Dominos wins Dog Tag Tournament in 7-8 group

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dominos wins Dog Tag  Tournament in 7-8 group

By Ike House

In a week full of baseball, not only were Dominos crowned the regular season league champs they also won the Dog Tag tournament for the 7-8 age group with decisive 11-6 win over Guaranty.

Smith’s Cleaners 15 – Darby’s 12

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Smith’s and Darby’s battled in the final first round game of the tournament. Darby’s started out with the upper hand in the matchup scoring eight runs in the first two innings to Smith’s three. 

The top of Darby’s lineup was tremendous as they did the bulk of the scoring with Bailey Williams, Levi Daniel, Jarrett Toliver and Gabriel Ward leading the way with six runs. 

But Smith’s defense held up as they began their comeback. In the fourth the game began to change as Smith’s held Darby’s to only two runs and they scored three which brought the score to 11-7. 

In the final two innings Darby’s only scored two runs. Smith’s brought in eight runs. The three that brought the win in the final inning were Luke Alexander, Wilson Russell and Brody Perkins. That took the game to the conclusion as Smith’s pushed along to the next round.

Guaranty 11 – First 

United Methodist Church 6

In the first game of the second round Guaranty was on a roll after lighting up the score board during their first game against Republic Service with 19 runs. They were looking to continue their success with more dominance. 

The first inning was even. Both teams could get three runs. After a three-up, three-down inning for both teams in the second Guaranty put up four more runs. FUMC only got three and found themselves down by one. FUMC expected to bring in more but only left runners on base. 

The game was decided in the fifth as Levi Land, John Jones, Haydin Fultz and Tucker Goddard helped push the game out of reach with their last four runs. 

The win put Guaranty in the championship game and they had some time to rest. 

Dominos 15 – 

Smith’s Cleaners 14

The last game that decided the second half of the championship game was  interesting. Dominos was dominated in the first four innings. They only scored two runs, both from Will Putman. 

On the other hand Smith’s put up eight runs that put them in a position to play relaxed and push their lead forward. However, the top of the lineup for Dominos finally put it together and scored six runs. 

Leland Weldon helped his team with a big homerun and two RBI’s to help spark the comeback. Dominos defense helped them as well. They held Smith’s to six runs in the final two innings. 

Dominos had to score four runs to tie and five to win. They got the tie forcing an extra innings. Tyler McCullar helped save the game as he slid in to home for the tying run, avoiding the tag. 

In the final inning Smith’s only scored one run which meant Dominos only needed to bring home two runners to win. They did, with Putman getting on base. Layne Earnest pushed him further with another base hit and Wyatt Avant brought home Putman and got on base. 

Micah Jake Sneed tried to bring the game home, but he was tagged at first before he could get there. With one out in the books and runners on second and third, McCullar was up. He had already sent the game into overtime after struggling in his first two at bats. 

He did not make it to base, but his sacrifice brought home the winning run and the Dominos advancd to the championship game. 

Dominos 11 – Guaranty 6 

The championship was a defensive affair between two teams that always seem to put up big points. Dominos was first at bat and they were still hot coming off their big win. They brought in four wins. 

Jarel Turner, Leland Weldon, Jayden Lester and Drey Hobson put the first points on the board. Guaranty got two home and were only down two. But it would not be enough as they fell behind in the third. 

As Dominos scored five runs in the third, Guaranty only could bring in three and they found themselves behind by four runs. With the game going like it was, they would have to dig for the runs that they needed. 

Dominos finished off the game with two runs, one in the fourth and one in the fifth. Guaranty needed six runs to gain the lead in the final inning but they could not find their rhythm with two quick outs on their first two batters. Dominos won the Dog Tag tournament with two big wins in the final day.