Sheriff’s report: child bitten by pit bull taken to ER

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 17, 2016

Sheriff’s report: child bitten by pit bull taken to ER

By Ashley Crutcher
The Panola County Sheriff’s Department received multiple disturbance calls ranging from harassment to aggravated assault during the first week of June, as reflected in reports released this week to The Panolian.
Two reports of a disturbance involved an animal attack and an animal that was attacked.
A 13-year-old was taken to the emergency room after being bitten by a pit bull in his groin on June 3.
Investigator Terry Smith spoke to the Heafner Road resident who stated that an individual was walking the pit bull.
According to the report, the pit bull bit the juvenile when he walked by the dog.
The report stated the juvenile was given a rabies shot and was released by the hospital.
On June 6, a Silvester Road, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Britton Crawford that someone shot his cow.
“I could see a cow lying in the pasture with what appeared to be a small hole in the side abdominal section of the cow,” said Deputy Crawford.  
According to the report, the resident and another individual have been feuding for the past three years.
The resident stated that one day when they were working with the livestock the individual pulled out a small caliber weapon on him and shot multiple rounds into the air.
The resident stated the most recent argument was over a dog that belonged to the individual.  
According to the report, the dog has been placed under a tree on the resident’s property and the resident wants the individual to remove the dog.
“I’ve found a horse in the same condition as the cow and I’m tired of losing my livestock,” said the resident.
The Sheriff’s Office received 33 reports which required service from June 2 to June 9.
June 2
• Deputy George Renfroe investigated an incident on Pleasant Grove Road, Sardis where a suspect was accused of trespassing onto the resident’s property.
According to the report, the suspect continuously calls the resident and was on hold when Deputy Renfroe arrived.
Deputy Renfroe spoke to the resident and advised her not to come onto the property or call the resident anymore.
June 3
• Morris Lane resident reported a disturbance to Investigator Smith.
The resident stated she and her boyfriend had been drinking and got into an argument over their daughter.
She stated they both were trying to get through the door and she fell while holding  their son.
The resident stated she wasn’t hurt and she does not believe he intentionally pushed her.
Investigator Smith arrested the suspect for the disturbance of a family.
• Lieutenant Chuck Tucker spoke to a Henderson Road resident who stated his tag was lost or stolen.
According to the report, the resident got off work at Lowes when he noticed his tag was missing from his Chevy Impala.
June 4
• Sullivant Road resident reported to Deputy Maurice Market that the suspect assaulted her brother by kicking and beating him.
The victim was transported to Merit Health Medical Center where he was treated for his injuries.
Investigator Smith and Lieutenant David Mills assisted in the investigation.
• Deputy Market investigated another assault on Greenhill Road, Sardis where the victim reported to have been assaulted by her daughter’s boyfriend.
•Nash Road resident reported to Lieutenant Mills he and his girlfriend got into a fight.
According to the report, the girlfriend hit and pushed the resident and told him to leave.
The resident stated he was leaving but his girlfriend would not give him his property.
• Deputy Tucker responded to a disturbance on Greg Taylor Road, Courtland where a resident reported that another resident jumped on her when she got home from work, hitting her and shoving her to the ground.
According to the report, the suspect broke her phone and hit her car.
• Deputy Harold Lewis spoke to a Mid Valley Boulevard, Pope, resident who reported two guns stolen.
According to the report, a 9mm and AR-15 were taken from the residence.
The resident stated she believes that her son may have taken the weapons.
June 5
• Main Street, Courtland resident reported to Deputy Market that her sister was asked to leave the residence yesterday, June 4,  by Deputy Josh Griffin.
According to the resident, around 6:30 p.m. the suspect came back on the property threatening to break the windows and beat up the resident.
• Deputy Market spoke to a Curtis Locke Station Road resident who reported he left his wallet on the store counter at Bilbos and didn’t realize his mistake until he left.
According to the report, the store cameras caught footage of the suspect taking the wallet.
• Whitten Road, Courtland resident reported to Deputy Josh Griffin and Lieutenant Mills that her husband, from whom she is separated, came onto her property after being told not to.
A witness reported seeing the suspect drive by the home multiple times.
