One car accident on J. Q. West Road.
June 5
• Two car accident at L. P. Ballpark.

Juvenile Incident Report
• July 3, 16-year-old arrested for sexual assault in Herron Subdivision.
•July 7, 15-year-old got into some trouble for failure to comply on Willow Street.
• July 8, 15-year-old landed in hot water for a family disturbance on Sarah Dickens Road.

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Earlier reports from June include an incident on Hammond Hill Road, where a wallet was stolen from a job site.
An incident from June 21 was reported to Deputy Maurice Market who spoke to a victim of assault who said suspects made derogatory remarks to the victim and tried to run her over.