According to the report, the suspect has been served with a protection order and divorce papers.
June 6
• Deputy Renfroe observed a gray Chevy truck parked on the side of Plum Point Road near Angie Drive and saw a man in the driver’s seat, a woman in the middle and another man get into the passenger side, according to the report.
Deputy Renfroe stopped the vehicle as it pulled off. According to the report, a green leafy substance was recovered from the driver’s front pocket.
The driver stated he was taking the passengers to look for work.
The driver was cited for the possession of alleged marijuana and was released.
• Investigator Danny Beavers met with an M.B. Church deacon who was reported to have put up signs on church property that were taken down by other deacons.
According to the report, the pastor stated he called a meeting in reference to the signs and the church and other deacons would make a decision on wether or not to put the signs back up.
 • Coles Point Road resident reported to Deputy Crawford he was receiving threatening phone calls from an individual claiming to be the IRS.
According to the report, the scammers told the resident he owes them money and if he doesn’t pay they will kill him.
• Deputy Crawford and Investigator Beavers responded to a disturbance on Highway 35 North, where the renters stated they wanted to leave after staying a few nights.
According to the report, the renters already paid $500 for a deposit and $500 for rent but no longer want to stay at the residence.
The subjects were advised that this was a civil matter and needed to be taken to civil court.
June 7
• Seven Road resident reported to Deputy John Still that the suspect came to his residence to pick up a vehicle and that’s when they got into an altercation.
According to the report, the suspect pulled out a pistol and threatened the resident and then fired the gun into the ground.
• Deputy Crawford responded to Willow Road in reference to a disturbance where a resident reported her 12-year-old son was threatened.
• Lieutenant Willie Harris spoke to a Nash Road resident who stated her ex-husband kept showing up at her residence after being told not to come onto her property.
The resident stated she would file trespassing charges if he came onto her property again.
June 8
• Eureka Road resident reported to Investigator Smith that she believes a 13- year-old girl has been having sex with her son, who is autistic.
According to the report, the juvenile admitted to church leaders she has been sexually active with the suspect as well as his friend.
• Deputy Darryl House spoke to an assault victim at New Greenhill Apartments who stated she was assaulted in the parking lot.
• Deputy Tucker spoke to an individual who stated he was at a residence on Shiloh Road when he noticed his .40 caliber Smith and Wesson was missing from his car.
According to the report, the gun was entered in the National Crime Information Center.
• Rock Hill Road, Sardis resident reported to Deputy Market that he was out of town for a few days and when he returned he noticed a Kobolt toolbox with tools, grill and rifle were missing from his home.
June 9
• Investigator Bryan Arnold spoke to a Wilson Road resident who stated her four-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by her cousin.
A forensic interview and medical exam was performed at Shelby County Rape Crisis Center.
According to the report, the suspect’s mother stated her son has had nothing to do with the victim.
• Investigator Smith spoke with an individual who claimed he was hit by a red Ford Expedition on May 28 and wanted to know if anything turned up in the investigation.
Deputy Still and Deputy Griffin stated they responded to the call and the suspect was extremely intoxicated.
Witnesses stated he became intoxicated and belligerent and took off walking.
According to the report, the suspect seemed to be okay and was walking fine.
There is no evidence to show a hit and run took place other than the victim’s statement.
• Hemlock Road resident reported to Investigator Arnold that the suspect entered into an agreement to purchase a GMC Yukon, and the suspect sold the vehicle while he still owed over $6,000 on it.
• Investigator Arnold took another report of the sale of liened property.
According to the report, the suspect owes $154,082.13 on the property.
• Highway 315, Sardis resident reported to Lieutenant Mills that a yellow crop duster airplane was spraying cotton next to his property and also sprayed his garden, which killed the plants in the garden.

Motor Vehicle Accident Report
• June 2, Seven Road, car accident. An injury was reported
• June 3, Booth Street, one car hit a fence.
• June 8,  Hammond Hill Road, hit and run.
Juvenile Incident Report
• Juvenile, age 14 or 15, got into some trouble on Eureka Road for a disturbance causing bodily injury.

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